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Kper – Attention Deficit Disorder ! Deep Hip-Hop & beyond Mixtape

Inspiration from this mix came from a bunch of places, but mainly from a series of mixes I’ve been listening to regularly for the last 8 months or so. These are the Blogariddim mix series, Grievious Angel’s Dubstep Sufferah series, Mr Trick’s Dang in Dub mixes and DJ Pain’s film based series. While taking inspiration from all these, I’ve tried to still keep my own mix original and different to them, but they have all influenced me on some level or other. I can’t recommend all of these enough if you like serious mixes.

As for the mix itself, as I said it follows on from last year’s ‘Packing Shit Up’ mix (which is still available here). Various styles mashed over 2h25, covering electronica, hip hop, dub, dubstep, grime and some other things thrown in for good measure. There’s a few exclusives in there as well, from Kode 9, Lone Wolf, Vex’d, 2tall, Various Productions, Forensics and ENA – big ups to them all for the hook ups. In addition I’ve also added a lot of vocal samples from various sources: a Noam Chomsky lecture from 96, Bill Hicks and Richard Pryor live, Greg Palast, Madlib interview and Sun Ra interview. This time I also wanted to get cuts on there, which I didn’t do last time, so I ropped in some help from 2tall and DJ And who came correct with some amazing cuts. Different styles, be sure to check them when you get a minute, as well as all the artists featured on there. If you like what you hear I recommend them all.

Let’s face it, the checkpoints are all there: influenced by DJ Pain (and yes, my Dang In Dub mix, I was humbled to read), featuring the likes of 2tall and And (he of the amazing 45 Selection mix that scored massive downloads on here some time back)… its got “gonna be liked by readers of this blog” stamped all over it.

Here then, is part 1 of the mix – all 1hr 12mins of it. Part 2 will be podcast/linked for download in coming days. BTW – its worth noting that this mix comes to you in full, technicolour 320kbps MP3. Boom!



DJ Vadim – Talk To Me vs Noam Chomsky intro (Kper Tokyo Refix)
O.N.O – Drumsutra – Tha Blue Herb Recordings
Dabrye – Smoking The Edge – Ghostly International
+ Telefon Tel Aviv – Bonus Beats (Prefuse 73 remix) – Hefty
+ 2tall ‘Prefuse Alto conform’ cuts
Dabrye ft. JDilla + Phat Kat – Game Over – Ghostly International
DJ Cam ft. Cameo – Love Junkee (J Dilla Remix) – Inflammable
Aesop Rock – The Greatest Pacman Victory in History (instr.) – Def Jux
Foreign Beggars – Black Hole Prophecies – Dented Records
BleuBird – Rocket Mouth (DJ Baku remix) – Endemik
D-Styles – Millions of Locuts Swarming – Bully Records
Romanowski – Flat Picker – Future Primitive
Birdy Nam Nam – Too Much Skunk Tonight – Uwe
TTC – J’ai Le Son – Big Dada
dDamage ft. SIN – S.I.N – Tsunami Addiction
Amon Tobin – Esther’s – Ninja Tune
Modeselektor ft. Paul St. Hilaire – Fake Emotion (Dabrye Remix) – Bpitch Control
Wax – Sleng Proto Riddim – unreleased
Razor X Productions ft. Cutty Ranks – Boom Boom Claat – Rephlex
Milanese vs Virus Syndicate – Dead Man Walking – Planet Mu
Telefon Tel Aviv – I lied – Hefty
Kode 9 – Victims – Hyperdub
The Bug ft. Flowdan – Jah War – Ninja Tune
Vex’d – Gunman – Planet Mu
+ Rumi (Prod. By skyfish) – Heso-Cha – Pop Group
+ Sileni – Twitchy Droid Leg (Vex’d Remix) – Offshore Recs
+ Loefah – Mud – DMZ
+ 2tall ‘Filth’ Cuts
Lone Wolf – Uproot – Bloodied Blade
Mala – Changes – Deep Medi Musik
Wiley – Bow E3 – Big Dada
Plastician ft. Fresh, Shizzle, Napper – Cha Vocal – Planet Mu
Vex’d – Fire (Dj Blood One remix) – unreleased
+ The Perceptionists – Let’s Move (acc.) – Def Jux
Virus Syndicate ft. Fallacy, ears, Trim, Jammer – Major List Mcs (Jammer Remix) – Planet Mu
+ Shackleton – I want To Eat you – Mordant Music
Machine Drum – Grime – The Inside
+ 2tall ‘Machine Funk’ cuts
Boxcutter – Chiral – Planet Mu
+ Bass Clef – Bass and Drum Makes My Heart sing – Blank Tapes
+ 2tall ‘Boxcutter Bounce’ cuts
Plaid – Bar Kimura (Vex’d remix) – Sony Music
Vex’d – Third Choice – Planet Mu
+ Appleblim – Gold and Silver – Skull Disco
+ Dj And ‘scratchee’ cuts
Goth Trad – Swamp – Skud
+ Various Productions – Fortune – Various
+ Massive Music – Find my Way (kode 9 remix) – Hyperdub
+ The Perveralist – The Grind – Punch Drunk
+ The Bug ft. Flowdan + Killa P – Skeng (Kode 9 remix) – Hyperdub
+ Blackdown – Lata – Keysound recs
Forensics – Prophecy – unreleased
+ ENA – Country Dub – IAI Recs
Burial – Versus – Planet Mu
YT – England Story – Sativa Records
2tall ft. Kashmere – The Most High – THTC exclusive
Romanowski – Romjack Steady – Future Primitive
Busdriver – Casting Agents and Cowgirls – Epitath
Third Sight – Anti Happy – Disgruntled
Exile + DJ Day – A Day In Exile – Ill Boogie Recs
Various Productions – Emma’s Mix – Various
2nd Class Citizen – Wishing Well – Equinox
DJ And – Sad Song vs Noam Chomsky outro

Click here to download (300mb)

And remember, if you like what you hear, leave a comment here or even better, get in touch with Kper and tell him how much you enjoyed the mix…


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