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Magabo – Live in Morocco

Magabo – Live in Morocco

Posted: 09 Jan 2006 19:35:46 +0000

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Now, Magabo is not a name you people will necessarily have heard of (well, unless you listened to my penultimate show of 2005 when I aired an exclusive mix from him – more of which later), but trust me this man is most definitely worth checking out. A american now residing in Brasil, Magabo is your quintessential journeyman DJ. He travels the world, sampling both locally bought music and field recording street musicians etc., and incorporating it all into his mixes. The end result is simply incredible: grime clashes with Moroccan saz samples; killer breaks mash with Brasilian MCs. Trust me, its a pretty damn nice listen.

So, as an introduction to the man?s styles I thought I?d link you up to this mix, which he recorded while travelling in Morocco. Taking in anything from Marvin Gaye to unreadable Arabic-credited cassettes he bought o­n the road, its a truly fantastic listen. Don?t sleep now!

Click here to download the mix! (60Mb)
Click here for the tracklisting!

Keep an eye o­n Magabo?s sites – and – for more info o­n the man himself. However the really great news is that ?Bo has been signed up by Wordsound, and will be releasing a mix through them sometime in the first quarter of this year.

Also, for those of you that heard his killer mix that he did for Rhythm Incursions while in town, you?ll be pleased to hear that it will be getting podcast towards the end of March. So, hit up the Rhythm Inc podcast feed and be sure to subscribe!

peace! full playlist > click more


1.  “Got to Give it Up (Part 1),” Marvin Gaye, Experienced Music Project presents Funk Blast!,

2. “Loose Lips,” Seiji, 12″,

3. “10 Dollar (Poj’s Cut Price Mix),” MIA,

4. Track from cassette labeled in arabic that I can’t read (sorry), Hassan Al Asmar,

5. Volt Riddim,

6. “Tá Pensando O Que,” MC Sapão, Tolerância Zero 2,

7. “Mega Tati,” Tati Quebra Barraco, Pitbull Bolado,

8. ?Tá Pensando O Que “Boladão,” DJ Phabyo, Tudo Dominado,

9. “Morrão Vidigal,” Mascote, Pittbull Cruel 2,

10. ?Sto. Amaro “Menor Boladão”,? DJ Juninho, Ta Dominado,

11. “Montagem CDD,” Cidinho e Doca, É Nós Mané,

12. “Galeras do Coleginho,” Comboio Irado da Furacão 2000, Furacão 2000 27 Anos Naçional,

13. “Tá Ligado,” ?, Funk Proibido Vila Kenedy,

14. “Aí Meu Nego Demorô,” MC Beth & MC LH, Pipo’s Vol. 9,

15. “Vacilou, Levou,” MC Galo, Proibidão Liberado,

16. Sonar Calibrado Baile Funk Riddim,

17. “Aumenta o Som,” ?, Funk Proibido Vila Kenedy,

18. “Sambadrome,? Funk ?n? Lata, Red, Hot + Rio,

19. “Saddam,” Slaughter Mob,

20. “Move Up To My Bumper,” Candice, Mix Up Riddim,

21. African Beat Riddim,

22. “Now Thing,” Sly & Lenky, Now Thing,

23. “Liquid Dub Remix,” Tino, Urban Revolutions,

24. “Baile Funk,” Bangalafumenga, CEP 20000 Trip Compilation,

25. “É Pra Valer,” Maga Bo feat. Piveti,

26. Sleng Teng Riddim,

27. “Call the Police,” John Wayne, Sleng Teng Riddim,

28. “Call the Police,” Beelow feat. David Banner,

29. “Cotidiano,” Marcelinho da Lua feat. Seu Jorge, Tranquilo,

30. “Crioula Colorida,” Jose Roberto, 7″,

31. “Super Legal,” Aricia Mess, Cabeça Coração,

32. “Rise Up,” Red Lion feat. Amon, Cape of Good Dope,

33. Mad Bleecker St. Hip Hop Form, ?,

34. “Mas Papaya,” Sidestepper, 3am (In Beats We Trust),

35. “Pula Na Muvuca,” Negaativas, Hip Hop Rio,

36. “Cut Chemist Suite,” Ozomatli, Masters of the 1 & 2,

37. “Maracatu Atômico (Ragga Mix),” Chico Science & Nação Zumbi, Afrociberdelia,

38. “Just You & I,” Dzihan & Kamien, A Six Degrees Collection: Arabian Travels,

39. “Row Like a Boat,” Beenie Man, Bad Company Riddim,

40. “Melike,” Burhan Ocal & The Tra, Arabia the Essential,

41. a track from a reggaeton mix I got off the internet,

42. a track from an egyptian cassette with a monkey dressed up as a sailor o­n the cover, sorry, still can’t read arabic,

43. “Vuli Ndlela (A Man Called Adam Mix),” Brenda Fassie, Remix Collection,

44. forro eletrônico desconhecido,

45. “Dormir Sonando,” El Gran Silencio,

46. “Egg Sample,” Ye’Solaar,

47. “Marijuana,” Playero 38,

48. “Magalenha,” Sergio Mendes, Brasileiro,

49. “Mironga de Moça Branca,” Clementina de Jesus, Gente da Antiga/Marinheiro Só,

mixed live by Maga Bo at Commando Digital Mobile, Fez, Morocco 5/30/05, 1:01:29 total time.

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