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ZILLA & Buddy Peace: A Friendly Game Of Chess Mix

ZILLA & Buddy Peace: A Friendly Game Of Chess Mix

*Installment #2 in a mini-series of ZILLA mixes*

A Friendly Game Of Chess was the opening mix salvo from the dastardly bewildered beat hedz duo, better known as ZILLA and Buddy Peace. Released back in 2003 in an ?under the counter? fashion o­n a small pressing, for the lucky few who could scrounge a copy, this was their introduction proper to the mad-hat mixing skills of ZILLA and Buddy, outside of notable DJ spells around London at nights such as ?Red Alert? and ?Wheels Instead Of Hooves?. A twisted grab bag of soundscapes and seriously lo-fi hip hop/indie rock, AFGOC treads a lazy drunken path through ambient effects, religious pontifications and some good old scratch-nological business thrown in for good measure. The mix rolls through ?phazes?, effectively meaning that the pair take turns at the boards to mess heads up. Could it be the blueprint for a new generation of tired DJs to diversify their sets beyond over-played hip hop and ?fr-fr-fresh? scratch routines? Have a listen, open your mind, and discover what being a bewildered beat hed is all about. Tracklist after the jump.

Zilla & Buddy Peace: A Friendly Game Of Chess.mp3

Phaze 1 (ZILLA)
1. DJ Food – Quadraplex Part 1 (The Eternal Call Version)
2. Zilla – Daisy Cutter (Half A Demo Re-Edit) 

Phaze 2 (Buddy)
3. Rhymescheme – B Boy (Buddy Re-Edit)
4. Jel – DIY Partisan (Center Remix)

Phaze 3 (ZILLA)
5. Massive Töne – HipHop & Rap
6. F.A.B. – F.A.B. AM Mikrofon
7. Beck – Waitin? For A Train
8. Brian Eno – From The Same Hill
9. Innerstance Beatbox – Abuse Of The Spoken Word
10. Innerstance Beatbox – I Have A Special Camera

Phaze 4 (Buddy)
11. Buddy Peace – ?Safe Driver? Message
12. Cookies & Beans Intro
13. Tino – Elegant Dub
14. Sage Francis – Mermaids Are Seasluts (Frenchkiss Version)
15. Aceyalone – Mic Check (Acoustic Version)
16. Edan – Drop Some Smooth Lyrics (Cyanide Version)
17. Beck – Cyanide Breath Mint (Bonus Beats)
18. Buddy Bonus Loop/Zilla Gets His Prayer o­n

Phaze 5 (ZILLA)
19. Pixies – Where Is My Mind
20. Mobb Deep – Shook o­nes Part 2 (?Slash Your Face In? Remix)
21. Cornelius – Typewritter Lesson
22. Boards of Canada – Zeotrope (?Music To Travel o­n? Re-Touch)
23. Laurie Anderson – The Hollywood Stranger
24. Laurie Anderson – O Superman
25. Jimi Hendrix – Into The Sun
26. Zilla – Broken Glass My Friend (Something About Bursting Into Fire)

Phaze 6 (Buddy)
27. Buddy Peace – ?God Boy? Intro
28. Shing02 – Beat Interlude
29. Freestyle Fellowship – Bomb Zombies
30. Otherwise – Drunk (Instrumental)
31. BLVD Mosse – U Can?t Escape The Hypeness
32. Frankenstein – The Pain
33. Abstract Art – All My Circuits

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