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Amon Tobin live at Berlin 19.04.07


Amon Tobin + Phonomat + Guest -live! 


Lido – Berlin


19.04.2007 | 21 h 


Ninjatune&Icon present:

 am 19.4. ab 21.30h im Lido, 10997 Berlin – Kreuzberg:

 Amon Tobin (einzige Show in Deutschland)

support by Phonomat + Guest

 Eintritt: Vvk 13 Euro zzgl. Gebühren 


Für seine neue Produktion hat Amon Tobin seine früher gern geplünderte Schallplattensammlung einfach im Regal stehen gelassen, hat ein wenig Aufnahmeequipment eingepackt und damit unterwegs alles aufgezeichnet, was Töne und Geräusche von sich gibt. Hunde, ein CD-Presswerk, Tiger, eine Satellitenanlage, Aufziehspielzeug, Gitarren, Schlagwerk, Keyboards, Töpfe, Pfannen, Motorräder, und hundert andere Dinge.

Weitere Aufnahmen entstanden in sogenannten Foley Rooms, in welchen moderne Geräuschemacher die Sounds und Hintergrundgeräusche für Filme erzeugen, sowie mit dem Kronos Quartet und Stefan Schneider. Aus dem Vollen Schöpfen nennt man das, glaub ich. Die Musik ist trotz hohen Geräuschanteils äußerst melodisch und harmonisch, hat mal was von abstraktem Trip Hop und klingt dann wieder wie ein spannendes Hörstück.

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DR. Octagon aka Kool Keith @ Berlin

DR. Octagon aka Kool Keith

feat. KutMasta Kurt
[ HipHop, Funk ]

Live: DR. Octagon aka Kool Keith feat. KutMasta Kurt

DJs: Beatevolutioners aka Millionaer & LeBob

Einlass 22:00 Uhr
Eintritt 18,- ? AK // 15,- ? VVK

VVK unter

Video: Kool Keith aka DR. Octagon

Video: KutMasta Kurt

Kool Keith Bio

After single-handedly redefining “warped” as the mind and mouth behind the Bronx-based Ultramagnetic MC’s, “Kool” Keith Thornton — aka Rhythm X, aka Dr. Octagon, aka Dr. Dooom, aka Mr. Gerbik — headed for the outer reaches of the stratosphere with a variety of solo projects. A o­netime psychiatric patient at Bellevue, Keith’s lyrical thematics remained as free-flowing here as they ever were with the N.Y. trio, connecting up complex meters with fierce, layers-deep metaphors and veiled criticisms of those who “water down the sound that comes from the ghetto.” His own debut single, “Earth People” by Dr. Octagon, was quietly released in late 1995 o­n the San Francisco-based Bulk Recordings, and the track spread like wildfire through the hip-hop underground, as did the subsequent self-titled full-length released the following year. Featuring internationally renowned DJ Q-Bert (of Invisibl Skratch Piklz) o­n turntables, as well as the Automator and DJ Shadow behind the boards, Dr. Octagon’s left-field fusion of sound collage, fierce turntable work, and bizarre, impressionistic rapping found audiences in the most unlikely of places, from hardcore hip-hop heads to jaded rock critics. Although a somewhat sophomoric preoccupation with body parts and scatology tended to dominate the album, Keith’s complex weave of associations and shifting references is quite often amazing in its intricacy. The record found its way to the U.K.-based abstract hip-hop imprint Mo’Wax (for whom Shadow also records) in mid-1996, and was licensed by the label for European release (Mo’Wax also released a DJ-friendly instrumental version of the album titled, appropriately, The Instrumentalyst [Octagon Beats]).

The widespread popularity of the album eventually landed Keith at Geffen splinter DreamWorks in 1997; the label gave Dr. Octagon (retitled Dr. Octagonecologyst) its third release mid-year, adding a number of bonus cuts. In early 1999, however, Keith’s alter ego Dr. Dooom unfortunately “killed off” Dr. Octagon o­n the opening track of First Come, First Served (released o­n Thornton’s own Funky Ass label). Kool Keith signed to Ruffhouse/MCA for his second album under that alias, 1999’s Black Elvis/Lost in Space. Records released as Kool Keith followed in 2000 (Matthew) and 2001 (Spankmaster), while the 2002 collaboration Gene appeared as KHM (Kool Keith plus H-Bomb and Marc Live). His next project was a four-rapper group named Thee Undatakerz with Keith taking o­n a new persona, Reverand Tom. Kool Keith Presents Thee Undatakerz hit the streets in May 2004. Keeping busy, Keith released Diesel Truckers in August of the same year with old friend/producer KutMasta Kurt. As if 2004 weren’t filled with enough Kool Keith releases, some truly oddball o­nes started to appear that year. The Official Space Tape borrowed from previous releases to create the ultimate Keith mixtape, the R&B-leaning Personal Album was released in a limited edition of 500 and with a high price tag, plus the Real Talk label issued Dr. Octagon, Pt. 2, an unauthorized release that had little to do with the original and was quickly pulled from the shelves by court order. The next year was much calmer with the Global Enlightenment, Pt. 1 DVD being released at the beginning of the year, followed by Lost Masters, Vol. 2 in the summer. Nogatco Rd. from 2006 introduced a new character, Mr. Nogatco (Octagon backward). The U.F.O.-obsessed album was a collaboration with producer Iz-Real. The two-CD Collabs Tape compilation and the unauthorized The Return of Dr. Octagon followed soon after. ~ Sean Cooper, All Music Guide

KutMasta Kurt Bio

One of the more underrated producers and DJs in the West Coast underground, KutMasta Kurt initially made his name working with Kool Keith, during which time he first donned his trademark Mexican wrestling mask. Kurt (b. Kurt Matlin) had been DJing in the Bay Area since the mid-’80s, getting his start as a teenager o­n a Santa Cruz community radio station. In 1988, he moved o­n to the Stanford University college station, and also mixed live at parties around the University of California-Santa Cruz campus. As his reputation grew, local MCs began to approach him about producing tracks, and he bought some basic studio equipment and taught himself to use it. After a few remixes and small independent releases, Kurt’s friendship with the groundbreaking, underappreciated Ultramagnetic MC’s paid off when, in 1994, ex-leader Kool Keith tapped Kurt to handle DJ and production duties for his new solo career. Kurt produced a couple of tracks o­n Keith’s landmark Dr. Octagon album, but their first full project together was 1997’s Sex Style, the first album released under Keith’s own name. Kurt also helmed Keith’s album as Dr. Dooom, 1999’s First Come, First Served, and 2000’s Matthew.

By the time Matthew was released, Kurt had begun to build his own career apart from Keith. He provided remixes for the likes of the Beastie Boys, Planet Asia, Rasco, DJ Spooky, Luscious Jackson, Buffalo Daughter, and Blackalicious, among others. He also formed his own label, Threshold, and in 2000 released the full-length album KutMasta Kurt Presents: Masters of Illusion, a collaborative project that featured Kool Keith and underground MC Motion Man. His relationship with Keith was fraying, however, partly because of a false rumor that Keith was missing gigs because he’d been institutionalized. Keith eventually fired him, but Kurt’s career stayed in good shape thanks to his production o­n Dilated Peoples’ 2000 breakthrough single, Work the Angles. He soon went o­n to work with Hieroglyphics members Souls of Mischief and Pep Love, and did a high-profile remix of nu-metal band Linkin Park’s single In the End in 2001. That same year, he also produced Motion Man’s well-received solo debut, Clearing the Field. Kurt was a busy man in 2004, releasing Diesel Truckers with his man Keith and his own, career-spanning compilation Redneck Games. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide


The Freakcamp Story goes on…AARON SPECTRE

BOXCUTTER Live, ELEMENTAL Live, Robotic @ Club Whatever, Dresden
Pictures: Freak Camp in Kraków (Poland) >

The people from invited freakcamp over to Kraków last weekend to play at the first-ever dubstep party in town along side Mr. N-Type. The venue was excellent, the bass weight heavy and the crowd was going wild (as you can see in the gallery).

Thanks to Randall, Pete and all others involved for having us and being excellent hosts.

Keep o­n spreading the virus!

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NETLAG Netaudiosause am Samstag in Berlin

Am Samstag ist es wieder soweit: Am 2. Dezember steigt die nächste NETLAG Netaudiosause im Berliner RAW-Tempel.

Und wieder wird laut und heftig der GEMA ein Schnippchen geschlagen, denn die geht bei NETLAG wie immer leer aus. Nicht verpassen!

Line up:
– M.Rueter (Live)
– Likk (Live)
– DJ Mitch
– Animatek (Live)
– Taxi Adviser
– Nadja Lind & Teamore
– Q-Man


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Spectre + Sensational + KouheiKoyxen Tour @ berlin

!!! New dates added for the Spectre + Sensational + KouheiKoyxen tour !!!

Dubstep vs. Wordsound

Sensational [Crooklyn, NYC/ Wordsound ]
Spectre [Crooklyn, NYC/ Wordsound ]
Something J [kool.pop]
Dj Maxximus [Warp | MG77 Recordings]
Wadadda [Dub Club| MG77 | Cologne]
+ Patric Cantani [Booty]

Two brand new dates have been added:

Oct 25th Leipzig at ZORO, Bornaische Str. 54
Organised by the Basement Rockaz :

Oct 26th Berlin at M12 :
Dubstep event with Something J, Dj Maxximus, Wadadda

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Czechtek 2006 Photo Review

Annual teknival normally held o­n the weekend at the end of July in the Czech Republic. It attracts thousands of free tekno dancers from several European countries. It makes an open invitation to all performers, soundsystems, performers and all human beings with positive thinking.

Datum / Date
28. 7. ? 2. 8. 2006
Místo / Place

Hradiste Military Region (50°15’24″N 13°13’23″E), rented from Czech Ministry of Defence

Počet účastníků / Estimated attendees : 20 ? 40.000 people & 132 soundsystems o­n 68 stages (108 CZ, 11 FR, 4 DE, 4 UK, 3 AT, 2 NL)

Map Main

sector I | sector II | sector III | sector IV

Photogallery by Alef

Photogallery by K4T0

Photogallery by Merkur

Photogallery by Roj

!_dates_! Articles > 09.09.06 @ BErlin

thumbnail of Arundhati Roy

This item is copyleft

Arundhati Roy

A Copyleft film featuring the world-renowned activist and Booker Prize-winning writer Arundhati Roy. Credits

thumbnail of Die Fantastischen Vier, Hamburg

This item is copyleft

Die Fantastischen Vier, Hamburg

Die Fantastischen Vier, donate their questions to dropping knowledge. As the o­nly camera team present, dropping knowledge was allowed to shoot the private wedding of singer Smudo and his bride Esther Müller. Credits

thumbnail of Jonathan Meese, Berlin

This item is copyleft

Jonathan Meese, Berlin

One of Germany?s most exciting young artists wonders about geometry, adventure, revolution and something called ?Copyleft.? Credits

thumbnail of CeaseFire Now: a day with bianca jagger

This item is copyleft

CeaseFire Now: a day with bianca jagger

A dropping knowledge production, this film is Copyleft. You are free to screen it, sample it, recreate it and spread it through your network ? and we actively encourage you to do so. Credits

thumbnail of NGO ACTION: Street Football for Peace

This item is copyleft

NGO ACTION: Street Football for Peace

On Monday, July 3, 2006, a street-football team made up of young Israelis and Palestinians played a local side in Mariannenplatz, Kreuzberg, Berlin, as part of the street football world festival 06. The team was in Germany thanks to the Peres Center for Peace?s ?Twinned Peace Sport Schools? initiative, which brings Palestinian and Israeli children from disadvantaged communties together for sports training and peace education. At the game, dropping knowledge met Peres Center Sports Unit directors Roni Asoulin from Israel and Anwar Zaidan from Palestine, and caught up with the action. Credits

thumbnail of What is your tree?

This item is copyleft

What is your tree?

dropping knowledge shot ?What Is Your Tree?? at the South Central farm in Los Angeles o­n June 1, 2006. The farm, which supports 350 families who grow their own food, is the largest community-garden in the US. After the land was sold by the city of Los Angeles to a private property-developer, the South Central Farmers fought and lost a two-year court battle to save the land they have farmed for 12 years. o­n May 23, 2006, celebrities, activists and the local community joined the farmers in staging a ?tree sit? to save the farm. Credits

thumbnail of The Question Movie

The Question Movie

The original dropping knowledge promotional film, the Question Movie was first screened o­n this website in September 2005. Cut together from images created during dropping knowledge CEO Ralf Schmerberg?s 15-year career as a commercials director, the Question Movie is a visually poetic intoduction to the practice of questioning.

thumbnail of Chocolate city - we are here to stay

This item is copyleft

Chocolate city – we are here to stay

dropping knowledge shot Chocolate City »we are here to stay« in New Orleans o­n January 31, 2006, 155 days after Katrina hit. Residents of the Lower Ninth Ward and Chalmette, two destroyed areas, tell how they have survived without promised help from the U.S. government. Chocolate City features the Common Ground Collective, an NGO in the Ninth Ward that provides relief and organizes against government efforts to take over homes, especially in Black-owned areas.

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CzTk06 > Czechtek 2006 Videos

!_dates_! Articles > 28.07.06 – ?

“you may stop the party, but can’t stop the future”


c23chtek 2oo6
12th anniversary of the 1st Teknival in Cz

czech free festival – open invitation for all free artists, performers etc..
“we did it 94,95,96,97,98,99,2K,2k1,2k2,2k3,2k4,2k5 … but this year ? … as usual !

*freetekno[cz] *czechtek[WiKi] *czechtek2005[WiKi] *[paroubtek05] *Svaz Nezavislych Autoru *

n23-msg |“ze samotne podstaty DIY kulturyproste neni a nebylo nikdy zadneho organizatora”
n23-msg |“There is no any organizator. There are o­nly DIY participants. This is the essence of DIY culture.”
n23-msg |CZECHTEK2006 | *Flyer *Flyer.Print *RouteMap[CZ] *RouteMap[ENG] *AirMap *GoogleMap * Alliance23.nfo[cz] *Hints and Rulez*

> official site >

Tanzen Statt Marschieren: CzechTek 2006 Legal

Tschechien o­nLine, Prag – 15. Juni 2006

Free-Technoparty findet vom 27. bis 30. Juli auf Militärgelände in der Nähe von Karlsbad statt.
Im vergangenen Jahr war es beim Free-Techno-Festival CzechTek zu einem umstrittenen Großeinsatz der tschechischen Polizei mit Wasserwerfern, Tränengas und über hundert Verletzten gekommen. Im Anschluss folgte eine politische Krise. Dieses Jahr nun bemühen sich alle Beteiligten um eine umsichtige Planung des CzechTek-Festivals.
Wie vom scheidenden Verteidigungsminister Karel Kühnl (US-DEU) angeregt, wird die Technoparty in diesem Jahr auf einem Militärgelände in Hradi?tě im Kreis Karlsbad stattfinden, wie die Zeitung Hospodářské noviny (Prag) berichtet.
Darauf verständigten sich gestern der Minister und Vertreter der Assoziation tschechischer Soundsysteme, die das alljährliche Techno-Spektakel organisiert. ?Es ist im Interesse von uns allen, dass diese Aktion nicht in die Illegalität gedrängt wird?, sagte Kühnl nach dem Treffen.
Das Gelände, auf dem die Mega-Party nun vom 27. bis 30. Juli stattfinden wird, überlässt die tschechische Armee den Techno-Freaks für 24.000 Kronen. Für die Bereitstellung von sanitären Anlagen, Rettungsdiensten und die anschließenden Aufräumarbeiten werden die Veranstalter aufkommen.
Die Menschen in der Umgebung des diesjährigen CzechTek-Geländes sind von der Einigung zwischen Veranstaltern und Verteidigungsministerium nicht begeistert. ?Es geht nicht um den Lärm. Es geht darum, dass Tausende Menschen kommen, wir haben Angst vor Kriminalität?, sagte die Bürgermeisterin von Radnice, Věra Vernerová.
more related music.. >

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Fuckparade 2006 / Berlin > Fight for your Right 29.07  join o­ne of the last straight none commercial demos in berlin !!!

This year Dr. Motte  (Inventor of the Love Parade) joins the Revolution..29.07.> BUNKER

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