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YukiYaki 017 : Sgnl_fltr – Mtnada E.P.

4 track EP by Sgnl_fltr aka Danny Kreutzfeldt


This Electronicaesque composed of fine cut Ambient sound imagery and IDM and Minimal House grooves does not require a huge philosophical backdrop behind each and every sonic transient.

Under typical music-industrial circumstances four gloomy tracks named after Mesopotamian deities might have conjured up a lot of interpretations. But in this case we may just let the pictures

arise in our audio-visual cortex without too much higher brain activity.

Though there is still some space for a little bit of brain juggling. For Danny himself ‚Mount Nada‘ – as the EP’s title is pronounced correctly – plays with a little paradox:

What exactly is a ‚Mountain Of Nothing‘?

Coverpicture by Nils Clauss

The cover is part of the Nils Clauss ShowCase on Yuki Yaki.



Zip-Packages: mp3, ogg

Website: www.yukiyaki.org


01. Enki

02. Inanna

03. Aruru

04. Marduk