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Heart On The Right Spot : Latest collection by Project Mooncircle.

project mooncircle

released a new killer hiphop and true rap compilation

check out their new killer tracks on 

RELEASE DATE: 5th of October 2007
with New + Unreleased Stuff from DDay One, CYNE, Seven Star, Mathematik, Jahbitat, Lackluster, Epstein, Mr Cooper, Antti Szurawitzki, Manuvers, 40 Winks, Pablie, Arrowax, Gordon, Impulze, Glen Porter and Dave Ghetto Etc.
Artwork by Gordon, Ima One & La Mano Fria of Beta Bodega Coalition. Limited Edition.

 track list                                                      
      01. Mr Cooper – Work Progressing                          
       02. Cyne – Kill The Music                                 
       03. Epstein – Mirar Al Vacio (Shutterspeed Remix)         
       04. Mathematik – Dilligence                            
       05. Seven Star – Mind Pollution                           
       06. Pablie – Blissful Relapses                          
       07. Lackluster – LL180905                                 
       08. Strand And Non Genetic – We Walk                    
       09. Dday One – Memento Mori                               
       10. Cise Star – Find Away                                 
       11. Manuvers And Hordatoj Feat. Dave Ghetto And Senciyo – 
           No Es Tarde                                                
       12. 40 Winks – Half Wonder                               
       13. Jahbitat – Bloodclouds And Eagles                     
       14. Arrowax (Seven Star And Omnicient) – Rain Dance       
       15. Rumpistol And V8 – Transmito 73001 Remix             
       16. Glen Porter – Tragedy Herself                         

Liberation from this insanity 3055′

it is a project/label of artists from the UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Sweden and the US. project: mooncircle wants to concentrate the creative potential of all artists, without restricting them in any way. this label with various producers shall be an interesting pleasure for all, who like the extraordinary ordinariness.

Cyne (City Centre Offices), Seven Star & Manuvers (Botanica del Jibaro / Counterflow Rec.), Set in Sand (Abandonbuilding), Rumpistol (Rump Rec.), Zucchini Drive (ex the World after 4/02), Skyrider & Bleubird (Endemik), Mr Cooper (Wimm Rec. / Lex Rec.), Amateur Dramatics (Mechanical Insects), Legs MC, Xndl (Subversiv Rec.), Manuva (of Total Chaos, Betties Blues (Subversiv Rec.), Perquisite (Unexpected Rec.), Deviant, Soarse Spoken, Serum Etc.

La Mano Fria (Beta Bodega Coalition, MX, Andy K. (Moonstruck Jedis / Beta Bodega Coalition) & Gordon (Moonstruck Jedis / Beta Bodega Coalition)

acts and artists from all over the world are taking part in project: mooncircle and our compilations “Wisdom in Chains/Liberation from this insanity 3055 EP / Lunar Orbit EP / Calderas of Mind” & Solo Releases like “Alternate Invention by Seven Star / Amongst Strangers by Mr Cooper has been sold Worldwide.

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