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Dub Session Dubcast – Welcome to DubRock

Welcome to Dubrock! (version 1.0)

This first DubRock version begins with a Hendrix / Zeppelin / Truby Trio – Boozoo blend. Then we dub the remix with the Spacemonkeys, Gotan Project, and the Thievery Corporation. Next we take a trip to the moon with a remix of the Police’s Walking o­n The Moon and an Easy All Stars reggae version of Breathe from the Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon. We get a triple set rocker from John Brown’s Body, The Samples covering John Lennon’s “Watching the Wheels,” and Boozoo Bajou featuring Joe Dukie. Then we bring in Common and the Marley brothers Damian, Steven and Ziggy to close the show and lay down some lovers rock vibes for the ladies.Special thanks to Marie Juana from Buenos Iries for the voice-overs!

Playlist 01 Hendrix Zeppelin Meets Truby Trio (Boozoo Bajou version) DJChillWill edit
              02 Spacemonkeys vs. Gorillaz (Punk’d Remix)
              03 Gotan Project Meets The Mad Professor (DJChillWill Mashup) El Capitalismo Foreano
              04 Abductions (Thievery Corp. version)
              05 Dynomite (Fila Brazilia – Brazillified 2 version)
     The Powersteppers – Dub Session bumper               06 Police – Walking o­n The Moon (phat Drum & Bass version)
              07 Big Youth – Waterhouse Rock (Groove Corp version)

              08 Spacemonkeys vs. Gorillaz – Rise Up
              09 The Bush Chemists – Light Up Your Spliff                10 Pink Floyd – Breathe  (Easy All Stars version from Dub Side of The Moon)
              11 Bread – John Brown’s Body

              12 Watching The Wheels – John Lennon (The Samples reggae version)

              13 Take It Slow – Boozoo Bajou featuring Joe Dukie and U Brown

              14 Pimpers Paradise – Bob Marley – Common, Stephen and Damien Marley version

              15 Drive –  – Ziggy Marley Version

              16 Outro – Mad Professor radioactive edit (DubSession rew

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