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HipHop Mix
Pure Classic HipHop mix: The_Mid-tempo B-Boy Kuts:
Boogie Down Productions-How Not To Get Jerked
Organized Konfusion-3-2-1
MC Shan-I Pioneered This
Run DMC-Beats To The Rhyme (instr)
Eric B & Rakim-Follow The Leader
Big Daddy Kane-Mortal Combat
LL Cool J-Rock The Bells
Raheem (houston)-You’re o­n Notice
Leaders Of The New School-The End Is Near
Public Enemy-Don’t Believe The Hype
Mantronix-Join Me Please… (Home Boys Make Some Noise)
EPMD-The Big Payback
Boogie Down Productions-Duck Down
King Sun-Big SHots
Eric B & Rakim-Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em
Showbiz & AG-Fat Pockets
Raheem (new york)-I’m The King
Intelligent Hoodlum-Trag Invasion
Hard Knocks-Blow To The Head
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien-Miles To Go
Masta Ace-Jack B. Nimble
MC Serch-Scenes From The Mind
Main Source-Peace Is Not The Word To Play
Diamond And The Psychotic Neurotics-Best Kept Secret (dub)
Kool G Rap & Polo-Death Wish
Electro Mix
Electro mix from the revival section; electro files:
Pamétex – Confectionmen

DJ Overdose – Rock the House
Aerodynamics – Moon 44
Anthony Rother – Nerthus
Mas 2008 – Punished By Machines
Studio – In The Studio
Tiga & Zyntherius – Blue Sunglasses
Anthony Rother – Describe Reality
Keith Tucker – Speaker Worshipping
DJ Overdose – 200 M/PH
Psylocity – Echoes In My Head

Classics Electro Mix
The Big Apple Electro Mix: Straight Up New York Kuts:
Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force/renegades of funk
Hashim/It’s Nasty
Zero Hour/The Dark Side
Twilight 22/Break Anyway
C.O.D./Uphill (Peace Of Mind)
C.O.D./In The Bottle
Xena/On The Upside
Globe & Pow Wow/Celebrate!
Planet Patrol/I Didn’t Know I Loved You
G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid/Play That Beat Mr DJ
Arther Baker/Breaker’s Revenge
Two Sisters/Scratch This
Awesome Foursome/Funky Breakdown
jellybean/The Mexican
Jenny Burton/Vena Cava
Todd Terry Project/Back To The Beat
Hashim/We’re Rocking the Planet
Twilight 22/Street Love
Fab 5 Freddy/Change The Beat (bonus)

Rap-Mix-One: Hip Hop mixed down 2 perfection:
Dark Sun Riders – Positive Influences/Rhythmous Flex
the alkaholics – 2014
group home – Livin’ Proof
krs o­ne – are you ready for this?
OC times UP
Eric B and Rakim – microphone fiend
OC – word life
group home – stupic muthafuckas
Raekwon – rainy days
masta ace – Too Long
beastie boys – Time To Build
black star – respiration
rakim – flow forever
Smoothe Da Hustler – Broken Language
Group Home – Inna Citi Life
rubberroom – Acid
krs o­ne – And then again
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via discogs

King…Rude Boy(edit.break)
The Advent…Houdinni
Burrito Boys…Untitled(Force The Beat)
Orbital…Fahrenheit 303(edit.break)
model 500…Psychosomatic
Bug Orchestra…Uncontrolled Voltage
Larry McCormick…Escape
Unknown DJ…Basstronic
Yamo…Dr. U.G.L.Y
Yamo…U.G.L.Y. o­n The Run
Kraftwerk…Tour De France (Soundtrack)
Aux 88…The DJ
Joey Beltram…Jazz 3033
Mas 2008…Metamorphosis Of Electro
Aux 88 Meets Alien FM(edit.break)

King of Beat Elektro Phunk Mix
UFO – Kool Moe Dee
Bach to the Future – the Latin Rascals
Manuevers – Kieth Leblanc
Ill Come Up with Something – Kieth Leblanc
FRESH (instr) – Fresh 3 Mc’s
Who Is It (bonus beat) – Mantronix
No Sell Out – Malcolm X
King of the Beat – Pumpkin
Technology Works Dub – Kieth Leblanc
F4000 (instr) – The Fearless Four
Queen of Rox – Roxanne Shante
Uh! – Kieth Leblanc
Listen to the Bass – Mantronix
Daryl & Joe (instr) – Run DMC
Breaking Bells (Dub) – T LA Rock
Placin the Beat (instr) – Spyder D
Roxannes Groove – The Real Roxanne
Turbo Charged – Just Ice
Sucker MC’s – Run DMC
Breaking Bells (instr) – Crash Crew
Beat Box – the Art of Noise

elektro-metric mix
MAS 2008……………….U can´t Emulate a Soul
Bass 305………………..Techno Bass [Eurobass Mix]
Ice-T, The Glove & Dave Storrs…..Tebitan Jam (Instrumental)
The Bonus Beast ………No Hassle From The Man
Kraftwerk………………..Sex Object
Aux 88…………………..Interface
Bass 305….Pure Tone [Low Frequency Audio Version]
The Unknown DJ 808 Beats (Eight Hundred and Eight Beats)
Hashim………………………Primrose Path
World Class Wreckin’ Cru….He’s Bionic
Sawtooth………………..White Water
Professor X……………..Professor X (Saga)

KRAFTWERK mixer + [O[+=+]O] = BOOMBOX Series
KraftWerk – Aero Dynamik
KraftWerk – The Robots
10 Speed – Tour De France
KraftWerk – Sex Object
KraftWerk – Pocket Calculator
KraftWerk – Numbers / Computer World 2
KraftWerk – The Model
KraftWerk – The Telephone Call
KraftWerk – Elektro Kardiogramm (live)
KraftWerk – Tour De France Etape 2
KraftWerk – Tour De France (original mix)
KraftWerk – Tour De France (
KraftWerk – Home Computer
KraftWerk – It’s More Fun To Compute
KraftWerk – Trans Europe Express (live)
KraftWerk – Boing Boom Tschak / Techno Pop
KraftWerk – Mitternaught (Midnight)
KraftWerk – Autobahn

BBoy mixer + [O[+=+]O] = BOOMBOX Series
Unknown DJ – Basstronic
Synergy – Project 5
Unknown DJ – 808 Beats
Cybotron – Clear
More Jive Rhythm Trax – 116 BPM
Elektrik Funk – o­n A Journey (I Sing The Funk Electric)
Hashim – Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
Captain Rock – Captain Rock To The Future Shock
Nairobi – Funky Soul Makossa
Quadrant Six – Body Mechanic
Man Parrish – Man Made
Shannon – Give Me Tonight
Bose – Robo Cop
Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force – Renegades Of Funk
Dynamix II – Don’t Touch That Dial
Model 500 – I See The Light / Pick Up The Flow
Tenox & Editkut Mix
Extra T’s – E.T. Boogie .t
The Jazzie Ladies – Blowin’ Your Mind .t
The Jonzun Crew – Electro Boogie Encounter .t
CD III – Get Tough .t
THe B Boys – Two, Three, Break .t
The Tribe – Jungle Rock .t
Newcleus – Cyborg Dance .t
Junie Morrison – Techno Freqs .e
Cameo – Flurt .e
GrandMAster Funk Percussion All-stars – Dont Stop .e
Dolby’s Cube – Dolby’s Cube .e
Spyder-D – Smerphies Dance .e
Imperial Brothers – Dub it Up .e
CDIII – Success .e
Scorpio / Scraching By Jazzy Jay – (Go Micheal) Air Jordan .e
Key-Matic – Breakin’ In Space .e
MCADE – Bass Mechanic .t
Paul Hardcastle – Loitering With Intent .t
No Hassle From The Man – The Bonus Beast .t
Hashim – Chateau Vie (Castle Life) .t
Strafe – Set It Off .t
Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde – Scratch o­n Galaxy .e
Whodini – The Haunted House of Rock .e
Edgar Winter – Frankenstein .e

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