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1. ?Turntable Terrorist (Blood From Moss Side Rmx)? by Sonic Subjunkies (5:27)
Released in 1995 o­n the Digital Hardcore Recordings compilation Harder Than The Rest!!! When I first heard this song, it immediately became (for me) the rebellious yell of the DJ; a challenge to avoid conforming with all that had previously been done, to discover new (and perhaps terrible) ways to use the turntable. Perhaps I?m biased, but I think this track sounds as fresh today as it did a decade ago.
2. ?Sunday Bloody Sunday? by ®ᵪ (3:09)
This is some of the most brilliant production work I?ve ever heard. It certainly couldn?t have been easy to make it seem like President George W. Bush was singing the U2 song ?Sunday Bloody Sunday? (from the album War) ? and the result is quite astounding. More information regarding ®ᵪ can be found at:
3. ?Make Love F**k War? by Moby & Public Enemy (3:24)
This track, available o­n the Make Love F**k War CDSingle, is a brilliant meeting of pioneering minds: electronica?s Moby providing the beats and instrumentation while hip-hop?s Public Enemy supplies the rhymes. And, to boot, the track is catchy as hell; just listen to the intro sounds to confirm?
4. ?Heartworms? by Coil (7:16)
From the Foxtrot compilation (a radical reworking of the track of the same name from the Terra Serpentes compilation). While the music itself is entertaining, the lyrics to this song certainly make this memorable for me; the mantra-like chanting of these odd and strange statements.
5. ?Cook It Up (Headphone Science Version)? by Aesop Rock feat. P.F.A.C. (4:32)
The band Headphone Science remixed the entire Aesop Rock album Bazooka Tooth and the result was pure brilliance. The music shifts to a more Autechre-esqe sound while maintaining the original vocal intensity. You can download the entire remixed album from:
6. ?Come o­n My Selector (Remix by HØDj)? by Squarepusher feat. Aphex Twin & Boards Of Canada (6:52)
This was, without a doubt, the first production-based remix I did. If I?m not mistaken, it was done in 1997 ? when the radio station I was working for finally bought a dedicated production computer with sound manipulation programs. The base beats are taken from Squarepusher?s ?Come o­n My Selector? (off of the Big Loada album) with additional samples taken from an Aphex Twin song (can?t remember if it was Donkey Rhubarb or Ventolin) and Boards Of Canada?s ?The Colour Of Fire? (from Music Has The Right To Children).
7. ?Midnight In A Perfect World (J.S. Edit)? by DJ Shadow (4:34)
I absolutely adore this song and ? as a bonus to you ? decided to use the promo exclusive edit that DJ Shadow made of it. The full-length version is available o­n the album Endtroducing? Does any track have as cool as culmination and ending as this o­ne?
8. ?Sky Is Falling (Single Edit by HØDj)? by Blackalicious (2:29)
A lot of people thought Blackalicious? Blazing Arrow album was a failed follow-up to their debut, Nia. I, o­n the other hand, really enjoyed Blazing Arrow ? especially this track, ?Sky Is Falling?. The o­nly qualm I had was that all the tracks o­n the album were made to be gapless and seamless, flowing from o­ne to the next. The instrumental version of the album, though, didn?t do this. So, I just edited the beginning and end of the track from the Instrumental o­nto the Album Version? thus making a stand-alone Single Edit.
9. ?Bucky Done Gun (Remix by HØDj)? by M.I.A. feat. George W. Bush (3:19)
M.I.A.?s Arular album was nothing amazingly special, but the concept of Piracy Funds Terrorism (the remix album for Arular that she did with Diplo) made up for much of it. And then, she placed accapella versions of several tracks o­n the web for others to remix her work. Which I did. The music is from the track ?Beat Girl? by The John Berry Seven (it can be found o­n the excellent A Break From The Norm compilation).
10. ?Beatslope (Remix Of The Remix by Blockhead)? by Hangar 18 (3:26)
I love the retro feel of the music here, provided by the ever impressive Blockhead. Taken from the Beatslope 12″ Single, I think this version is superior to the o­ne presented o­n the Multi-Platinum Debut Album, which isn?t to say that it?s a bad version? I happen to like the album as a whole.
11. ?Life With Snarky Parker? by Despot (4:47)
This is from a split 12″ between The Weathermen and Despot. ?Life With Snarky Parker? (which sometimes gets referred to as ?Puppet o­n A String?) was produced by Blockhead, which probably has a lot to do with why I listen to it so much. I truly love the work Blockhead does. Beyond the involvement of Blockhead, the minimalism of the ?lyrics? makes them all the more important (or seemingly so). Plus, I have a sort of strange fascination with puppets.
12. ?Bucky Done Gun (Reprise) (Remix by HØDj)? by M.I.A. (1:54)
For a sense of completion, here?s the reprise to my remix of M.I.A.?s ?Bucky Done Gun? (original version o­n the Arular album). As with the main remix (track 9 o­n this compilation), the music is from the track ?Beat Girl? by The John Berry Seven (it can be found o­n the excellent A Break From The Norm compilation).
13. ?Good Time Roll (Remix by HØDj)? by RJD2 feat. The Cars and B.B. King (10:07)
This was a really easy remix to do, since RJD2 did all the heavy lifting (or, in this case, mixing). RJD2 did a live mix of Good Times Roll Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 (from The Horror and Dead Ringer respectively) with The Cars? Good Times Roll (from their self-titled debut) and B.B. King?s Let The Good Times Roll (from Let The Good Times Roll: The Music Of Louis Jordan) back in 2002 during The Def Jux Tour (the recording I have is from the Lowlands in The Netherlands). So I took those and resequenced in the album versions of Good Times Roll Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 to make a single megamix of the track.
14. ?Lords Of The Rhymes (Sauron?s Flying V Mix)? by Lords Of The Rhymes (3:22)
Everytime I hear this, I laugh my ass off. The concept of hobbits rapping is just too damn funny. Every Lord of the Rings fan should check these guys out, just for the name-dropping aspect alone. You can learn more about these guys at:
15. ?Six Days (Remix by HØDj)? by DJ Shadow feat. Mos Def (4:50)
I feel kinda bad placing so many of the remixes I?ve done in this compilation, but the truth is I do them to listen to. And, a lot of times, I end up listening to my remix more than the original tracks. This version of Six Days merges elements from the Album Version (from Private Press), the Instrumental and Remix Versions (from the Six Days CDSingle) and the Live Version (from the Live! In Tune & o­n Time DVD).
16. ?Points Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer? by Jay-Z & Linkin Park (4:55)
I?ll be honest and let you know that I?m not particularly fond of either Jay-Z or Linkin Park, but for some reason this official mash-up/collaboration (from the Collision Course Maxi-Single) holds my attention (as does the whole disc, actually).
17. ?Alphabet Aerobics (The Cut Chemist 2½ Minute Workout)? by Blackalicious (2:13)
There is no finer track to end a compilation o­n, in my opinion, than this o­ne. From the A2G EP, which is pretty much a must-own release.


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