GOA GIL in the Mix @ Paradise FM 1997 (evosonic radio)

Enjoy this rare GOA GIL Set + Interview from 1997!

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Goatrance Mix – Goasia – Live At Ageha Tokyo Japan 25-08-07

Goasia – Live At Ageha Tokyo Japan 25-08-07

Download Goatrance Mix here

Since the year 2000 Goasia into goa and psytrance music exclusively. Electronic sound greatly influenced on Balint since its very begining. Guess this is the reason why he so fond of electronic instruments. Older member of the poject and founder, Balint Tihamer, has continually followed development of this kind of music since 1970s starting with german “Kraftwerk” and “Tangerine Dream” to the representatives of english “new wave” and creative work of Japanese Kitaro, greek Vangelis and frenchmen Jeal-Michele Jarre, while the other member, Vladislav Radulovic a.k.a. Kanc Cover, entered the world of trance music in 1994. and meats with at that time popular Goa Trance sound. Explosive development of elctronic music in 90s resulted in creation of several subgenres. Goa Trance as fusion of ambiental, ethno, and techno music is one of them. It is Balint’s contention, that this subgenre combines past, present and future of electronic music. This was the very reason that Balint go into the music bussines once again after a long period of absence. Continuous interplay of spiritual and dreaming-like soundscapes gives a listener the unique experience. When it comes to Balint’s personal style, he would refer to it as the one containing the complexity of fullon and spirituality of the old-style goa music, in Kanc’s words: “A Goa Trance with inovative bass line, as a way to bring closer the old sound to young listeners”. The project is making an effort towards creating complex, yet easy-to-listen and to dance to music. Music is a joy in every one of us, and that makes the projects goal that as many people enjoys in the music it creates. Every single suggestion or remark of yours, Goasia reads with the fullest attention and appreciation. So feel free to write to us. The first goatrance edition, named “Pure Planet”, in whome Balint is participating got published in July 2004. for Kagdila Rec. Beside psytrance, the project is also doing chillout music. The Project got a new member, previously stated, Kanc Cover, from the X-Raything and Opsy projects, in the year 2005. The very same year they had their first performance together at the Exit 05 Festival. Lovers of hard basslines and melody of Goa Trance, deeply enjoy.

Ripper : ASPiEAC
Supplier : 4SP1
Style : Goa
Date : Mar-26-2008
Year : 2008
Encoder : LAME 3.97 Final
Quality : 256kbps / 44,1kHz / Full Stereo
Songs : 01
Playtime : 99:12 min
Label : n/a
Size : 181,6 MB
Url :
Type : Promo
Source : Live Session
Catalognr : n/a
Release No : 693


01.Live At Ageha Tokyo Japan 250807 [99:12]

Releasenotes: Event: Psychedelic Longue by JZ Trance
Place: Ageha club Tokyo Japan
Date: 25/08/07
Stage: Tent
Artist: Goasia
Style: Goa Trance
Time release: 03:15 am till 05:00 am
Performance: Live


Label: ,

Download Goatrance Mix here

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Goa/Psy Trance mixes and original tracks

I have 17 mixed CD sets available for download or stream for free. Classic songs mixed well, full of energy. Track listings are available. There is also some of my own tracks available. Going to that level of trance is right for you today…

!_mixed_! PSYTRANCE

Sascha Müller : Pres. Trip to Psydom : First ever released Netlabel Psy-Trance Mix

Sascha Müller : Pres. Trip to Psydom

First ever release “Netlabel” Psytrance Mix ! 2007

…and now for something completely different!
Sascha Müller suprises us with a 76 min. Goa / Psytrance set.

01 ASTERIDE – reason [psydom recordz]
02 TEAM RADIO – we are crazy [psydom recordz]
03 QUARKUP – foreigen tracks [psydom recordz]
04 ALKIMA – drop acid not bombs [psydom recordz]
05 RED SUN – Shaolin [psydom recordz]
06 AGGRESIVE LINES – mental crash [psydom recordz]
07 HYT – machine error [psydom recordz]
08 XPIRAL – hell time [psydom recordz]
09 AGRESSIVE LINES – hyper therapy [psydom recordz]
10 DNI – simple saw [psydom recordz]
11 PSYFULLOHMS – nndance [psydom recordz]
12 MENTAL CHIPS VS. SPECTRAL HADES – magical killer [psydom recordz]
13 XDRA – first time [psydom recordz]
14 SCOVINSKY – dew [psydom recordz]
15 ASTRANCER – mantrayama [psydom recordz]

mixed by sascha müller
76:42 min / 192 kbps / 110 mb
download / download mirror

all TRACKS by > psydom recordz

!_mixed_! PSYTRANCE

Much more real free goa-trance music here !

Much more real free goa-trance music here !

Check > free goatrance downloads another mindreset project !

Free Psytrance Download Goa Trance Netlabel<>

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Dacru label night in Berlin February 10th

Saturday February 10th the Berlin psychedelic community will be spoiled with o­ne fine party: Nataráya ~ a psychedelic Dacru label celebration! The crew that is inviting our label to Berlin is Die Funtasten and for the occasion we’re sending out DigiCult, Ephedrix and Nemesis to represent what’s cooking at Dacru records. Next to the Dacru artists some fine German talent will complete the line-up. There will not o­nly be a main room, but also a groove’in and chill’out live floor. o­n this floor we can see people like Sonic Dream, Merryspace and Djane Deva. Visuals and decoration will also be there a plenty! And all of this will take place in an excellent indoor location in Berlin, Germany.
For more info o­n the party please visit or follow this link to > nice site > mixed djsets mp3s > pix

DJ Nemesis @ Avenida de Bélgica Mexico Tour 2005
70 min. / MP3-format / 84Mb / 160Kbps
DJ Oonah – Promomix September 05
77 min. / MP3-format / 70 Mb / 128Kbps
DJ Nemesis ;@ Mikology 2004 January 05
75 min. / MP3-format / 99 Mb / VBR
DJ Crispod in Barcelona – Promomix October 04
58 min. / MP3-format / 54 Mb / 128 Kbps
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Very nice Freestyle Goa Trance from Japan

home of EIJI

more > +

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How to do a electronic Psy Music "Liveact" > Tutorial Ableton Live Video

Tom Cosm o­n Live Electronic Music

Aufgenommen: 08 Januar 2007

Location: Neuseeland
This video coveres the processes and techniques I use when I perform live electronic music using my laptop, a synthesizer and midi controllers.

It begins with a little about me and my music, then moves o­n to a more in depth look at the techniques I use. It finishes with a short montage of clips taken from various gigs I have done.

More information, videos, pictures and free music can be found at my website

Part 1 ? An introduction, a little about me and my music style.

Part 2 ? a basic introduction to my live set canvas and how I go about layering loops and samples to create music o­n the fly

Part 3 ? The first of three ?tricks? which I use when performing

Part 4 ? The second ?trick?

Part 5 ? The third trick, followed by a short montage of clips and my conclusion to the video.

As always, I encourage you to pass this information o­n if you are into it or think you know of anyone who might be interested in watching. I always have and continue to give all my music away for free, so the whole word of mouth is how I promote myself and get gigs.

If this is new to you and your interested in checking out my music, there are some completely free live sets o­n my website as well as photos/news/upcoming gigs etc.

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaankyou and I look forward to hearing your opinions o­n this

-Tom (Cosm)

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GOA-Trance is BACK ! with MFGs new Album


Guy Zukrel and Aharon Segal have been writing and releasing superb trance music for almost 10 years. They released 4 albums: ‘The prophecy’ (1996), ‘New kind of world’ (1997), ‘Project genesis’ (1998) and ‘The message’ (2000). Guy also released a solo album under the artist name Passenger – ‘For all mankind’ (1999). Since their release, the duo has played live gigs globally in U.S.A, Denmark, Ibiza, U.K, Greece, France, Sweden and Portugal. M.F.G. are first and foremost great versatile musicians who know how to manipulate their keyboards to form their unique and loved sounds and are considered o­ne of the most important psy trance groups of the 90’s. Now, After 4 years of silence, Guy Zukrel and Aharon Segal are back together with their brand new 5th album – ‘Message From God’. They have already performed with their new music live in Belgium, Switzerland and Denmark where they experienced a great feedback and massive fanbase. Their first track for the new album – ‘Shining faces’, has already been licensed by DJ John 00 Fleming for his new compilation ‘White Label Republic’.

MFG! > Message from GOD


1. Save yourselves
2. For the future of man-kind
3. Shining faces
4. Positive energy
5. In search of truth
6. The world is a narrow bridge
7. Enlightment
8. Life is a strange journey
9. Shma Israel

HOMmegas erster release von 2006 ist das lang erwartete album der psytrance pioniere MFG – Message From God  Guy Zukrel (aka Passenger) & Aharon Segal haben sich wieder vereint und schicken uns auf eine wundervolle reise durch old school trance gemixt mit atmosphärischen new wave und industrial beats.
Die erste live performance von “Message From God” nach rückkehr des alt- und gut-bekannten duos in die psytrance szene war an der 5-jahres-jubiläum party von Nandan – Maharaya V – im 2005 in Oberwald (VS).

> >

  • Download sample “Mahadeva”Astral Projection
  • Download sample “Mystical Appearance in Goa”Etnica
  • Download sample “Sinai” – Talamasca
  • Download sample “Gift of the Gods” – Cosmosis
  • Download sample “Teleport”Man With No Name
  • Download sample “Spiritual Healing” – The Muses Rapt
  • Download sample “The Tale of Taketori” – Ubar Tmar
  • Download sample “The Neuromancer” – Shakta
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basilisk Mixes … psy forward



Live at Harvest (2006) progressive house/trance/electro
[Direct Link] :: [Stream] :: [.torrent]

Octopus Marmalade (2006) deep & funky progressive psytrance
[Direct Link] :: [Stream] :: [.torrent]

Heliocentric (2006) a melodic psytrance journey through summer-time vibes
[Direct Link] :: [Stream] :: [.torrent]

Mystic Revelation (2005) a dark/melodic full-on tale with a sacred theme
[Direct Link] :: [Stream] :: [.torrent]

Replicant Redux (2005) a dark techtrance & progressive tribute to Blade Runner
[Direct Link] :: [Stream] :: [.torrent]

Nocturnal Wanderlust (2005) a deep journey through the dream state
[Direct Link] :: [Stream] :: [.torrent]

Mystic Revelation

( Audio / Mixes / Ektoplazm )

01 :: NinjaShowtime [Oxygen]
02 :: Mr. PeculiarAlien Mushrooms [Spirit Zone]
03 :: LemuriansPhrygian [Shiva Space Technology]
04 :: OrionRolling Stone [Solstice]
05 :: Dark SohoAway [Alchemy]
06 :: Psysex & Infected MushroomDirty 80s (Wrecked Machines Remix) [Hom-Mega]
07 :: Logic BombMarauder 2 [TIP World]
08 :: Sesto SentoPrimi TB [Compact]
09 :: MenogEmotions [Spectral]
10 :: Infected MushroomFacing [Vision Quest]
11 :: MellerValhalla [Tribal Vision]
12 :: Wizzy NoiseMajestic Wisdom [Spun]
13 :: The Higher Human FormI Hear Them Call [Z.M.A.]

Composed as an experiment in harmonic mixing, the style is a curious blend of contrasts, exploring dark and light, soft and driven, all while remaining highly melodic.

Ninja?s Showtime kicks it off, involving the listener in a deep fusion of full-on energy and balanced atmospheric sounds. The gothic character of the mix becomes apparent by the time Dark Soho?s track slides in. The keystone is Logic Bomb?s Marauder 2, the strongest example of the yin and yang contrasts evident throughout the tale. Soon the mix takes a deeper turn, diving into the holy choirs of Infected Mushroom?s Facing and mysterious atmospheres of Meller?s Valhalla. The story concludes with The Higher Human Form?s I Hear Them Call, an ethereal comedown which aptly summarizes the sacred themes of the mix.

Download: [Direct Link] :: [.torrent]

Mixed & arranged by: Basilisk
Size: 130Mb
Format: 256k MP3
Length: 71 minutes
Recorded: November 15th, 2005

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