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makes free downloadable hip-hop music for the masses.

He should not be limited by being called a Rapper, but does the Poet label do him justice? After being raised on Reggae and R&B, it was the birth of Hip Hop that forced him to pick up a mic become an artist.

 VanguardThe latest album, 2002 to 2004

Class War
Tracks from 1997 to 2001

Youthful Folly Early work, from 1993 to 1996

Each album is about 100 megabytes, zipped up into a zip file for easy downloading.

You can use Winzip, 7-Zip, or a host of other apps to unzip the file to get at the individual mp3 files. You probably do not need extra software at all, so try it first.

Each album should fit a 74 minute cd, when converting the mp3 tracks to cda

(standard cd music files that will play in your average cd player).

Download Free Hip-Hop Track Confess

Featuring Bahamadia. Real clean beat, beautiful vocals. The kind of track that you could say anything on and it’ll sound good. A lot of commercial songs are like that: production so good that you suffer through some inane fool blathering on about any old bullshit.

After a lifetime of hiding from the hunters and covering up who you are and what you believe, at some point you get fed up. That’s it, I’m done, it’s all coming out. Time to speak the truth, time to throw down. I confess

Download Someday Rise.

First of a brand new batch of tracks fresh from the farm.

The group Sublime and deceased vocalist Brad Nowell “donated” the hook for this track. Brad’s voice layered with violin, haunting bass, trippy piano and Zearle’s forever inventive prose of position against imperialist and the capitalist superstructure blend together to inspire you to fight while tapping your foot. This shit bumps, ya dig?

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