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Tim Fite : So far the best free online hip-hop album of 2007

Tim Fite – Over The Counter Culture

Tim Fite’s Over The Counter Culture is so far the best free online album of the year. It’s a brash, rude social protest album that slaps you in the face but wins you over with its wit, infectious beats and perverse charm. Fite skewers pretty much everything but concentratea on the ravages of consumerism whether it’s associated with prescribed addictions (the title track), war (”Camoflage”) or hip-hop culture itself (”I’ve Been Shot”). Fite’s vocals rarely go beyond snarling and droning but his lyrics bear the power and precision of a sniper. Other favorite tracks include the consumer’s anthem “It’s Allright” and “Soup of the Day”, a liturgy of brand names carrying the same form of irony you find in Warhol’s Campbell Soup can paintings. Any album that moves my feet, makes me laugh, and forces me to think all at the same time is going to be a winner in my book!

The album is free available in 160kbps MP3.


1. place your bets
2. it’s all right here
3. real bacon
4. and how
5. good evening
6. over the counter culture
7. camouflage
8. oh-well
9. hey man
10. whose yer favorite rapper
11. I’ve been shot.
12. I’m not scared of you.
13. in your hair
14. take us out, mase.
15. soup of the day.



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