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Various/Project Blowed – 10th Anniversary (Project Blowed/Decon) DVD


Various/Project Blowed – 10th Anniversary (Project Blowed/Decon)

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t expect to like this CD, what with last years Good Brothers compilation being downright terrible. I mostly picked it up for the DVD, but ended up appreciating the music more. Sure there are some duds (and as usual when these dudes fall they fall flat o­n their face), but there are also a handful of classically awesome blowdian cuts. Aceyalone is still fairly invigorated after tearing up the Haiku D’etat album, Busdriver steals the show o­n almost second stringers like Cypher 7 and Otherwize who I’ve never paid much attention to have really stepped up their game. Early favorite cut is “Jazzy Girl”, where Mikah, Bus & Xololanxinxo do this two minute jazz riff that’s like “hot” 2005.

The DVD consists of a bunch of videos that most blowed heads have either seen (“Knownots”, “Mic Check”) or don’t really care about (that annoying Ab Rude song that’s in NBA 2k5), a pretty cool documentary of mostly the usual suspects doing the usual things, and some footage of the tenth anniversary show. I was hoping for some archival footage, but noooo… Anyway, the anniversary footage is mostly pretty corny. There’s a lot of self aggrandizing bullshit and hugging and whatnot, and seemed like the kind of thing that was more for the 20+ artists o­n stage than anyone in the audience. But it’s really worth it for two reasons – The Ellay Khule & Pterro Freestyle and Mikah’s live performance of the first verse of “Life/Death” , both o­n the DVD. Rifleman absolutely kills it, I think Khule’s going to absolutely blow some wigs back with his Califormula LP, which, according to the insert comes out next month. And Mikah’s, well Mikah. He kicks that already mind numbingly fast verse at double time (i think that makes double double time, or quadruple time, if we’re keeping score). via

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