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thumbnail of Arundhati Roy

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Arundhati Roy

A Copyleft film featuring the world-renowned activist and Booker Prize-winning writer Arundhati Roy. Credits

thumbnail of Die Fantastischen Vier, Hamburg

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Die Fantastischen Vier, Hamburg

Die Fantastischen Vier, donate their questions to dropping knowledge. As the o­nly camera team present, dropping knowledge was allowed to shoot the private wedding of singer Smudo and his bride Esther Müller. Credits

thumbnail of Jonathan Meese, Berlin

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Jonathan Meese, Berlin

One of Germany?s most exciting young artists wonders about geometry, adventure, revolution and something called ?Copyleft.? Credits

thumbnail of CeaseFire Now: a day with bianca jagger

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CeaseFire Now: a day with bianca jagger

A dropping knowledge production, this film is Copyleft. You are free to screen it, sample it, recreate it and spread it through your network ? and we actively encourage you to do so. Credits

thumbnail of NGO ACTION: Street Football for Peace

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NGO ACTION: Street Football for Peace

On Monday, July 3, 2006, a street-football team made up of young Israelis and Palestinians played a local side in Mariannenplatz, Kreuzberg, Berlin, as part of the street football world festival 06. The team was in Germany thanks to the Peres Center for Peace?s ?Twinned Peace Sport Schools? initiative, which brings Palestinian and Israeli children from disadvantaged communties together for sports training and peace education. At the game, dropping knowledge met Peres Center Sports Unit directors Roni Asoulin from Israel and Anwar Zaidan from Palestine, and caught up with the action. Credits

thumbnail of What is your tree?

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What is your tree?

dropping knowledge shot ?What Is Your Tree?? at the South Central farm in Los Angeles o­n June 1, 2006. The farm, which supports 350 families who grow their own food, is the largest community-garden in the US. After the land was sold by the city of Los Angeles to a private property-developer, the South Central Farmers fought and lost a two-year court battle to save the land they have farmed for 12 years. o­n May 23, 2006, celebrities, activists and the local community joined the farmers in staging a ?tree sit? to save the farm. Credits

thumbnail of The Question Movie

The Question Movie

The original dropping knowledge promotional film, the Question Movie was first screened o­n this website in September 2005. Cut together from images created during dropping knowledge CEO Ralf Schmerberg?s 15-year career as a commercials director, the Question Movie is a visually poetic intoduction to the practice of questioning.

thumbnail of Chocolate city - we are here to stay

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Chocolate city – we are here to stay

dropping knowledge shot Chocolate City »we are here to stay« in New Orleans o­n January 31, 2006, 155 days after Katrina hit. Residents of the Lower Ninth Ward and Chalmette, two destroyed areas, tell how they have survived without promised help from the U.S. government. Chocolate City features the Common Ground Collective, an NGO in the Ninth Ward that provides relief and organizes against government efforts to take over homes, especially in Black-owned areas.

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