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Der Blick zurück – Zeitkapseln bei Retronaut

Via fand ich eine erstaunliche Seite – Sagenhaft! Unterteilt in verschiedenen Jahrzenhnte und Jahrhunderte finden sich hier hunderte interessanter Fotos und Bilder vergangener Zeiten und Jahrzehnte in sogenannten „capsules“, also Kapseln, Zeitkapseln. Die vierziger Jahre in New Yorck in Farbe, Portraits der Suffragetten des vorletzten Jahrhunderts, Mondfotos, altertümliche Geräte und futuristische Autos.

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Kim Dotcom – der MEGA Filewalker

Kim Mega Dotcom Schmitz hat wieder was gemacht. Der indische Guru Osho sagte einmal, das es nicht in der Zeitung stehe, wenn einer erleuchtet würde. Über Kim Filewalker steht aber was in der Zeitung. Also seine Erleuchtung ist es nun nicht, aber was denn dann?

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Gema – Contentmafia – Urheberrechtsdebatte

Wer kennt das nicht: man will auf Youtube ein Musikvideo ansehen und der Bildschirm informiert einen, das die Gema die Rechte für dieses Video nicht eingeräumt habe und das mit den Worten:

“Dieses Video ist in Deutschland leider nicht verfügbar.” Das findet die Gema anscheinend falsch und streitet sich nun seit geraumer zeit mit Youtube.


Prepaid Tarife and Gutschein Project Site News

Hope there will be some time to get this Site relaunched soon This is planned by the way since a long time but like you can see …nothing happend at all. After upgrading to the latest Postnuke i was very disapointed by the new CMS system called zikula. So i decide to change the whole site to wordpress now .

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Mixotic 126: André Kronert – This Is My Way

André Kronert presents his labels Night Drive Music and 3rd Wave Music in this deep
set. Deep, deeper… and nevertheless very danceable, spreading the spirit of a
summer open air dancing towards

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Mixotic 125: Flixx – Nightshift Part 2

At nightfall Flixx starts a new part of his Nightshift series. Deep and dubby but
nevertheless straight forward four to the floor he’s carrying you into a special state of
conciousness where your body starts to dissolve and you and the music just become
one.Download here

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Mixotic 103: DJ L'embrouille – Alphabetic Session

The specialist for concept DJ sets presents an alphabetic journey through the netlabel
world. From “A” like Anozer to “Z” like Zimmer he chose one label for every letter,
moving from pushing minimal tracks to a beautiful dubby end.

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Mixotic 110: Frosty – Netlabel Mixtape Vol.3

This is hot minimal shit… twisted, energetic, hallucinogen and synapse blasting.
Frosty is kicking the dance floor, the crowd is getting overdosed, holy party sweat is
dropping down from the ceiling. The excess is starting here right now.Mixotic here

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_protest_ Articles a black blog in germany just started

Hi Folks

My dear Friend Whylee started an own Blog about black culture in germany and the world also related political issues you dont read elsewhere.  Check his African News

He also  perform sometime as a very special freestyle & dubstep mc 

check his myspace

“Have a look and give me feedback. I just startet!. If you have interessting links or storys, mail me, please.”

greetings whylee :

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Mixotic 108: Liquid Level – Live

After releases on Thinner and Bondage Records Liquid Level found his way to Mixotic.
Deep, deep and deeper… That’s the direction he is taking you with this live set. His
beats are digging into the ground, covered by a film of deep chords and dubby melodic

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