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Equinox Records presents: The One Year & A Day Tour 2007


Ceschi Ramos (of Toca / Anonymous Inc., USA)
Noah23 (Plague Language, 2Rec., Canada)
2econd Class Citizen (Equinox, UK)
DJ Scientist (Equinox, GER)  ( Publisher of Dead magazine ! )

Support Act:
The Dedicated Beatheads (DJ Scientist & DJ Snatchatec/Equinox, Berlin, Munich)

Fr 28.09. GER Nürnberg / Rakete // only Noah23, Dedicated Beatheads & 2econd Class Citizen
So 30.09. GER Berlin / Ausland // with Bleubird of Endemik Records
Tu 2.10. GER Würzburg / Cairo // with Brad Hamers & Panzah Zandahz aka Two Ton Sloth
We 3.10. GER Munich / Sunny Red
Th 4.10. GER Offenbach / Hafen2
Fr 5.10. CH Frauenfeld / Kaff
Sa 6.10. CH Luzern / Treibhaus
Mo 8.10. FRA Bordeaux / El Inca
Tu 9.10. FRA Tours / Donald’s Pub
We 10.10. FRA Rouen / Le Clipper
Th 11.10. BEL Brussels / Windows
Fr 12.10. FRA Amiens / The Ring Ding
Sa 13.10. FRA Angers / L’étincelle with artists of Hipnotik Records and Ego Twister
Su 14.10. FRA Paris/ Twenty One Pub

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In Autumn 2007 (Sept. 28th to Oct. 14th) Berlin’s music label Equinox Records will tour across Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and Great Britain. On stage we’ve got: Ceschi Ramos, Noah23, 2econd Class Citizen and label founder DJ Scientist.

Some may know Ceschi for his experimental post-psych-rock-hop-jazz-fusion outfit Anonymous Inc., others as a member of Toca, a Los Angeles based group that just recently has released a new album on Two Tone Elephants Records, and that is known for their collaborations with some of LA’s finest rappers including Aceyalone and Mikah 9 (Freestyle Fellowship), Abstract Rude, 2Mex (Of Mexican Descent/Visionaries), among others. Fans of hardcore, punk and metal may also recognize Ceschi‘s distinct vocal abilities from his role as a lead vocalist in Dead By Wednesday. But on top of all of this, Ceschi has a promising solo career jump started by the 2004 Beyond Space Entertainment release of “Fake Flowers”, and on his 2006 Net31 Records release, “They Hate Francisco False”. Now, the “One Year And A Day”- Tour brings him to Europe for the first time.

Noah 23 is not your average rapper, with a backround in reggae, drum & bass and punk and just about any other influence imaginable, pegging this MC is no easy task. Whether in the studio or freestyling live, Mr. 23 is an unworldly force of melody, rebellion, rhythm and post modern wit. He has already shared the stage with the likes of Clouddead, Kool Keith, Tes One, Plastic Little, McEnroe, Paul Barman, Grand Buffet, K-the-I?, Josh Martinez, and many others.

With Noah23 leaving the audience breathless, 2econd Class Citizen from England takes over. His music is a hybrid of electronically produced folk rock combined with instrumental Hip-Hop beats. Both his EP Releases “Divided Reality“ and “Wyred Folk” have created a buzz of anticipation from a diverse collection of musical circles. 2econd Class Citizen recently performed at Glastonbury, one of the biggest festivals in the world and is constantly doing performances in clubs all over the UK. In his live sets he is aiming to recreate the complexity and depth of orchestration he has become known for, using live sound editing software to keep a strong improvisational aspect.

Last but not least, Equinox Record’s label founder and beat producer DJ Scientist enters the stage. Combining melancholic melodies, smashing guitars and hard hitting drums, Scientist proves that sample based production can still sound fresh today. He has performed with artists such as Sage Francis, The Pharcyde, M.I.A., DJ Faust & DJ Shortee, DiViNCi, Subtitle, Boca45, The Tape, DJ Static & 88:Komaflash.

This lineup represents the label Equinox Records on stages allover Europe for the first time. The label’s second compilation “One Year And A Day” will be released in late October 2007. with appearences by Ceschi Ramos, DJ Scientist, 2econd Class Citizen, Free The Robots and many others.



Noah23 is an international hip-hop phenomenon and underground legend who has been rapping for 13 years. He was born in Natchez Mississippi and grew up amongst the indie hotbed of Guelph Ontario Canada. He has performed and sold records independently across the world and recorded over 10 albums. In the late 90’s Noah started the highly regarded Plague Language label which released albums from a diverse roster of artists.
Mr. 23 is not your average rapper, with a backround in reggae/ drum & bass/ punk/ country and just about any other influence imaginable, pegging this MC is no easy task. Whether in the studio or freestyling live, Noah23 is an unworldly force of melody, rebellion, rhythym and post modern wit, and is here to stay on the global music scene.

“Noah winds his words up to max capacity, his flow ascending the beat like an anaconda on speed weaving its way up through the banister of a spiral staircase”

“Noah23 is definitely not of this earth. Only someone capable of circular breathing through their skin could rap and sing like this. Nonetheless, a few of his mates do try to keep up. Whereas other emcees have styles or signatures or gimmicks, Noah23 is the first emcee to my knowledge who has had his corpus callosom removed and replaced with an interface connecting his frontal lobe directly into a multi-track and thus his unconscious to the listening world.” (UK Hip

“Noah23 pulls words and phrases out of the stratosphere and makes them move and sing in laughing, playful rhymes.”
Arthur Krumins

          DJ Scientist

Over the past years, DJ Scientist has become an important figure in the German HipHop and Electronic scene. Running two labels (Equinox and Audiac) and publishing a magazine (DEAD Magazine), he still takes his time to dj at clubs, release mixes, expand his record collection and, last but not least, produce music.
Starting his DJ-career in 1995 and releasing several mixtapes to spread his name in his home town of Munich, he put out his first record in 2001 – a dj tool called “Mad Science Breaks”. One year later the dark and melancholic Misantropolis EP, partly produced by him, was the first release on Audiac. Since then, DJ Scientist put his main effort into his label Equinox Records, which now has its headquarters in Berlin. In 2005 he produced 3 tracks for the critically acclaimed “Welcome to the Neo Golden Age – A Sound Exposure Vol.1” Compilation. Being part of the Equinox 10inch Series, his 4 track “Journey Goodbye EP” (2006) contained the outstanding “Atarius” as well as the dreamy vibes of “Autumn Leaves”. Recently The Dedicated Beatheads (consisting of him and Snatchatec) released a furious Mix-CD called “Sound Convention Vol.1”, shortly followed by a Remix 12” to be heard on dancefloors across Europe.
Besides other projects, DJ Scientist is currently working on a second part of the Sound Exposure compilation series. It will feature artists like Free The Robots (LA), Arcsin (New York), Aqua Luminus (Munich), Emynd (Philadelphia), Vangel (Canada), Deckard (Munich), and many others.

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