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Weird And Radical Projects – A collection of WARP Classics
length: 57:18
size: 78.70MB

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DJ Mink: Hey! Hey! Can U Relate

Forgemasters: Track With No Name
Tricky Disco:
Tricky Disco
Sweet Excorcist: Test 4
Tuff Little Unit:
Join The Future
LFO: Nurture
Nightmares o­n Wax:
Rhythm Invention: I Can’t Take It
Speedy J:
B12: Telephone 529 & Obsessed
Black Dog Prod (Balil):
Polygon Window: Quoth
FUSE: Logikal Nonsense & Nitedrive

Cellar Selection #1
length: 1:04:36
size: 88.80MB
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DJ VLR: Cellar Selection #1
Total Playing Time: 1hr 04mins 36secs

Boards of Canada: Sixtyten (MHTRTC)
Ceephax Acid Crew: Camelot Pollution (Ceephax Acid Crew)
Craig Connor: Manhunt (Remix By Soundmurderer) (Manhunt Remixes)
LFO: Flu-Shot (Kringlan) (WAP 195)
Bitstream: Incubator (Incubator)
Autechre: The Trees (Untilted)
Various Artists: 9 Autechtre Remix (Across Uneven Terrain)
Polygon Window: Quoth Hidden Mix (Quoth EP)
Chaos AD: Generation Shit (Buzz Caner)
Mike Ink: Paroles (Paroles)
KLF: Make It Rain (The White Room)
Astrobotnia: B (Part 3)
Ceephax: Essex Remblance (Exidy Tours)
Aphex Twin: IZ-US (Come To Daddy)
Jega: DMC Live (Mealtime)
Auteurs, The vs. µ-ziq: Chinese Bakery (Auteurs, The vs. µ-ziq)
Curve: Falling Free, Aphex Twin Remix (Curved 01)
Arpanet: Wave Function (Quantum Transposition)
Autechre: Surripere (Draft 7.30)
Radiance: III (Basic Channel 08)


The Analord Mixtape by AFX !!!
length: 2X30min
size: 41.29/41.27MB

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Technoid II
length: 1:12:36
size: 99.71MB
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April04 (not as in 2004)
length: 1:04:06
size: 88.1MB
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length: 57:16
size: 65.6MB
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DJ VLR: Classics
Total Playing Time: 57mins 16secs
01 Single Cell Orchestra: Threefold
(v/a: Trance Atlantic 2)
02 Higher Intelligence Agency: E+M=T
03 Speedy J: De-Orbit
(v/a: Artificial Intelligence 1)
04 Black Dog Productions(Balil): Merck
05 Aphex Twin: Ageispolis
(SAW 85-92)
06 Nav Katze: More Than A Feeling, Black Dog Mix #2
(Never Mind The Distortion)
07 X-ASP: P69
(Terra Ferma)
08 Cylob: Ofid
(Cylobian Sunset)
09 Autechre: Basscadoublemix
(Basscad #2)
10 Plastikman: Plastique
11 Curve: Falling Free, Aphex Twin Remix
(Falling Free)
12 Joey Beltram: Across The Hemisphere
13 Bedouin Ascent: Lost in Glass
(Science Art & Ritual)


length: 1:11:09
size: 81.4MB

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———————————————————————————————————–>Custom Built
length: 1:13:13
size: 67.1MB
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Emotional Landscapes
length: 1:07:20
size: 77.1MB
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DJ VLR: Emotional Landscapes
Total Playing Time: 1hr 07mins 20secs
01 Flexitone: Nausicaa
02 Andrea Parker: Melodious Thunk
(Melodious Thunk)
03 Anthony Rother: Basic Level
(Sex With The Machines)
04 Elektronische Geist: Wax Attax
(Transystem EP)
05 D’Arcangelo: Tunemx II
06 Chris Clarck: Slow Spines
(Ceramics Is The Bomb)
07 Boom Bip: Last Walk Around Mirror Lake, Boards of Canada Remix
(From Left To Right)
08 Visit Venus: Children of The Rave Solution, Funkst?rung Remix
(Additional Productions)
09 Gescom: Keynell 1
10 Fizzarum: Microphorus
11 Kinesthesia: Sanq, Autechre Mix
(Empathy Box Remixes)
12 Massive Attack: Butterfly Caught
(100th Window)
13 69: Desire
(The Sound of Music)
14 Bjork: Cover Me, Plaid Mix
(Hyperballad LTD.)
15 Bjork: J?ga, Alec Empire “The Planet of Ice” Remix
(J?ga – Alec Empire Mixes)


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