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Anti Pop Consortium is BACK on Big Dada

anti po consortium

A.P.C. signed to BigDada Rec. a Sublabel of the uk based Ninja Tune Label (Coldcut)

Anti Pop Consortium On Tour 2009

06.04.09 – Saint Etienne, France – Le Fil
06.05.09 – Ramonville Toulouse, France – Bikini
06.06.09 – Marseille, France – Cabaret Aléatoire
06.07.09 – Chateauneuf de Gadagne, France – Akwaba
06.10.09 – Segrate, Italy – Circolo Magnolia
06.11.09 – Bologna, Italy – Kindergarten
06.12.09 – Rome, Italy – Electrode Festival
06.13.09 – Luzern, Switzerland – TBA
09.12.09 – Monticello, NY – ATP Festival

The worlds most advanced Hip Hop Group is back on the UK based Label BigDada a Sublabel of Ninja Tune.

Enjoy this new A.P.C. Video Interview here

and another here Anti Pop Consortium Interview

Anti Pop Consortium Video

Check out their myspace for further Informations.

The new Album “ Fluorescent Black“ is comming in September 2009 on Big Dada Records!


more news on A.T.P. here on Elbo.ws


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Sven Vath in the Mix Mixes 1991 -98 @ OMEN Frankfurt

Sven Vath @ Omen, Frankfurt 26.1.1996 http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=IEUSJAX8
Sven Vath @ Omen, Frankfurt 30.6.1996 http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=PDXQSDTT
Sven Vath @ Omen, Frankfurt 26.11.1993 http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=AWXLHZOO
Sven Vath – Live at Club Omen (Germany) 1991http://www.megaupload.com/?d=73PAX2P3
Sven Vath Vs. Dj Frank @ The Omen 1993http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UAWB8O1C
Sven Väth, DJ Hell, Marco Carola @ Omen Closing Party 18.10.1998 | http://uploaded.to/?id=tw0a5t
Sven Väth, DJ Hell, Marco Carola @ Omen Closing Party 18.10.1998 | http://uploaded.to/?id=0rjfpo
Sven Väth, DJ Hell, Marco Carola @ Omen Closing Party 18.10.1998 | 3http://uploaded.to/?id=je8xdf
Sven Väth, DJ Hell, Marco Carola @ Omen Closing Party 18.10.1998 | 4http://uploaded.to/?id=xm6a8i

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Coachella Festival 2008 (25-26-27 April 2008)

Coachella Festival 2008 (25-26-27 April 2008)

01 – Silence
02 – Mysterons
03 – The Rip
04 – Glory Box
05 – Wandering Star
06 – Machine Gun
07 – Over
08 – Sour Times
09 – Cowboys
10 – Threads
11 – Roads
12 – We Carry On

the racounters
01 – Consoler Of The Lonely
02 – Hold Up
03 – You Don’t Understand Me
04 – Top Yourself
05 – Old Enough
06 – Blue Veins
07 – Level
08 – Attention
09 – Many Shades Of Black
10 – Salute Your Solution
11 – Steady, As She Goes
12 – Rich Kid Blues
13 – Carolina Drama

apehx twin
02:20 – 04:02 Public Enemy – Welcome To The Terrordome
04:02 Run DMC – Beats To The Rhyme
16:47 – 18:03 LFO – Track 4
21:15 – 23:53 Gregor Tresher – A Thousand Nights
39:26 – 41:19 Unknown – Drop Suey (System Of a Down Bootleg Remix)
41:18 – 42:50 Noisia & Mayhem – Exodus
42:50 – 45.45 Dub-One – Volcon – (Xtinction Agenda)
45:15 – 47:26 Vertigo – The Drained
48:23 Current Value – ?
50:51 Current Value – ? (Fear?)

Boys Noize


Fatboy slim
01 Will Wonka – Pure Imagination
02 Fatboy Slim – Praise U (Intro) + Aquasky – Have A Good Time (Sinden Count Of Monte Cristal Remix)
03 Del Piero – Let Me Clear My Throat
04 The Chemical Brothers VS ATFC ft. Armand Van Helden – New York Style (Funk In The Punk)
05 Fatboy Slim – Love Island
06 Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now (Redanka Remix)
07 Stacy Kidd – The Movement
08 Midfield General – Bass Mechanics (303 Apella)
09 H2O feat. Platnum – What Its Gotta Be (Vandalism Remix)
10 Fatboy Slim – Kalifornia (Acapella) + Tomas Andersson – Washing Up (Tim Deluxe Remix) with BPA- He’s Frank over the top
11 Fatboy Slim – Star 69
12 ID
13 Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip – Thout Shalt Always Kill (Acapella)
14 Micky Slim – Jump
15 Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip – Thout Shalt Always Kill (Acapella)
16 Arcade Fire – No Cars Go (Unknown Remix)
17 Fatboy Slim – Praise U (Fatboy Full Lenght Edit)
18 John Paul – Young – Love Is In The Air

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Scene / FTP Topsites / Elite / The "Scene" a free german Audiobook

K1ller Hoerspiel zum Thema „the Scene“ eine elektonische SUBkultur im Wiederstand.

Digital Underground – WDR-Hörspiel zum Thema / German „Scene“ Audiobook

[click here 4 free mp3 ]

resources etc.

> wikipedia:

„Unter The Scene wird eine Computer-Subkultur verstanden, die sich im wesentlichem zum Ziel gesetzt hat, illegale Kopien von neuen Filmen und Computerspielen sowie neuer Musik innerhalb ihrer eigenen Netzwerke zu verbreiten, meist noch vor deren offiziellen Veröffentlichung. Im deutschsprachigen Raum wird oft auch die Bezeichnung „Die Scene“ benutzt. Die Szenemitglieder selbst nennen sich meist „Scener“. Die Szene hat ihre eigene Strukturen, Etiketten und Regeln, und unterteilt sich in mehrere, meist international verteilte Release Groups.“

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_warez_groups (englisch, Liste mit bekannten Warez-Gruppen)

Wired Artikel: The shadow internet (englisch)

Geschichte der Cracking Groups: Auszug aus dem Buch NO COPY – Die Welt der digitalen Raubkopie

http://chaosradio.ccc.de/cr18.html free radio show!


Chaos Computer Club Radio Archive in German

Demoscene: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demoscene

Exotica, ausführliche Informationen und Geschichte über die Demoszene in Wiki-Form



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The KLF Tribute Mix by Mr. Trick & Striktly Kev

I was going to post this up before the end of the year (for reasons that will become apparent), but decided to wait until now so that people would be past the whole festive/new year madness and might therefore give this one some time and thought.

Back in 2006, slightly curious sequence of events began that started with me doing a remix of the Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” in a KLF “Chill Out” style, and ultimately ended in mass speculation as to the KLF’s return, a new documentary, a new LP and more. Behind it all were myself and Strictly Kev, two ardent KLF fans who, if we’re honest, got slightly carried away with our fandom and wound up coming as close to identify theft on Messrs Cauty and Drummond as could be possible.

My part in the ruse was the remix that kickstarted things (in short: I did it, sent it to Kev and he happened to be working on a KLF tribute mix, which ultimately turned into us passing off said mix as a possible lost item from the KLFs past), the creation of the website and domain and general input into how this should be perpetuated. Kev, as master of both the mix and the visual medium (in his Openmind alias) was responsible for the final mix (aka “The Sound of Mu” and all the incredible artwork you will see shortly, which rates amongst some of the finest photoshoppery I have ever borne witness to.

So what’s the upshot on this? Well, basically we got a lot of people thinking the KLF were returning on the 20th anniversary of the “1987: What The Fuck Is Going On?” release. The hoax worked so well one cheeky bugger even managed to sell a copy of our “release” on eBay for £40. Not bad for a CDR!

But, rather than read my manic typings on this, I urge to you to download the PDF below, which is a booklet lovingly created by Kev that details what we did, what the site looked like, what the fallout was and more. Trust me, its worth reading. In addition, below are links to both the original version of the Sound of Mu mix, and the vocal one that never went online, until now.

Read the PDF, then listen to the mixes. If you were ever a KLF fan, you’ll love it… but then if you are a KLF fan, you might well already know about this mix


Click to download Strictly Kev and Mr Trick – The Sound of Mu PDF e-book

Click to download The Sound of Mu(sic) (original version)

Click to download The Sound of Mu(sic) (vocal version)

by Strictly Kev and Mr. Trick – a journey through KLF’s Mu Mu Land, starting here.

So what TIME is LOVE ? check out our PODCAST ;  ) mindreset

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Best of 2007 by Grim on Mbient

A melodious survey of the year 2007 in a tearing rush, yet taking time for a few snapshots to memorize this year. This years edition is with a certain nonchalant touch as some transitions are on the very edge of being a close call. My will to put up a lot of favorite songs made that there are some abrupt transfers and sudden changes in style/mood. „where there’s a will, there’s a way“ whether it’s the right way is up to the listener. I decided to let it in as it happened along the process and because the mix is a random indication and on top of that it totally reflects my current state.


Best of 2007 cover


Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Jazz, Techno, Acid, House, Electro, Grime, Downtempo, Ambient

Duration: 69:30

Download: Grim on Mbient – Best of 2007

01 Intro: TekkonKinkreet
02 Plaid – This City
03 Morcheeba – Hemphasis (2008 release)
04 Underworld – Loads of Birds
05 The Labteks – Bluesmoke (Funckarma Instrumental Remix)
06 Fink – Make it Good   
07 Christ. – Happyfour Twenty (Phrizzm Remix)
08 4Hero – Planetaria (Hefner Remix)
09 The Landau Orchestra – Whisper Down the Lane
10 Legiac – Vega Orbid
11 Bola – Rainslaight
12 Christ. – Stained Century
13 D’arcangelo – Nadine
14 Loafeye – Pleasant Afternoon Blur
15 Proem – Awake at 4AM
16 Loafeye – Grand and Glorius
17 Long Range – Lie Down
18 The Chemical Brothers – Harpoons
19 Track53 – Echo Pain
20 The Orb – Something Supernational
21 Ab Ovo – You are Very Far Now
22 Kettel – Coddle
23 Human Action Network – Doom Bells
24 Rubens – Vertical Hold
25 The Tuss – Last Rushup 10
26 Human Action Network – Rave in a World
27 The Gasman – Overlorsd
28 Luke Vibert – Breakbeat Metal Music
29 Human Action Network – Avon Saw Women
30 Amy Winehouse – Tears Dry on their Own (Alix Alvarez Sole Channel Mix)
31 Metro Area – Read My Mind
32 Amy Winehouse – Tears Dry on their Own (Alix Alvarez Sole Channel Mix)
33 Aleksi Perälä – Path
34 Róisín Murphy – Overpowered (Seamus Haji Remix)
35 The Field – Over the Ice
36 The Black Dog – Virtual
37 Human Action Network – Pilsen Poteniometer
38 Hexstatic – Freak Me (Ft. Band)
39 Apparat – Useless Information
40 Justin Timberlake – Lovestoned / I Think She Knows (Tiësto Remix) (Radio Edit)
41 edIT – Crunk de Gaulle (feat. TTC, Busdriver & D-Styles)
42 Thom Yorke – Skip Devided (Modeselektor Remix)
43 Fink – Blueberry Pancakes (Instrumental)
44 The Orb – Lost & Found
45 Jeffree Star – Plastic Surgery (Human Action Network Mix)
46 Distance – Fallen (Vex’d Remix)
47 Boxcutter – Foxy
48 Thom Yorke – Harrowdown Hill (The Bug Remix)
49 Céline – Here and Now (Funckarma Remix)
50 Burial – Endorphin
51 40 Winks – Way Past Bedtime (Outro)
52 Freescha – Big as a Mouse
53 Am-Boy – Over the Bridge
54 Sarin Sunday – Gateway to the Sun
55 Radiohead – Videotape
56 Distance – Delight
57 Corwin Trails – Hakim Bay
58 Gabriel – Good Old Days
59 Flutterspot – Hover in Mid Air by Rapidly Flapping Their Wings
60 I am a Robot and Proud – The Satellite Kids 1
61 Machinefabriek – Stofstuk (Remixed by Strangelet)
62 Outro: Terrorist – Speech


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Camjackers released > Independant Hip-Hop Movie 4 real



“Camjackers” has landed

After 5 years in Los Angeles, experimental filmmakers, Julian and Linnea Dahl, have returned to Vashon with their first feature film – “Camjackers” – a quirky comedy-drama in which class war, revenge and the race divide collide in a funny post-Reality hiphop mindtrip.

This carefully improvised film follows the underclass Camjackers as they wreak their revenge on the middleclass Filmfakers using their own cameras against them. The film caricatures white cooption of black culture in the ironically simultaneous contexts of racial fear and the fetishization of black cool. Secondly, it explores indie-filmmaker-as-pop-icon with a knowing wink at media access, representation, and social control. Lastly, “Camjackers” is an actual experiment in genuine creative access in which two real groups of film artists were actually given the tools to realize their films-within-a-film, while also starring as characters within this feature film. The story takes shape in real time as the Camjackers edit various tapes on screen while we watch.

According to director-producer, Julian Dahl, “we were shocked by the third-worldization of LA, the hordes of homeless, the cultural and material theft of the underclass, so we tried to make fun of the powerful and provide a platform for artists to speak and the underdog to triumph.”  Shot with real artists on the streets without a script, Julian relied on his charaters’ passion, skills and experiences to infuse the plot with bite. “I wanted to show the parisitic nature of Hollywood, the power of African-American culture, and the reality of folks in the hood.”

Based on an original idea by Linnea Dahl, co-writer, “Camjackers was, for me, a way of dealing with almost getting shot in my home, living in the ghetto as a urban pioneers, and watching rich whiteboys with toys trying to riff on authentic ghetto experience.”

Teaming up with LA Filmmakers Co-op (www.lafco.tv), a filmgroup described by Res magazine as “media merry pranksters on wheels”, Julian and Linnea sold their house, put out casting calls, and conjured the dream into actuality. Three and a half years later, the film is done and touring the festival circuit, recently winning Best Editing at Ann Arbor Film Festival and screening at Harlem International Film Festival.

This is a chance to see the work of WildChild producers Julian and Linnea Dahl close up.

Bust out underground conscious hip hop from the leading lights on the west coast – 2MEX, Orko Eloheim, Phoenix Orion, Honz & Halos and more. Blessed by the legendary folks at Project Blowed – the longest running hip hop label on the west coast.


“It’s cool, man. We’ve got black friends…”


Can’t make a film? Just steal one! Class war, revenge and the race divide collide in this funny post-Reality hiphop mindtrip.


CAMJACKERS is a funny, LA street story about 2 rich, scared filmfakers in the hood and the 3 guys who ‘borrow’ their equipment, make a film, get ripped off, and seek revenge.


Two rich, clueless filmschool grads (“the Filmfakers”) are shooting a “ghetto” interpretation of an ancient Greek play on the mean streets of Los Angeles. Their equipment is ‘borrowed’ by three street youths (“the Camjackers”), who shoot a compelling documentary on underground hiphop. The Filmfakers rip off the Camjackers’ film and rise to fame and fortune. The Camjackers see their stolen work on TV and seek revenge.


Camjackers is an experiment in creative access in which two real groups of film artists were given the tools to realize their films-within-a-film, while also starring as characters within this feature film. The story takes shape in real time as the Camjackers play rushes and edit various tapes on screen while we watch. The rawness of the film, and especially of the hip hop short-film-within-the-film and the street documentary footage, comes from a freestyle approach to filmmaking itself – unscripted, off-the-cuff, real responses to contrived contexts played out in real time and jumpcut together coalescing into a finished feature film before your very eyes.


The Filmfakers are shooting a ‘ghetto’ interpretation of the ancient Greek play, Lysistrata (“Sista Strada”) on the streets of LA. When approached by a group of street youths (the “Camjackers”), the Filmfakers think that they are being mugged so they give their camera, tripod and watch to the Camjackers and run away.

The shocked Camjackers take the stuff and then discover the abandoned Filmfaker’s production van. The Camjackers decide to make a film in one day.

They shoot some footage and then take the camera and laptop to their apartment to show their friends, Shante and Olinda. Rather than hock the stuff, Olinda insists that they make a film themselves.

All four Camjackers ride in the stolen production van and work on their film ideas. Cody and Phoenix then play with the camera and accidentally leave it running. They film themselves and their world as we see rushes from their short film-in-the-making. We then see part of their edited short film.

The cops see the Camjackers walking along the street and assume they stole the Filmfakers’ stuff. The cops give chase but the Camjackers escape.

The Camjackers go to a club to find talent for their short film. They continue shooting street people into the night. While the Camjackers are shooting the last shot of the night, they are again harassed by the cops and then break free.

Surveillance footage shows the Filmfakers recovering their equipment and checking their tapes and harddrives. The Filmfakers discover a short film on their harddrive (shot and cut by the Camjackers). The Filmfakers decide to steal the Camjackers’ short film and release it under their own names. The Filmfakers win the Best Short Subject Prize for their film. They begin their rise to fame and fortune.

Several months later, the Camjackers see themselves and their film on TV without credit. They become very angry and plot revenge.

The Camjackers break into the Filmfakers’ rich home, grab the original copy of their short film and steal some home movies and surveillance tapes. On these tapes we see the Filmfakers indulge in degrading and unethical behavior.

We then see a cable TV entertainment show (“Real Entertainment”) that showcases the Filmfakers and their stolen short film.

The Camjackers know they need releases to use the embarassing Filmfakers’ footage, so they pose as a “Pirategram” singer and a postal worker to get the Filmfaker’s to sign (hidden) release forms.

The Camjackers then sell the raw footage to a sleazy cable TV entertainment magazine show (“Shamefile”). We see the trashy “Shamefile” TV spot assassinating the Filmfakers as professionals and human beings with samples from the Filmmakers’ own home movies and surveillance tapes.

The Camjackers are officially recognised as authors of their own work and gain some fame for their efforts. As the final celebratory scenes unfold in the limo and the club (Project Blowed), we see the Camjackers living high. The Filmfakers, recently released from jail, visit the club. As the Filmfakers try to salvage whatever they can, we see Phoenix harshly dismissing the Filmfakers, who are then thrown out of the club.

As the credits roll, we learn that the Camjackers actually put together the whole Camjackers feature film themselves.

                                                        O.S.T. Released
          01  02:46 2mex – The Return Of Fernandomania                 
          02  03:20 2mex – Treesun                                     
          03  04:00 2mex – Baby I Aint Jokin                       
          04  03:03 2mex – Aliveacation                                
          05  03:59 Horns and Halos – The Feddi                        
          06  03:17 Orko Eloheim – Eternal Law                         
          07  03:40 Orko Eloheim – Innerspace Massive          
          08  06:10 Phoenix Orion – Scifidelity                        
          09  03:48 Acid Reign and Olmeca – Some Say     
          10  03:33 Devastator – The Unheard                          
          11  02:15 Rawskillz – Cyclone                                
          12  04:17 Orko Eloheim – American Fear            
          13  04:32 Orko Eloheim – Eloheim 777               
          13  48:40 min                  

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after 5 years of presenting the creme de la creme of the indie/underground/abstract hiphop community SUBVERSIV*REC is closing down is business to rearrange the whole structure and musical direction…

on JAN08 the inofficial successor called „COGNITIVE*DEFECT RECORDINGS“ is opening it´s doors… the first two free releases of XNDL are ready for a free-download at www.cognitive-defect.offbeaters.com.

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Rap History > Mix & Rls Database Oldschool Hip-Hop Rap


go to Rap History Database
(currently containing 1542 records by 1320 artists on 570 labels listed Release Information „only“)

Be sure to go to Rap History Mixtapes Database &  Party Series

Discover a huge rap / hiphop / elektro boogie mixtape database with mixes from the Years 1979 – 2007 for each Year these Guy makes a Mix of 4-5 Hours containing only Tracks from that specific Year. So you have like 28 free Mixes for listening and each of them 4-5 hours Playing Time.

CEO Müller

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1997-07-01 – Mate Galic @ Stacker, Evosonic vs. Alec Empire on Kiss 100

crazy radio show from that guy mate on the cult radio station evosonic back in the days
with tracks from ATR alec empire and much more very experimental stuff inside njoy

1997-07-01 – Mate Galic @ Stacker, Evosonic



1995 – Alec Empire, Carl Crack – Radio Massive, Kiss 100 FM