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The KLF Tribute Mix by Mr. Trick & Striktly Kev

I was going to post this up before the end of the year (for reasons that will become apparent), but decided to wait until now so that people would be past the whole festive/new year madness and might therefore give this one some time and thought.

Back in 2006, slightly curious sequence of events began that started with me doing a remix of the Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” in a KLF “Chill Out” style, and ultimately ended in mass speculation as to the KLF’s return, a new documentary, a new LP and more. Behind it all were myself and Strictly Kev, two ardent KLF fans who, if we’re honest, got slightly carried away with our fandom and wound up coming as close to identify theft on Messrs Cauty and Drummond as could be possible.

My part in the ruse was the remix that kickstarted things (in short: I did it, sent it to Kev and he happened to be working on a KLF tribute mix, which ultimately turned into us passing off said mix as a possible lost item from the KLFs past), the creation of the website and domain and general input into how this should be perpetuated. Kev, as master of both the mix and the visual medium (in his Openmind alias) was responsible for the final mix (aka “The Sound of Mu” and all the incredible artwork you will see shortly, which rates amongst some of the finest photoshoppery I have ever borne witness to.

So what’s the upshot on this? Well, basically we got a lot of people thinking the KLF were returning on the 20th anniversary of the “1987: What The Fuck Is Going On?” release. The hoax worked so well one cheeky bugger even managed to sell a copy of our “release” on eBay for £40. Not bad for a CDR!

But, rather than read my manic typings on this, I urge to you to download the PDF below, which is a booklet lovingly created by Kev that details what we did, what the site looked like, what the fallout was and more. Trust me, its worth reading. In addition, below are links to both the original version of the Sound of Mu mix, and the vocal one that never went online, until now.

Read the PDF, then listen to the mixes. If you were ever a KLF fan, you’ll love it… but then if you are a KLF fan, you might well already know about this mix


Click to download Strictly Kev and Mr Trick – The Sound of Mu PDF e-book

Click to download The Sound of Mu(sic) (original version)

Click to download The Sound of Mu(sic) (vocal version)

by Strictly Kev and Mr. Trick – a journey through KLF’s Mu Mu Land, starting here.

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