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United States of Audio 

United States of Audio
Settle Down Mix

United States of Audio1. Portishead, Revenge of the Number, Go Beat
2. TM Juke. Just for a Day, Tru Thoughts
3. De La Soul, Transmitting Live from Mars, Big Life
4. Future Sound of London, Smokin? Japanese Babe, Virgin
5. Butch Cassidy Sound System, The Putney, Red Hook
6. The Herbaliser Band, 40 Winks, Ninja Tune
7. Jon Kennedy, Dub, Tru Thoughts
8. Kraftwerk, Numbers, EMI
9. King Tubby, A Rougher Version, Trojan
10. King of Woolworths, Tone Poem, Mantra

United States of Audio
Wheels Instead of Hooves Mix

1. Hint, Count Your Blessings (Minotaur Shock mix), Hombre
2. Biz Markie, Vapors, Cold Chillin
3. Cut Chemist, Bunky's Pick, Stones Throw
4. DJ Shadow, Right Thing (Z-Trip mix), Mo Wax
5. Coldcut, Beats and Pieces, Ahead of our Time
6. Art of Noise, Close (to the edit), Island
7. Please, Sing a Simple Song, Street Beat
8. Advertising the Invisible, Hip Hop Phenomenon, Evil Genius
9. Schizoid-Man, Karate Juice, Heavenly
10. CD III, Get Tough, Prelude
11. Hexstatic, Bass Invader, Ntone
12. Tipper, Donut (Wagon Christ Mix), Fuel
13. Claro Intellecto, Peace of Mind, Ai
14. Primal Scream, JU-87, Creation
15. Keith Hudson, I'm All Right, Blood and Fire
16. Loes Lee, Personal Space (Dark Globe mix), Moving Target
17. Si Begg, Technology, Mute
18. Breath of Life, Birth Rise, KPM
19. Led Zepplin, Moby Dick, Atlantic
20. The Herbaliser, The Missing Suitcase, Ninja Tune
21. The Pointer Sisters, Pinball Number Count, Ninja Tune
22. Nightmares o­n Wax, Dread Overboard (DJ Food mix), Warp
23. Laurie Anderson, O Superman, Warner Bros
24. DJ Hype, The Trooper (Bizzy B mix), Suburban Base
25. DJ Shadow, You Can't Go Home Again, Mo Wax
26. Randall & Andy C, Sound Control, Ram
27. King of Woolworths, This is Radio Theydon, Mantra

BTTB-X-Series: United States of Audio >
Today United States of Audio returns to BTTB with a brand new
exclusive mix made especially for the show. United States of
Audio is a regular contributor to BTTB and has had mixes aired
on many other shows worldwide including several o­n Ninja Tune's
Solid Steel. This latest mix reflects his eclectic and diverse
taste and is a good example of the kind of set you can expect
when he plays out. United States of Audio is based in the city
 of Bath UK and plays out regularly in the city's bars and
clubs as well as in London and Bristol.
Check out his website where you can
listen to his Settle Down Mix.

United States Of Audio - "BTTB-Intro 3" (BTTB 2005)
Southside Break Crew - "Time To Rock The Party" (Swedish Brandy 2003)
Boca 45 - "Air Drums" (Hombre 2001)
EPMD - "So Watcha Sayin'" (Fresh 1989)
Steinski + Mass Media - "It's Up To You (Instrumental)" (Ninja Tune 1992)
Young Holt Trio - "Wack Wack" (Brunswick 1967)
Cash Money & Marvelous - "The Mighty Hard Rocker (Instrumental)" (Sleeping Bag 1988)
Edan - "Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme (acapella)" (Lewis 2004)
The Orb - "Perpetual Dawn" (Island 1991)
Original Concept - "Can U Feel It? 88!" (Def Jam 1988)
Coldcut - "Last Night A Cliche Saved My Life" (Ninja Tune 1998)
Martin Brew - "Sand Steppin" (Fat City 1999)
The Nilsmen - "The Sandstep" (RJR 196x)
Rufus Thomas - "Do The Funky Penguin (Part 2)" (Stax 1971)
Selectah - "Wede Man" (Hoody 1993)
James Brown - "Good Foot (Part 1)" (Polydor 1972)
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 - "Super Rappin'" (Enjoy 1979)
DJ Dren - "Old Skoolin Part 2" (33Throwdown 2004)
De La Soul - "A Roller Skate Jam Named Saturday (Disco Fever Mix)" (Tommy Boy 1991)
Jackie Wilson - "Light My Fire" (Brunswick 1969)
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - "Creator (Instrumental)" (Elektra 1991)
LL Cool J - "Illegal Search" (Def Jam 1989)
Young MC - "Know How (Instrumental)" (Delicious Vinyl 1989)
Time Zone - "The Wildstyle" (Celluloid 1983)
The Ballistic Brothers - "Peckings" (Junior Boys Own 1995)
Sugarloaf Gangsters - "Samba Swat" (G.A.M.M. 2005)
DJ Food - "Importance Of Body Rhythm" (Ninja Tune 1992)
DJ Prao-D + Boogie B - "Breaks Seminar pt. 6" (G.A.M.M. 2005)
DJ Revolution - "Juggle Me (Part 2)" (Ground Control 2000)
Bonobo - "Pick Up" (Ninja Tune 2003)

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