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Mixotic 143: X.V.P. – Minimizalo

X.V.P.’s minimal mix is a rocket on the dance floor. It’s punchy and kicking
with a shower of warm melodies from time to time. Get up and dance!


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Mixotic 131: DJ Subpilot – Move Out

Subpilot fell in love with the four to the floor beat of minimal techno.
The style of his set is minimal-punchy-robotic-techno. Are you a robot?
Find it out by listening. If you’re experiencing strange moves at your body
you definately are one.

DJ set download:

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Dextar's.Labor – practice makes perfect

270mb (320kbps) in 118min

Megaupload Link:

Dextar’s.Labor – practice makes perfect

Directlink (for players):

Dextar’s.Labor – practice makes perfect

01 Gui Boratto & Martin Eyerer – The Beach

02 Andomat 3000 feat. F.Lo – Skunkworks

03 Kabale und Liebe feat. Daniel Sanchez – Mumbling Yeah

04 Antena – Camino Del Sol (Joakim Remix)

05 H.O.S.H. – Milkyway

06 Danton Eeprom – Noovy (Original Mix)

07 Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner – Like A Headshot

08 Paco Osuna – Amore (Original Mix Digital Exclusive)

09 David K. – Boul De Nerf (Original Mix)

10 Stephan Bodzin vs. Marc Romboy – Ferdinand 😉

11 Delon & Dalcan – Beyond Clouds

12 Booka Shade – Charlotte (Dubfire Remix)

13 Ozgur Can & Patch Park – Swell (Original Mix)

14 Djinxx vs. Xpansul – Spanish Kebab

15 Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner – Ear Worm

16 Audiofly X pres. Liar`s Paradise – Speak B 4 U Think (Audiofly vs. Geddes Remix)

17 Booka Shade – Mandarine Girl

18 Rekorder – Rekorder 7.2 (Original Mix)

19 Booka Shade – In White Rooms (Neo Mix)

20 Frank Martiniq – Adriano (Michael Meyer Remix) 😉

21 DJ T – Freemind

22 Alex Metric – Holding (Original Mix)

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Mixotic 130: Jemset – Terrain Secret

This time Jemset is taking you to a secret terrain which sounds deep, dubby and housy. Follow his steps to see beautiful places where no man ever set his foot on. It’s an invitation to dream yourself away.

H E R E:

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Mixotic 129: Lo – Tropical Night Pulse

Lo is a DJ living at the tropical Reunion Island. His set is transporting the magical summer spirit of that place to you. Deep minimal tracks are combined with mellow dub-techno giving you the feeling that everything’s just ok at this moment.

H E R E:

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René Breitbarth Mix Free DjSets


Cologne’s RenĂ© Breitbarth was first brought over to Techno in the early 90’s and from the very start RenĂ© soon earns a good reputation as a House purist with a fun approach, and with an increasing number of releases and international bookings, as a true peaktime act with a broad range of cutting-edge dance music.

Today we are happy to intoduce you to his latest release “LE RYTHME KORG” EP on Dessous Recordings. ‘Le Rythme Korg’ is a remarkable production which combines RenĂ©’s detailed studio knowledge and expert sound values, with a raw and provocative deep house vibe. For more info about his new “LE RYTHME KORG” EP on Dessous Recordings please visit

Here you can download some fresh set’s by RenĂš: > click more


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YkYk013: Dan Carew – We Go Very Well Together

Debut EP of the Canadian Dan Carew incl. some remixes
of Fax, OCP, Humeka and Glander.

Dan is a real minimalist, somewhere inbetween electronica classicism and minimal house. Hardly to imagine that you could strip down a rhythm more efficiently down to its very basic sound bits and bytes, while being hopelessly in love with innocent melodies. The cover of the release is part of the Nils Clauss ShowCase on Yuki Yaki.

01. Daniel Carew – Zen Timer
02. Daniel Carew – Lonithan Ward
03. Daniel Carew – Downtrust
04. Daniel Carew – Regular Monthly Payments
05.Daniel Carew – Romantics’ Semantics
06. Daniel Carew – Bored Of Canada
07. Daniel Carew – Lonithan Ward (Humeka Remix)
08. Daniel Carew – Zen Timer (Glander Remix)
09. Daniel Carew – Romantics’ Semantics (Fax Remix)
10. Daniel Carew – Regular Monthly Payments (OCP Remix)

Links: Releasesite

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Mixotic 122: In Vitro – Audioscope

In Vitro, the teller of mystical ambient tales, is opening the next chapter with this set.
He’s using his talent to create strong pictures in your mind with his music, pictures of
secret places, forests in the twilight, the windy sea or urban sceneries. The cover
photo comes from Hugo

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Mixotic 121: Tom Larson – KlĂ€nge der Nacht Vol.4

Lean back, relax and listen to these deep sounds Tom Larson is serving. Close your
eyes, pictures of a smooth spring night might come up, wrapping you into fluffy beats
and soft

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!_mixed_! MINIMAL

Mixotic 119: Kudu – One Winter Day

Kudu is dreaming a wonderful ambient dream… he just lets his mind be free.
Emotions and thoughts are flying by like little clouds… some of them are white, others
grey, some are illuminated by the sun, others are throwing little white snowflakes.
Every little detail is just of incredible beauty. (Cover by Olli KekÀlÀinen)


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