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frenchbloke – everything you do is wrong [102 megs!]

now, time for a treat to make up for not blogging for so long. frenchbloke has made a mix. a long o­ne. and it’s very good – maybe even his best. eclectic, yet un-chin strokey. super-good mix. this is what you get for living in isolated scotland in the winter. this wins the award for most innovative use of robbie williams and linkin park. it’s 80 minutes long, and i’ve put it in high quality too. stick it in your lugholes.

the mekons – never been in a riot
the silvertones – african dub
bbc radio 1 top 40 jingle
the pet shop boys – left to my own devices
depeche mode – leave in silence
japan – cantonese boy
moloko – bring it back
severed heads – dead eyes opened (joakim re-edit)
lfo – nurture
justus koehncke – 2 after 909
yello – lost again
finitribe – i want more
digital emotion – get up, action
tiga – burning down (dub)
pete shelley – telephone operator
shriekback – my careful hands
ac marias – just talk
adina howard – freak like me
linkin park – krwlng
robbie williams – millenium
funkadelic – you’ll like it too
linkin park – crawling
neneh cherry – manchild
coil – finite bees
crass – nagasaki nightmare
john cage – williams mix (live)
sounds of the new york world’s fair 1964-65 – flying to the fair
james tenney – collage #1 blue suede
stockhausen – struktur iii
raymond scott – sprite melonball bounce (2)
mort garson – Thing A Ling (Scared Crow)/In-Man
kraftwerk – expo 2000 (orbital mix)
meat beat manifesto – dog star man
ministry – halloween remix
divine – i’m so beautiful
usher – yeah
death in vegas – hands around my throat
wiseblood – stumbo
the stranglers – five minutes
cursor miner – war machine
carlos peron – et
henri pousseur – scambi
the conet project – 4 note rising scale
cnut – dancing dancing (german radio intro)
the conet project – ready ready 15728
the conet project – 5 dashes
the conet project – counting control
renaldo and the loaf – a medical man
si futures – freestyle disco
test dept. – sweet sedation
the undertones – teenage kicks
the human league – the things that dreams are made of
freiwillige selbstokontrolle – i wish i could sprechen sie deutsch (john peel session) plus intro from the festive 50 1986
radio 1 jingle
julie london – nice girls don’t stay for breakfast
lcd soundsystem – tribulations
strawberry switchblade – since yesterday
blancmange – living o­n the ceiling
mount florida – in there
ochre – low grav freefall (high altitude mix)
tlc – no scrubs
garry bradbury – haste the long wait frequently
six feet under photek remix
i start counting – ra ra rawhide (moskow chick mix)
andreas dorau – so ist das nunmal
mitte karaoke – vgh
aphex twin – next heap with
kylie minogue and towa tei – german bold italic
delia derbyshire – the dreams – falling
delia derbyshire – the dreams – land
delia derbyshire – delia’s theme
rachel stevens – some girls
freiland – rot
felix kubin – live vpro radio intro
havana exotica – surfin’ o­n m.o.o.g.
kraftwerk – computerwelt
chris and cosey – october love song
the hacker – stormy weather
nitzer ebb – join in the chant (burn!)
devo – we’re all devo (booji boy and general boy)
nautilis – olaf (the flashbulb audio re-fuck)
devo – through being cool
bauhaus – bela lugosi’s dead
katie enlow – walkin’ after midnight
in sotto voce – sequence 1
daf – liebe auf den ersten blick (razormaid mix)
godley and creme – i pity inanimate objects
t.raumschmiere – bow down big man to get your credit, i watch your system and spit right at it
laibach – wirtscaft ist tot (r.hawtin hardcore noise mix)
severed heads – alaskan polar bear heater
the residents – paint it black
current 93 – jesus wants me for a moonbeam
brmb “problems and prayers” phone in 1987
wall of voodoo – tomorrow (live)
fun boy 3 and bananarama – it aint what you do
the upsetters – freedom dub
bef – ident

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Download some King Megatrip Mixes

King Megatrip – All the Lonely People

01 boom bip _ in the tree top _ lex records
02 adrian sherwood _ x-planation _ real world
03 the strike boys with emo _ i am a witness (danger dub) _ stereo deluxe
04 red eye _ paris 9871 _ exetra recordings
05 baby mammoth _ tomoz jazz _ ecco.chamber
06 bill withers _ don’t you want to stay _ columbia
07 syl johnson _ i hear the love chimes _ hi records
08 patti austin _ a most unusual boy _ coral
09 diplo _ summer’s gonna hurt you _ big dada
10 clouddead _ dead dogs two _ big dada
11 ultra living _ preppy mc. death of hip hop vol. 1 _ ozone
12 sixtoo _ transient control _ ninja tune
13 m. de seriss _ ursuppe _ four music
14 alexkid _ mint _ f communication / pias
15 the vibrations _ oh cindy _ collectables
16 the notations _ i’m still here _ sunlight
17 ruby and the romantics _ our day will come _ rpm
18 nancy wilson _ you better go _ capitol

King Megatrip – Relaxed, But Ever Alert

01 Chick Floyd & His Orchestra _ Hana Maui _ Capitol
02 De Phazz _ Atomic Ducktail _ Boutique
03 Homelife _ Too Fast _ Ninja Tune
04 N.E.R.D. _ Provider (Zero 7 Remix) _ Virgin
05 Jaga Jazzist _ Reminders _ WEA
06 Boozoo Bajou _ Portland Woodchamber _ Stereo Deluxe
07 Mr. Projectile _ Patients _ Senton Recordings
08 Rumpistol _ Sdr. Fasanvej Kl. Ca. 22.00 _ Rumpistol
09 Amon Tobin _ Switch _ Ninja Tune
10 Astrud Gilberto _ Misty Roses _ Polygram
11 Tosca _ Gute Laune _ G-Stone
12 The Orb _ Cool Harbour _ Kompakt
13 Up, Bustle & Out _ Outro..Hasta Luego Amigos _ Unique
14 Up, Bustle & Out _ Tabla Talkin’Dub _ Unique
15 The Mexican _ Yoghurt Mudflap _ Catskills Records
16 Max Melvin _ Sweet Elektra _ Maxelect Records
17 Zero 7 _ o­ne Arm Break _ Ultimate Dilemma
18 Schneider TM feat. Kpt.Michi.Gan – The Light 3000 _ City Slang

King Megatrip – Count Me Out

01 def cut _ think back _ mzee
02 hint _ count your blessings (bonobo remix) _ hombre/ninja
03 j.boogies dubtronic science _ golden nectar _ om records
04 minotaur shock _ stack o­n rat _ melodic
05 burnt friedman _ consider a bigger wallet _ nonplace
06 terranova _ no peace _ !k7
07 barbara lewis _ baby i’m yours _ stax
08 marvin gaye _ inner city blues _ motown
09 otis redding _ that’s how strong my love is _ warner brothers
10 rjd2 _ here’s what’s left _ definitive jux
11 dj format _ little bit of soul _ genuine
12 bonobo _ kota _ ninja tune
13 bulent _ to me _ stereo deluxe
14 cloinc _ kroachiees escape _ sellwell
15 clan greco _ avenida _ irma
16 easy access orchestra _ las chicas (herbaliser remix) _ irma
17 nucleus-ian carr _ roots (part 1) _ vertigo records
18 bugge wesseltoft _ arena _ universal
19 ketty lester _ love letters _ collectables

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Stream DJ SPOOKY in the MIX

Revolution of the Mind –
an Anti-War Mix by Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid
Dj Spooky [+]

1.Intro: Saul Williams – Not in Our Name/The Pledge
2. Ad about GDP
3. Ani Di Franco – Coming Up
4. Muslim Chant – Baghdad Live!
5. Ad – Buy Nothing Day
6. Tino Corp – Break Beat – “basic beat”
7. Meat Beat Manifesto “Dynamite Fresh”
8. Dj Spooky vs. Dj Goo “That Subliminal Kid and The Last Mohican” mixed w/Marshall Mcluhan “Advertising”
9. Negativland – “Why is this commercial?”
10.a Wicked/insane/ intro
10. Saul Williams – “Give Blood” (dj spooky remix)
11. Coldcut “Revolution” – mixed w/ G.W. Bush
12. International Noise Conspiracy – “The First Conspiracy” drum solo mixed w/ MLK “Let Freedom Ring”
13. The Fire This Time – “Reluctant Warrior” mixed w/ Mista White – “American Psychosis”
14. Asian Dub Foundation – “Rivers of Dub” mixed with Ads etc etc telephone conversations
15. Dj Spooky featuring Mad Professor “Dubtometry Interlude”
16. EBN – “State Extension”
17. GURU YOGA “Vajra Kilaya” mix
18. Matthew Herbert – “Starbucks” mixed with Malcolm X and Mario Savio
19. Michael Franti – “Rock The Nation” Dj Spooky remix
20. E-LP “Deep Space – 9mm”
21. Public Enemy – “Revolverlution”
22. J-Live “Not Satisfied”
23. Honey Barbara – “Famous Animal”
24. Mad Professor – “Asylum of Dub”
25. Alter Echo – “As Yet Untitled” mixed w/ Mcluhan “lack of identity”
26. Bad Brains – “Leaving Babylon”
27. Sun Ra “Nuclear War”
28. Stephan Smith “New World Worder”
29. Allen Ginsberg – “End the Vietnam War” (Dj Spooky rmx)
30. Fugazi – “Frosty Pink Demo”
31. “Buy nothing day” in Japanese
32. King Britt featuring Ursula Rucker “Human Beings want to be Happy”

Top 10 trang đánh lô đề online uy tín nhất Việt Nam 2023

D*I*R*T*Y Sound System
Disco Bruit [+]
Dj’s are not rockstars [+]
Dj Assault – live @ Rex Club [+]
Dj Bone (Detroit) @ Rex Club [+]
Dj Feadz @ Black Bone
Dj Fuse o­ne [+]
Dj Jee – Live @ Paradise massage [+] Dj Rupture – Tigerbeat6 [+]
Dj Shadow Vs PC ‘Solid Steel’ [+]
Dj Shit – aka Ensemble [+]
Dj Synthetizer – Deep soldiers worlwide [+]
Dj Vadim [+]

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January 30th, 2005
Upcoming guests o­n Beats In Space :
Feb. 3rd – Buddy Peace ( Warp Records)
Feb. 10th – Thomas Fehlmann (Plug Research, Kompakt, R&S, The Orb)

here are a couple of past shows for you:
January 20th (part 1 with Trevor Jackson):: [stream] [download]
January 20th (part 2 Interview with Trevor Jackson) :: [stream] [download]
January 20th (part 3 MU live set o­n Beats in Space):: [stream] [download]
January 20th (part 4 Interview with MU) :: [stream] [download]
January 20th (part 5 with Tim Sweeney) :: [stream] [download]

January 6th (part 1 – a look back at 2004):: [stream] [download]
January 6th (part 2 – a look back at 2004) :: [stream] [download]

more playlist etc .. > click more

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downloads > dj /rupture?s post election special

the american dj comes up with a swiftly executed and devastatingly effective musical counter strike against the re-election of the world?s least favourite leader. the mix combines more commercial us productions (opening with baby boy and finding room for terror squad?s anthemic lean back) with the usual /rupture mash up of breakcore, gabba, jungle and general intense, nose bleeding noise. as a gesture to us army interrogation techniques, someone really ought to shut george bush in a steel container and play this to him at full volume until his head explodes or he experiences a sudden conversion to grime and breakcore. a crazed scream interrupts the most laid back, down tempo part of the mix: don?t relax or the republicans might get away with even more than they already have.

the break beats are interspersed with evocative classics (like the honeydrippers impeach the president) and snatches of lyrics ? ?i?m not your typical american? intones o­ne mc, just before the music breaks down into distortion and frantic hardcore. perhaps the most heartening thing for the uk listener is the number of british productions and mcs involved in the mix. highlights from this side of the pond include the bizzle?s forward riddim (someone should bring the arms house to george bush?s mum?s house), lady sovereign doing her excellent ?ch ching? thing and the crazy deathsucker release murder dem which twists a dancehall version of israelites into manic ragga jungle. jamaican sounds are well represented with /rupture?s own sister nancy collaboration little more oil coming through strongly and there?s also room for the all time reggae classic, willie williams armagideon time. we hope the apocalypse isn?t really imminent but, in the circumstances, it?s a fair point ? the battle is getting hotter and a lot of people won?t get no justice tonight.

dj /rupture plays in london at 93 feet east, sunday 21 november 2004. this mix was first played out o­n london?s alternative radio station ? resonance fm.

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