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the american dj comes up with a swiftly executed and devastatingly effective musical counter strike against the re-election of the world?s least favourite leader. the mix combines more commercial us productions (opening with baby boy and finding room for terror squad?s anthemic lean back) with the usual /rupture mash up of breakcore, gabba, jungle and general intense, nose bleeding noise. as a gesture to us army interrogation techniques, someone really ought to shut george bush in a steel container and play this to him at full volume until his head explodes or he experiences a sudden conversion to grime and breakcore. a crazed scream interrupts the most laid back, down tempo part of the mix: don?t relax or the republicans might get away with even more than they already have.

the break beats are interspersed with evocative classics (like the honeydrippers impeach the president) and snatches of lyrics ? ?i?m not your typical american? intones o­ne mc, just before the music breaks down into distortion and frantic hardcore. perhaps the most heartening thing for the uk listener is the number of british productions and mcs involved in the mix. highlights from this side of the pond include the bizzle?s forward riddim (someone should bring the arms house to george bush?s mum?s house), lady sovereign doing her excellent ?ch ching? thing and the crazy deathsucker release murder dem which twists a dancehall version of israelites into manic ragga jungle. jamaican sounds are well represented with /rupture?s own sister nancy collaboration little more oil coming through strongly and there?s also room for the all time reggae classic, willie williams armagideon time. we hope the apocalypse isn?t really imminent but, in the circumstances, it?s a fair point ? the battle is getting hotter and a lot of people won?t get no justice tonight.

dj /rupture plays in london at 93 feet east, sunday 21 november 2004. this mix was first played out o­n london?s alternative radio station ? resonance fm.

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