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XNDL released : still there

XNDL still there

The SUBVERSIV*REC. founder, Rushya and Gunporn producer Xndl presents his new album “still there” and o­nce again a huge range of musical styles.

Mostly electronical and IDM influenced music but also analogue sample-based or even Breakcore/Techno influenced sounds can be found o­n his new album.

Once again affiliated artists are featured. Epic from Clotheshorse Rec (CA), Demune (Ponowai Flora/USA) and Time (USA) have contributed their iRaps for this album. There also can be found a remix project.Mr. Cooper (Wimm Rec) gave Xndl sounds for remixing o­ne of his tracks

This CD contains 13 tracks + random bonus tracks.That means…SURPRISE!!! Some CDs contain the video to the song “on TV”.

Everything is made by Xndl himself, the music the artwork,the mastering and even the manufaturing of the CD. There will be 3 different versions,every o­ne handmade and limited to 111 copies.

01. psych-ops
days´n´times rmx feat.EPIC [chrec.]
04. i saw it o­n tv
still there…
06. tongues
07. der nächste!
08. machinehead
09. i think he means you…
10. broken demons feat. DEMUNE [ponowai flora]
cyberbilly instr.
stolen gems samples by MR.COOPER [wimm rec]
13. mudhoney
feat. TIME [Dirty Laboratory]

+ 2 random/secret bonus tracks

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more info:

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