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David Holmes – The Free Association – Promo Mix 2005

David Holmes – The Free Association – Promo Mix 2005

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MF Doom Videos

MF Doom & M.F. Grimm “Show at BB King’s”
MF Doom “Deadbent”
MF Doom ft. Kurious
MF Doom “Mr Clean”
MF Doom “All Caps”


DJ Skandal & Amedabee “Hi-Tek vs. Madlib”

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Dr. Auratheft in da mix

Africa Wakbarr Volume 2.mp3   11.01.2006 69,8MB Africa Wakbarr Volume 2, A collection of Afrobeats, Funk & Ballads, mixed by Dr. Auratheft.
Freedom Inc.mp3   11.01.2006 70,5MB Freedom Inc., All That Jazz & Beyond, mixed by D. Auratheft.
Wareika Hill Jazz.mp3   11.01.2006 53,6MB Wareika Hill Jazz, Jamaican Space Jazz and Nyahbinghi, mixed by Dr. Auratheft.
Radio Baghdad Mix.mp3   01.12.2005 55,1MB Radio Baghdad, Re-release of the 2003 dub mix, mixed by Dr. Auratheft.

– AFRICA WAKBARR (Vol. II) > say : killer !!!

Okay, here?s another – requested – collection of African songs, funk tracks and ballads. Although the mixtape is compiled pretty much at random, some tracks were passed to me less randomly by my friend Fred de Vries, who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. He introduced me to local poet Lesego Rampolokeng and to the South African rap crew Skwatta Kamp. I think Rampolokeng?s THE HALF RANTHOLOGY (2002) is an awesome record ? his use of (free) jazz and reggae samples, combined with his vocal skills and a deep consciousness of social and historical issues leave you breathless. I am also impressed by the great Geraldo Pino. I had never heard of the guy, but Soundway records ( recently re-released two early seventies albums: LET?S HAVE A PARTY and AFRO SOCO SOUL LIVE. I think this music is cool, funky, direct and great to dance to. When Fela Kuti saw them play live he realized how his own band should sound. These songs are held together by some famous ballads like ?Aduna Jarul Naawo?, a couple of beautiful Ethiopian tracks (11 & 12) and pop friendly songs from Salif Keita and Keng Godefroy. Sobanza Mimanisa is o­ne of the Congotronics acts ? the surprise of this year. After releasing Konono last year, Belgian label Crammed Discs now released another compilation that includes nine bands from the urban jungles of Congo and Angola. Amazing stuff ? and there?s a wonderful dvd included! ( Perhaps this African collection is a little less psychedelic than Africa Wakbarr Volume I, yet it contains the greatest tunes.

1 Lesego Rampolokeng: Genetic Slave Rant (intro)
2 Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats: Man Pass Man
3 Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra: Che Che Cole Makossa
4 Orchestre Baobab: Aduna Jarul Naawo
5 Bembeya Jazz National: Ballake
6 Sorry Bamba: Porry
7 Sobanza Mimanisa: Kiwembo
8 Skwatta Kamp: All Around
9 Lesego Rampolokeng: Rap Ranting
10 Rob: Make It Fast/Slow
11 Cirma Beyene: Ene Negm Bay Manesh
12 Samuel Belay: Aynotchesh Yerefu
13 Orchestre Regional de Kayes: Nanyuman
14 Keng Godefroy: Bon Voyage
15 Salif Keita & Buju Banton: Ladji


Nyahbinghi music was mainly heard and performed as ?grounations?: meetings in Rastafarian camps such as The Dungle and Wareika Hill in Jamaica. The hand drumming and vocal chants are said to have descended from traditional African dances. In the fifties this music gained some attention when musicologists like Edward Seaga made field recordings of Nyahbinghi sessions. In this mix I have collected songs and instrumentals by legendary hand drummer Count Ossie (1926-1976), saxophonist Cedric ?Im? Brooks (1943) and others, like trombonist Rico Rodriguez, vocalist Roland Downer en organ wizard Jackie Mittoo. Their music had an enormous influence o­n later ska and reggae music. Nyahbinghi pioneer Count Ossie was a musical and spiritual genius. He died in 1976 in a weird accident during a cricket match in Kingston when a storm panicked the crowd. Much has been said about the religious basis of Nyahbinghi, however, o­nly few people realize this music also paid tribute to Sun Ra, whose free floating space jazz and singular mythology coincided perfectly with the Rastafarian perspective of Jamaican camp musicians. In a 2002 interview Cedric Brooks elaborated o­n this theme:
?I always wanted to do the jazz situation? In that period we got introduced to Ethiopian music? so my sound was different, with that Caribbean flavour which surprised people and which they liked. Then I met Sonny Rollins, who was actually my first influence. And we went to Sun Ra, which really got me right back into the whole kind of vibes, because they were playing jazz, but it was a mixture of all the jazz styles, because they had some really great musicians with them. The energy of the music expressed the philosophy Sun Ra was talking about. I was very much taken with that, I was over-awed by it. They had a discipline, and actually I was trying to get involved in it, but I had to wait to go through the steps that were necessary. When I left the US to come back home to Jamaica, I decided to pursue the music in that way of Sun Ra. We used to dress up in African robes and everybody thought we were crazy. And we went up to the hills, to play with Count Ossie. So o­n Sundays we would go up and do some jazz, with the drums and everything ? we just played, like a grounation situation?.

1 Count Ossie: Poem
2 Rico Rodriguez: Firestick
3 Cedric Im Brooks: Sabasi
4 Count Ossie: Ethiopian Serenade
5 Jackie Mittoo: Nature Boy
6 Cedric Im Brooks: Sound
7 Count Ossie: Poem
8 Prince Roland Downer: Ethiopian Kingdom
9 Count Ossie: Four Hundred Years
10 Cedric Im Brooks: Sabayindah
11 Al Vibrators: Move Up
12 Count Ossie: Blacker Black
13 Cedric Im Brooks: Sabebe
14 Dandy And His Group: East Of Suez
15 Count Ossie: Bongo Man
16 Prince Roland Downer: A Ju Ju Wah
17 Count Ossie: So Long
18 Cedric Im Brooks: Salt Lane Rock
19 Count Ossie: Poem


Recently I have been reading a couple of books o­n the history of jazz, like Robert Gottlieb?s (ed.) Reading Jazz (1997), Ted Gioia?s The History Of Jazz (1997), Ian Carr?s Miles Davis. The Definitive Biography (1982) and I re-read John Szwed?s marvellous biography of Sun Ra, Space Is The Place. The Lives and Times of Sun Ra (1997). The theme of ?soundtracks? struck me. When Katrina hit New Orleans I decided it was time to start reading some unread books from my library ? they had to be about jazz. Reading served as a mental soundtrack for the New Orleans events. I also played a lot of jazz and jazzy tunes in my house during that period ? they provided another soundtrack, this time to accompany the hours of reading. Anyway, this mixtape offers a jazzy atmosphere. Which brings me to the most important question and I need your advice o­n this: what?s the best biography of Charlie Parker? I?m about to buy o­ne, but I can?t figure out which o­ne. So please email me. Thanks.

1 Charles Mingus: Freedom
2 Charles Mingus: Il Bs Rza Bounce RMX
3 DJ Mitsu The Beats: Jazz (ft. Hunger)
4 Jazztronik: South Of The Border
5 Nicolas Repac: Billie In The Sky
6 Carmen McCrae: Just A Little Lovin? (GB RMX)
7 Nina Simone: Work Song
8 Vienna Art Orchestra: Hobo Ho
9 Gil Scott-Heron: Work For Peace
10 Lil Wayne: Shooter
11 Bassnectar: Blow
12 Wiley: Wot Do U Call It (Igloo RMX)
13 Trio de Janeiro: Look Out The Window
14 Monty Alexander: Monty?s Groove (ft. Sly & Robbie)
15 Lester Young & Billie Holiday: The Man I Love
16 Lester Young: Jumpin? At The Woodside
17 Dexter Gordon: Our Love Is Here To Stay
18 Blue Note Introduction

– Thanks For Spreading The Sound In 2005:

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United States of Audio 

United States of Audio
Settle Down Mix

United States of Audio1. Portishead, Revenge of the Number, Go Beat
2. TM Juke. Just for a Day, Tru Thoughts
3. De La Soul, Transmitting Live from Mars, Big Life
4. Future Sound of London, Smokin? Japanese Babe, Virgin
5. Butch Cassidy Sound System, The Putney, Red Hook
6. The Herbaliser Band, 40 Winks, Ninja Tune
7. Jon Kennedy, Dub, Tru Thoughts
8. Kraftwerk, Numbers, EMI
9. King Tubby, A Rougher Version, Trojan
10. King of Woolworths, Tone Poem, Mantra

United States of Audio
Wheels Instead of Hooves Mix

1. Hint, Count Your Blessings (Minotaur Shock mix), Hombre
2. Biz Markie, Vapors, Cold Chillin
3. Cut Chemist, Bunky's Pick, Stones Throw
4. DJ Shadow, Right Thing (Z-Trip mix), Mo Wax
5. Coldcut, Beats and Pieces, Ahead of our Time
6. Art of Noise, Close (to the edit), Island
7. Please, Sing a Simple Song, Street Beat
8. Advertising the Invisible, Hip Hop Phenomenon, Evil Genius
9. Schizoid-Man, Karate Juice, Heavenly
10. CD III, Get Tough, Prelude
11. Hexstatic, Bass Invader, Ntone
12. Tipper, Donut (Wagon Christ Mix), Fuel
13. Claro Intellecto, Peace of Mind, Ai
14. Primal Scream, JU-87, Creation
15. Keith Hudson, I'm All Right, Blood and Fire
16. Loes Lee, Personal Space (Dark Globe mix), Moving Target
17. Si Begg, Technology, Mute
18. Breath of Life, Birth Rise, KPM
19. Led Zepplin, Moby Dick, Atlantic
20. The Herbaliser, The Missing Suitcase, Ninja Tune
21. The Pointer Sisters, Pinball Number Count, Ninja Tune
22. Nightmares o­n Wax, Dread Overboard (DJ Food mix), Warp
23. Laurie Anderson, O Superman, Warner Bros
24. DJ Hype, The Trooper (Bizzy B mix), Suburban Base
25. DJ Shadow, You Can't Go Home Again, Mo Wax
26. Randall & Andy C, Sound Control, Ram
27. King of Woolworths, This is Radio Theydon, Mantra

BTTB-X-Series: United States of Audio >
Today United States of Audio returns to BTTB with a brand new
exclusive mix made especially for the show. United States of
Audio is a regular contributor to BTTB and has had mixes aired
on many other shows worldwide including several o­n Ninja Tune's
Solid Steel. This latest mix reflects his eclectic and diverse
taste and is a good example of the kind of set you can expect
when he plays out. United States of Audio is based in the city
 of Bath UK and plays out regularly in the city's bars and
clubs as well as in London and Bristol.
Check out his website where you can
listen to his Settle Down Mix.

United States Of Audio - "BTTB-Intro 3" (BTTB 2005)
Southside Break Crew - "Time To Rock The Party" (Swedish Brandy 2003)
Boca 45 - "Air Drums" (Hombre 2001)
EPMD - "So Watcha Sayin'" (Fresh 1989)
Steinski + Mass Media - "It's Up To You (Instrumental)" (Ninja Tune 1992)
Young Holt Trio - "Wack Wack" (Brunswick 1967)
Cash Money & Marvelous - "The Mighty Hard Rocker (Instrumental)" (Sleeping Bag 1988)
Edan - "Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme (acapella)" (Lewis 2004)
The Orb - "Perpetual Dawn" (Island 1991)
Original Concept - "Can U Feel It? 88!" (Def Jam 1988)
Coldcut - "Last Night A Cliche Saved My Life" (Ninja Tune 1998)
Martin Brew - "Sand Steppin" (Fat City 1999)
The Nilsmen - "The Sandstep" (RJR 196x)
Rufus Thomas - "Do The Funky Penguin (Part 2)" (Stax 1971)
Selectah - "Wede Man" (Hoody 1993)
James Brown - "Good Foot (Part 1)" (Polydor 1972)
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 - "Super Rappin'" (Enjoy 1979)
DJ Dren - "Old Skoolin Part 2" (33Throwdown 2004)
De La Soul - "A Roller Skate Jam Named Saturday (Disco Fever Mix)" (Tommy Boy 1991)
Jackie Wilson - "Light My Fire" (Brunswick 1969)
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - "Creator (Instrumental)" (Elektra 1991)
LL Cool J - "Illegal Search" (Def Jam 1989)
Young MC - "Know How (Instrumental)" (Delicious Vinyl 1989)
Time Zone - "The Wildstyle" (Celluloid 1983)
The Ballistic Brothers - "Peckings" (Junior Boys Own 1995)
Sugarloaf Gangsters - "Samba Swat" (G.A.M.M. 2005)
DJ Food - "Importance Of Body Rhythm" (Ninja Tune 1992)
DJ Prao-D + Boogie B - "Breaks Seminar pt. 6" (G.A.M.M. 2005)
DJ Revolution - "Juggle Me (Part 2)" (Ground Control 2000)
Bonobo - "Pick Up" (Ninja Tune 2003)

Back to the Basics (2004-05-18) ... Playlist
Back to the Basics (2003-05-07) ... Playlist
Solid Steel (2005-04-04) ... Playlist
Body Mix - Solid Steel (2004-03-29) ... Playlist
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Numbers Mix - Solid Steel (2003-02-03) ... Playlist
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Z-Trip Live @ ….

[SND] DJ Z-Trip – Live at Uprock in Austin TX – 11-08-2001.mp3   
[SND] DJ Z-Trip – Live at the Beta Lounge – 05-18-2001.mp3       
[SND] DJ Z-Trip – Live at the Seattle Tasty Show – 10-21-2000.mp3
[SND] DJ Z-Trip and DJ P – Groovetech 12-7-2000.mp3              
[SND] DJ Z-Trip and DJ P Uneasylistening.mp3                   
[SND] DJ Z-Trip and Emile – Hip-Hop Mix – 02-12-1999.mp3         
[SND] The Bombshelter DJs – The Baltic Room.mp3                
[SND] Z-Trip – WFNX.mp3                                          
[SND] Z-Trip SF_Fillmore_10_17_01.mp3                            
[SND] Z-Trip and Radar – Houstons pt1 (Seattle) – 7.15.2000.mp3  
[SND] Z-Trip and Radar – Houstons pt2 (Seattle) – 7.15.2000.mp3  
[SND] Z-Trip and Radar – Houstons pt3 (Seattle) – 7.15.2000.mp3  

mor3 >

[SND] DJ Z-Trip – The Unknown side 1.mp3     19-Jan-2005 17:09  64.3M 
[SND] DJ Z-Trip – The Unknown side 2.mp3     19-Jan-2005 18:23  61.2M 
[SND] Z-Trip – Live at Ucla – 05-30-2003.mp3 19-Jan-2005 17:46  64.9M 
[SND] Z-Trip – Slow Motion – Side A.mp3      19-Jan-2005 16:26  27.7M 
[SND] Z-Trip – Slow Motion – Side B.mp3      19-Jan-2005 16:33  27.5M 
[SND] Z-Trip-B-BoyBreaks-vol3-sideA.mp3      19-Jan-2005 16:21  41.4M 
[SND] Z-Trip-B-BoyBreaks-vol3-sideB.mp3      19-Jan-2005 16:33  47.8M 
[SND] z-trip_-_motown_breakdown_part1.mp3    19-Jan-2005 16:39   8.1M 

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String vibe - plastyc buddha
Rouge Rouge - Tricoter
Paine - Bene
The Dining Rooms - La Citta nuda
Bonobo - Pick Up
War of the worlds - The Eve of the War
Labi Siffre - I got the...
Zodiacs - Rough Nut
MURS - You & I
LCD Soundsystem - Beat Connection
Hilltribe - SOS
Angie Stone - Wish I didn't Miss You Anymore (Nuffwish)
Take Rodriguez and his exotic Arkestra - Hali Hali

Baby Mammoth           - Blind Date (Dublex In. remix)
Williams Traffic      - Rainbow Dub
Digital Midgets      - Syntonic
N.O.H.A           - Balkan Hot Step / O.D.B. - Shimmy Shimmy Ya
Ursula 1000          - That Hindu That You Do
Mawglee               - Sing Pretty
Four Tet          - As Serious As Your Life
Blockhead          - Carnivores Unite / Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson - H20 Gate Blues
John Barry          - A View To A Kill
DJ Food               - Minitoka / Quantic - In The Key Of Blue (Natural Self Mix)

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Something wicked this way comes : killer essential mixes

DJ Shadow – 30th March 2003

What the fuck! Radio 1’s website conveniently seems to miss this o­ne out, despite having all the others for this year! Never mind, eh…..

Anyway…. the mix….. well, sort of split down the middle, with loads of hip hop for the first hour and then goes into older, more obscure tracks for the second half. A good mix and a must for any DJ Shadow fan.

Download – 168,430Kb, 119m 46s.

Unkle Sounds – 6th January 2002

Woohoo! I actually found a tracklisting….. not had much luck with that today. What can I say, it’s an Unkle mix set. If you like Unkle and haven’t got it already, you need it. If you’ve already got Big Brother is Watching you might not want to bother as it’s the same mix.

Yeah, that pissed me off to say the least when I bought it!

Unkle Sounds – Intro (Acetate)
Unkle Ft Richard Ashcroft – ‘Lonely Years (Unkle Sounds Edit)’ (Acetate)
Unkle Sounds – Interlue # 1
Georgio Moroder – ‘Song For My Father’ (White Label)
DJ Shadow – ‘Organ Donor’ (Mo’Wax)
DJ Shadow – ‘Organ Doner (remix)’ (Mo-Wax)
Unkle Sounds – Intrerlude # 2
DMX ‘Who We Be’ with Tears for Fears ‘Shout’
Queens of the Stone Age – ‘Feel Good Hit Of the Summer’ (Interscope)
Unkle – ‘Untitled’ (Acetate)
Unklesounds – Interlude # 3
Kraftwerk – ‘Numbers’ with Whitney Houston ‘ I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ (Acetate)
Howie B – ‘Hey Jack’ (Polydor)
Beatles – ‘Tomorrow Never Knows (Unklesounds Edit)’ (Acetate)
Mercury Rev – ‘Holes (Unknown Edit)’ (Acetate)
Forne -‘Percussive Thinking’ (Acetate)
Bushwacka – ‘The Egyptian’ (Plank)
MeatKatie – ‘Untitled’ (Acetate)
Lee Burbidge – ‘Found’ (White Label)
Halo – ‘Dark Clouds’ (White Label)
Kevin Swain + Clive Henry – ‘Underground Sound’ (Acetate)
Peace Division – ‘Seriously Twisted’ (Low recordings)
Mode – ‘Ludovicos Technique’ (New Religion)
Radiohead – ‘Everything In it’s Right Place (Unkle Sounds Edit)’ (Acetate)
Layo + Bushwacka – ‘Untitled’ (Acetate)
Fleetwood Mac – ‘The Chain’ (Acetate)
John Lennon – ‘Instant Karma’ (Apple)
Unkle Sounds – Outro (Acetate)

Download – 168,430Kb, 120m 10s.

Krafty Kuts – 27th February 2005

Krafty Kuts used to be my hero, but unfortunately he seems to have changed direction a bit and I’m not so keen now. That said, I think I’ve got to stick this o­n my iPod and have a few more listens to it before my final judgement. The first 20 minutes had me bouncing about in my chair but I got a bit bored after that and didn’t listen much further, but having just flicked through it and checked the tracklisting I think I might have been a bit too hasty. For o­ne I’ve just heard o­ne of the tracks which takes me back to a very nice night out (though I’m not sure which o­ne, think it might have been at The Glade a few weeks ago), think it’s Alex Dolby, Hazy Way, about 90 minutes in, pure ecstasy 😉 Sort of gets me thinking of Angel’s go Bald crossed with Layo and Bushwacka. Anyway, it’s definitely recommended to be worth the download, can never have too much Krafty.

Krafty Kuts – ‘Intro’ (Against The Grain)
Suzanne Vega – ‘Tom’s Diner’ [Accapella] (A&M)
Evil 9 – ‘Crooked’ [Bassbin Twins Mix] (Marine Parade)
Alter Ego – ‘Rocker’ [Stanton Warriors Mix] (Skint)
Tim Deluxe & Krafty Kuts – ‘Angry Dragons’ (Against The Grain)
Detroit Grand Pubahs – ‘Sandwiches’ [Accapella] (Jive)
Prodigy – ‘Spitfire’ [Future Funk Squad Mix] (XL)
Uptown Connection – ‘System Senegal’ [Koma & Bones Mix] (Inflight Entertainment)
Atomic Hooligan – ‘Just o­ne More’ (Botchit & Scarper)
Doug Lazy – ‘Let It Roll’ [Accapella] (Atlantic)
Krafty Kuts – ‘Uptight’ [Krafty Edit] (Deep Cut recordings)
Tricknology 8 – ‘Groove’ (White)
Unknown – ‘Cassius Groove’ (White)
Test Tube Baby – ‘Dismissed’ [Paul Rincon Remix] (Tenor Recordings)
Coloursound – ‘Fly With Me’ [Krafty Kuts Edit Mix] (City Rockers)
Frantique – ‘Strut Your Funky Stuff’ [Krafty Kuts Vocal Edit] (Phillydelphia Int.)
Brick – ‘Living From The Mind’ [Krafty Kuts Edit Loop] (Bang Records)
Krafty Kuts & A.Skillz – ‘Gimme The Breaks’ [Accapella] (Finger Lickin’)
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulfonic Force – ‘Planet Rock’ (Tommy Boy)
Hijack – ‘The Badman Is Robin’ [Accapella] (Epic)
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulfonic Force – ‘Looking For The Perfect Beat’ (Tommy Boy)
Jonzun Crew – ‘Pac Jam’ (Tommy Boy)
Willesdon Dodgers – ‘Jive Rhythm Tracks’ (Jive)
2 Live Crew – ‘Me So Horny’ (Luke Skywalker)
Miami Sound Machine – ‘Dr. Beat’ [Krafty Kuts Edit] (Epic)
Junior Jack – ‘E-Samba’ [Accapella] (Deffected)
Warp 9 – ‘Light Years Away’ (Island)
Boricua All Stars – ‘Boricua House Party’ (Howlin Records)
Michael Jackson – ‘Billie Jean’ [Instrumental] (Epic)
D-Train – ‘You’re The o­ne For Me’ [Krafty Kuts Edit] (Epic)
ETA – ‘Ayia Napa’ [Instrumental] (FX)
Funkobots – ‘Surely Shot’ (CDR)
Drumatic Twins – ‘Sticky’ (Fingerlickin)
Mylo – ‘Drop The Pressure’ [Future Funk Squad Mix] (Breatsfed)
Zed and Mr. B – ‘It’s About Time’ (Streetwise)
Atomic Hooligan – ‘U Know U Feel This’ (CDR)
Afrika Bambaataa – ‘Get Up And Dance’ [Accapella] (
Alex Dolby – ‘Hazy Way’ [Evil 9 Remix] (Mantra Breaks)
Artist Unknown – ‘Hyper Luvs The Hives’ (CDR)
Rennie Pilgrem – ‘Gladiator’ [Rennie’s Gonzo Mix] (TCR)
Friendly – ‘The Bump ‘n’ Grind’ [Krafty Kuts Remix] (Fat Records)
Plump DJs – ‘Get Kinky’ (Finger Lickin’)
Breakfastasz – ‘Lift Me Up’ (Against The Grain)
Scam – ‘Put Up Your Hands’ (Deep Cut Recordings)

Download – 167,083Kb, 118m 48s

DJ Yoda and Greenpeace – 22nd June 2003
This mix marked the release of the Yoda and Greenpeace album Unthugged and is pretty much what you’d expect from them, a huge tracklist, cutting up all sorts of genres and blending them like it’s the way they were meant to be. Another unmissable Essential Mix.

45 King – Pop Up
Dan Greenpeace – Unthugged Intro
Hefti – Batman Theme
Visioneers – The World Is Yours
Big Scoob – Kryptonite
Magik Most – Magik’s Theme
The Demigodz – Demigodz
The Muppets – Mahna-Mahna
Serge Gainsbourg – Je T’aime
Positive K – A Good Combination
Gunther Kallmann – Daydream
50 Cent – In The Club
Bounty Killer – Just Dead
Beyonce – In The Club
50 Pence – In The Pub
Dangermouse – Toms Diner
DJ Yoda – Yoda’s Theme
Si Spex – Fly Like A Seagull
Cocoa Brovaz – Super Brooklyn inst
The Nextmen – Hi Score inst
Bonecrusher – Never Scared inst
Deadprez – Hip-Hop
Ganja Kru – Super Sharp Shooter
Unknown – Super Sharp Izzo
The Streets – Don’t Mug Yourself inst
DJ Yoda – Yoda’s o­ne Man Band
The Roots – Thought At Work
Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You inst
De La Soul – Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays
Sugarhill Gang – Sugarhill Groove
Pieces of a Dream – Mt. Airy Groove
Malcolm McLaren – Buffalo Girls
Eminem – Without Me
Dan Greenpeace – Greenpeace’s Break
Biz Markie – o­ne Two
Miaow Mix – Commercial
Cassetteboy – Joliver
Word Association – Return To The Playground
Lord Finesse – You Know What I’m About
Scooby Doo – Theme
Michael Jackson – Bille Jean inst
Big Daddy Kane – Raw acc
Michael Jackson vs DJ Kool – Let Me Clear My Billie Jean
Scram Jones – Jackson Jacker
Michael Jackson vs Q Tip – Breathe Don’t Stop
Michael Jackson – Rock With You inst
Ultramagnetic MCs – Poppa Large acc
Ugly Duckling – Indonesia
SWV – Right Here (Human Nature Mix)
Mister Cee – Where Brooklyn At
Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell
Arno Vanucci – I Want You Off The Books
Outkast – ATLiensn inst
Michael Jackson and Vince Price – Thriller
DJ Yoda – How To Do An Intro
DJ EQ – Death Of Hip-Hop
Coldcut – Beats and Pieces
Janis Joplin – Mercedes Benz
Country Mike – Country Delight
The Soggy Bottom Boys – I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow
Eric Weissberg – Duelling Banjos
Rob Swift – The Ablist inst
The Specials – A Message To You Rudy
Smiley Culture – Police Officer
I Kamanchi – Ultimate
Bobby Caldwell – Open Your Eyes
Common – The Light
Jeru The Damaja – Come Clean
Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme
Nanette Workman – Lady Marmalade
Stevie Wonder – If You really Love Me
45 King – Pop Up

Download – 164,731Kb, 120M 01s

Freestylers – 8th February 1998

Hard to believe how old this mix is, but you can sort of hear it’s age, it’s sort of got a bit of a cheesy, big beat thing going o­n. The Freestylers have changed direction somewhat since they started off. It’s funky as hell though, when I first got it I ended up listening to it constantly for like a week.

Bleaden – “Hitchhikers Guide” (Original)
Beenie Man – “Who Am I” (Greensleeves)
Danny Reo – “Room Wize” (Columbia)
Ninja Man/Flourgen – “Zip It Up” (Sure Delight)
Freestylers – “B-Boy Stance” (Freekanova)
Budbrothers – “Do You Wanna” (white label)
Funkzm – “Boogie Butt Sounds” (Reel Vybe)
Eric B And Rakim – “Juice” (Soul/MCA)
Bowser – “I Need More Time” (Freekanova)
Whodini – “Magic’s Wand” (white label)
Cut And Paste – “Let’s Go Disco” (white label)
artist unknown – “Funky 4 U” (white label)
artist unknown – “Petal” (Indolent)
Bowser – “Operation Hardheat” (Freekanova)
Damage Control – “Da Pumped Up Phunk” (Afro Wax)
Double G – “untitled” (white label)
Pick ‘N’ Mixed – “Twisted Ska” (white label)
artist unknown – “El Magnfioo” (white label)
Soul Hooligan – “Sweet Pea” (Freekanova)
Wil Shaker – “Made Up Of This And That” (Sophisticuts)
Star And Garter – “Blimey” (Easy DB)
Freestylers – “Drop Tha Boom” (Scratch City)
Freestylers – “Don’t Stop The Rock” (Music Specialists)
Freestylers – “Don’t Stop” (Scratch City)
Information Society – “Running” (Tommy Boy)
Bowser – “Let Ya Body Funk” (Freekanova)
DJ Funk Roc – “My Beat Box” (white label)
Isunamioe – “Number 43 With” (Fuel)
Freestylers – “Spaced Invader” (Freekanova)
Freestylers – “Check Da Ski” (Freekanova)
The Fall – “Masquerade” (white label)
DJ Poout – “Let The Bass Mix” (white label)
Dance Conspiracy – “Dub War” (Matamorhasis)
Genuwn – “Holler” (white label)
John Williams – “Throne Room From Star Wars” (20th Century)
Public Enemy – “Bring The Noise” (Def Jam)
Chemical Brothers – “Leave Home” (Virgin)
Blapps – “Don’t Hold Back” (Tribal Bass)
Godeoo – “Birth Of The Odessy” (BBC)

Download Part 1 – 69,982Kb, 59m 43s
Download Part 2 – 70,255Kb, 59m 57s

!_mixed_! FAVORITES

Download some great Mixes … Avalanches, Hexstatic,Freddy Fresh, Unkle, Mr Scruff

The Avalanches 12th September 2001

This is the first of three Avalanches Breezeblock mixes doing the rounds, though this is the o­ne that’s really special. I’ve had this mix for years, listened to it countless times and it still manages to send shivers down my spine every time I hear it. Some of the mixes in it are just ridiculously uplifting.

The Avalanches – “Since I Left You” (Modular)
Madonna – “Holiday” (Sire)
Bob Dylan – “Like A Rolling Stone” (CBS)
The Avalanches – “Stay Another Season” (Modular)
The Avalanches – “Two Hearts In 3/4 Time” (Modular)
Blowfly – “Rapp Dirty” (House Of Funk)
De La Soul – “A Rollerskating Jam Named Saturdays” (Tommy Boy)
Ol’ Dirty Bastard – “Baby Got Ya Money” (Elektra)
Roy Ayers – “Running Away” (Polydor)
Kid Creole And The Coconuts – “Stool Pidgeon” (Ze Wip)
The Avalanches – “Close To You” (Modular)
Jimi Hendrix – “Crosstown Traffic” (Polydor)
Cyndi Lauper – “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (Portrait)
Thomas Bangalter – “Turbo” (Roulé)
The Smiths – “The Boy With The Thorn In His Side” (Rough Trade)
Slum Village – “Raise It Up” (Source)
Men At Work – “Land Down Under” (Epic)
De La Soul – “Ring Ring Ring” (Tommy Boy)
The Avalanches – “Electricity” (Modular)
A Tribe Called Quest – “Electric Relexation” (Jive 1993)
Daft Punk – “Oh Yeah” (Virgin)
Detroit Grand Pubas – “Sandwiches” (Jive)
Hall & Oates – “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” (RCA)
Fatboy Slim – “Fatboy Slim Is fucking In Heaven” (Skint)
The Beatles – “Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club” (Parlophone)
Jurassic 5 – “Jayou” (Interscope)
Deee Lite – “Groove Is In The Heart” (Elektra)
The Avalanches – “Little Journey” (Modular)
The Avalanches – “Diners o­nly” (Modular)
The Avalanches – “A Different Feeling” (Modular)
The Avalanches – “Pablos Cruise” (Modular)
Michael Jackson – “Billy Jean” (Epic)
Instant Funk – “I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get it Girl)” (Salsoul 1979)
Electric Light Orchestra – “Living Thing” (Epic)
Mike Curb Congregation – “Mickey Mouse March” (Disneyland 1975)
Michael Wycoff – “Looking Up To You” (RCA 1982)
Fern Kinney – “Together We Are Beautiful” (WEA)
The Avalanches – “Tonight May Have To Last Me All My Life” (Modular)
Fleetwood Mac – “Dreams” (Warner)

Thanks to this site who I ponced the tracklisting from.

Download – 31,100Kb, 33m 10s

Freddy Fresh – 1st June 1999???
I can’t find the tracklisting for this o­ne (anyone?). This o­ne’s a cool funky mix, a bit cheesy at times but you just know you’d be loving it if you were hearing it live.


Download – 25,785kb, 27m 30s

Hexstatic – 21st August 2000

Not that many tracks in this o­ne by comparison to some but they’re all absolutely stunning. Another classic Breezeblock.

Hexstatic – Ahead Of Our Time (N Tone)
Chicken Lips – You Need A Medic (Kingsize)
Unsung Heroes – Daily Intake (White Label)
Hexstatic – Robopop (N Tone)
The Micronauts – The Jag (Virgin)
Organic Audio – Always The Sun (Tummy Touch)
Newcleus – Jam o­n Revenge (Regal)
Organic Audio – This Could Really Happen (Tummy Touch)

Download – 27,962kb, 29m 49s

Lo Fidelity Allstars – 16th October 2001

This set’s a live recording at the BBC’s Maida Vale studios, consisting solely of the own Lo Fi’s material. You’ve just got to love someone who scratches samples from Willy Wonka into their tracks 🙂

Lo Fidelity Allstars – The All, The All
Lo Fidelity Allstars – Battleflag
Lo Fidelity Allstars – Sleeping Faster
Lo Fidelity Allstars – Don’t Be Afraid
Lo Fidelity Allstars – Dark Is Easy
Lo Fidelity Allstars – What U Want
Lo Fidelity Allstars – Lo Fi’s In Ibiza
Lo Fidelity Allstars – Disco Machine Gun / Bootsy Call

Download – 49,398kb, 52m 41s

Unkle vs Scratch Perverts – some time in 1999?

James Lavelle, Tony Vegas, Prime Cuts and 5 decks.

Couldn’t for the life of me find a tracklist for this, though there’s nothing too obscure o­n there so might try and list them myself sometime. It’s largely made up of tracks off Psyence Fiction so shouldn’t be too hard. Not sure o­n it’s exact date, but when it’s introduced it says it’s around the time ‘Be there’ was released which I think was sometime in 1999. Highlight of the mix has to be a remix of that track, typical Lavelle remix – absoultely rocks.

Download – 86,989kb, 60m 24s.

Mr Scruff – unknown date

There have been a few other Mr Scruff Breezeblocks but their tracklists don’t suit the mix, think this o­ne’s quite old and the archives o­n Radio 1’s website o­nly go back to 2002.

It’s a pretty good eclectic mix and worth a listen if just for the little adverts interspersed throughout it prompting companies like The Seventies Freezer Center, Morecabme, Chelmsford Erotic Telephone Banking and Shower Jazz (which sounds like it could possibly be more entertaining than any of these mix sets).

Download – 72,656Kb, 60m 32s.