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Total Solar Eclipse @ Soulclipse Festival Turkey 2006 ~ Psychedelic Trance Gathering

The Moment of the Total Solar Eclipse on March 29, 2006 @ the Soulclipse GOA/PSY Festival Floor in Turkey. 1st bigger Psychedelic Trance and GOA Festival in Turkey. This trip was amazing even as the mainstage broke by the storm ; ) This gathering was a once in a lifetime experience with magical nature all around. Unforgettable…

Live Line-Up


Lost in Music Hip Hop Hooray the documentary from 1993

Yeah! Lost in Music – Hip Hop Hooray…the documentary from 1993. After years i found this nearly full version of the jewel on YT. Enjoy!


Back in the days – Hip Hop und die DDR – Doku im MDR 2019

Very nice TV Documentary from Camilo Rodriguez. All about the hiphop movement in the GDR.

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Dendemann live @ Berlin 25.01.2019 from the new Album! #danichfuer

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A Rutterford – Autechre Gantz Graf (93Mb)

Amon Tobin – Verbal (53Mb)

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (123Mb)

Dj Vadim feat Vakill it o­n(61Mb)

Hujaboy the People vs Hujaboy (70Mb)

Mr Scruff – Sweetsmoke (63Mb)

Plaid New Family (37Mb)

Portishead – To kill a dead man (87Mb)

Dj Qbert – Sneak Attack (148Mb)

Squarepusher – Come n my selector (139Mb)

Schneider tm – Reality Check (58Mb)

Unkle – Rabbit in your Headlights (148Mb)

Tiga – Hot in here (28Mb)

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MF Doom Videos

MF Doom & M.F. Grimm “Show at BB King’s”
MF Doom “Deadbent”
MF Doom ft. Kurious
MF Doom “Mr Clean”
MF Doom “All Caps”


DJ Skandal & Amedabee “Hi-Tek vs. Madlib”

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Warp X

Warp X

We are thrilled to announce a brand new start-up company from Warp Films, Warp X, which beat off strong competition from 17 other independent film companies to win more than £4.5 million in funding over the next 3 years from UK Film Council, FilmFour and regional funding bodies EM Media and Screen Yorkshire. The project, which aims to introduce the next wave of cutting-edge UK film-makers, will launch in January 2006 when it will seek out emerging writers, directors and producers. No submitted material or job enquiries will be considered for the slate before that time. There promises to be lots of goodness to look forward to
Full Press Release

In other news, Chris Cunningham’s Rubber Johnny was named Best Experimental Short Film at the Melbourne International Film Festival and Warp Films are o­n worldwide tour with RESfest. Check the RESfest Site for more details and schedules.

Rubber Johnny in Warpmart
Paradise Lost in Warpmart

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w3 are on holiday, so choose by yourself


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3 Killer Videos from Saul Williams !!!

Best    >

Coded Language >  56k | 300k

Some more >

Saul Williams

Om Nia Merican

Amethyst Rock Star

56k | 300k

Saul Williams: Audio and Video
Black Stacey
Saul Williams

Saul Williams performs live o­n Discover and Download

Saul Williams Performs Live o­n Discover and Download
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DJ Spooky Video – Interview

 DJ Spooky Interview   play 

  info link

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