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Classics Revisited

Classics Revisited
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15 songs, 1:09:19 total time, 96.2 MB
1. ?Where Do I Begin (awayTeam Mix)? by Shirley Bassey (5:35)
An appropriate first track, taken from the Shirley Bassey Remix Album: Diamonds Are Forever. The awayTeam do a great job of using lush instrumentation against Bassey?s fantastic voice, o­nly to throw a really mellow rhythm in that fits perfectly. A rare instance of a remixer not trying to over-ride the original tracks feel with their own; here we have something fresh that remains true to the initial output.
2. ?Hanging Round The Bee Tree / Wow (Instrumental) (Mixed by DJ Morpheus)? by The New Rotary Connection / Five Deez (3:57)
A lot of people love DJ Morpheus, but I?m not o­ne of them. I?ll admit he?s good, but the o­nly release I?ve ever heard of his that I loved was In My Bag, a truly mellow collection of oddities. This first track from the album, a mixing of The New Rotary Connection and The Five Deez, remains a highlight in my collection.
3. ?Speak Low (Bent Remix)? by Billie Holiday (4:21)
This track, available o­n the Verve Remixed 3 compilation, is another brilliant retooling of a classic. The title ?Speak Low? might not sound familiar to you, but when you hear Billie Holiday belting out the lyrics it will click in your mind. And Bent?s remix could?ve been the original for all the casual listener knows; that?s how clean and crisp it sounds.
4. ?Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix)? by Sarah Vaughan (4:40)
From the Verve Remixed 2 compilation. You can?t mistake the music for the original in the least, mainly since the song is so famous, but this rendition is quite striking and the classic structure meets glitch dance sound blends just right.
5. ?Sing, Sing, Sing (RSL Remix)? by Anita O?Day (6:07)
It takes a few moments for this remix to warm up, but o­nce it gets going it is quite memorable. Another track from the ever impressive Verve Remixed 3, the highlight is the improve sound given to the music while Anita O?Day scats? an impressive feat for an electronic producer to duplicate.
6. ?How Long Has This Been Going o­n (MJ Cole Remix)? by Carmen McRae (4:57)
From the first CD in the Verve Remixed series. MJ Cole, not o­ne of my fav musicians, does an admirable job here. While the music doesn?t quite fit, it does work. And Carmen McRae?s ever-memorable vocals make this is a fantastic listen, regardless of any shortcomings in the mix.
7. ?Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat?s Heavenly House Mix)? by Nina Simone (4:35)
Felix Da Housecat is a guilty pleasure of mine; I intellectually know his brand of house music shouldn?t be impressive, but something about always catches my attention. And, of course, ?Sinnerman? is o­ne of my favorite Nina Simone songs. It was like a marriage in Heaven for me. Wait ?til you hear the intro instrumentation; simple and elegant.
8. ?Big Spender (Wild Oscar Mix)? by Shirley Bassey (5:04)
I have no clue who Wild Oscar is; never heard of him outside of this mix. But what a mix it is. If Fatboy Slim were involved with this remix album then this is what his contribution would?ve sounded like. And I truly believe that Fatboy Slim is brilliant when it comes to this style of remix (listen to his track o­n the Moulin Rouge soundtrack if you doubt me).
9. ?Meditate? by Aretha Franklin & DJ Ian Head (2:29)
From the second ?side? of DJ Ian Head and Evolve o­ne?s amazing Soul Reborn mixtape. Using samples of Aretha Franklin, DJ Ian Head composing quite the interesting track. There?s something about the fact that it?s almost completely made of partial lyrics that makes me repeatedly listen to it.
10. ?Fidelity (Remix by Blockhead)? by Regina Spektor (4:30)
I don?t know anything about the singer, Regina Spektor, but she does have a beautiful voice and a great range. Blockhead, per usual, delivers some amazing beats and instrumentation. The original version of this song is available o­n Regina Spektor?s Begin To Hope album. This track, to the best of my knowledge, has never been officially released, but it certainly should be? Blockhead should do an entire album with Spektor.
11. ?Shut Your Mouth (Diplo Remix)? by 3rd Bass (4:11)
Another track that?s never been officially released, at least to the best of my knowledge. Dilpo gives his trypically South American flavor to this track, but it really works well here. The hushed tone of the vocals just blends into the primal nature of the beats. I?m not familiar with the original, to be honest, so I don?t know how much this truly differs?
12. ?State Of The Union? by Roberta Flack & Evolve o­ne (2:21)
Okay, so the opening of this track doesn?t quite feel right for this compilation. But, for some reason, I like the contrast of style thrown in here; ?rap? introduction and all. From the first ?side? of DJ Ian Head and Evolve o­ne?s amazing Soul Reborn mixtape.
13. ?Is You Or Is You Ain?t My Baby? (Rae & Christian Remix)? by Dinah Washington (4:58)
Another fantastic, classic song that could have been horribly maimed but instead came out sounding as fresh as it surely was when first released. The use of echo is a little overdone o­n the vocals, but the minimal nature of the music probably didn?t sound very good without the extra body the vocals are given with the effect. Regardless, it works.
14. ?Supernatural Thing? by DJ Bobby B (6:38)
15. ?Lift Off? by DJ Bobby B (4:56)
The last two tracks come from The Kottonmouth Kings? DJ Bobby B?s Diggin? In The Crates mixtape. The songs are an amalgalm of various tracks seemlessly strung together to form a cohesive whole. A truly amazing listen from a talented DJ


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