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The Techfunk Massacre

Hey there musical soul brothers, Recently, I decided to put a new mix together. Some > Techfunk< this time. Normally, my homebase are BOOTY BREAKS, so aren’t these BOOTY BREAKS anymore? NOPE! Still Booty Breaks – cos you’ll shake your butt to it O_o

(65 mins | 15 tunes| 192kbs MP3)


In the beginning, you’ll get down with the Techfunk big players, subsequently the mix finishes with some 2step and dubstep, featuring the absolute dubstep killer track 3606 by Benga. This time we’re two DJs: The (sabotaging) Technology & Fresh Meat.
Check it out, and you’ll know what I mean. This brings up the old (or even a new?) question: Who’s actually mixing? The dj? The technic? The technology? The knowledge about djing? Or all together as a socio-technical system? Could the same mix be done without o­ne of the actual components? And who’s sabotaging? The dusty Serato record? The dirty needle? The overloaded laptop? The wires? The mixer? Or even JUST the dust and dirt, not even the actual technic? A lot of questions. And another o­ne: Why I am still presenting this mix to you, though I find it’s not brilliant anyway? Well, I already listended to it about 10 times, and nonetheless the mixes aren’t uber-wicked, the whole thing still keeps me jumping through my room …

For all you playlist-lovers:

1. elite force – reclaim the airwaves [pmt remix]

2. splitloop – check it stereo
3. dopamine – harsh
4. circuit breaker – just let go
5. santos – electro
6. circuit breaker – two souls
7. dobbs – spectral combat [introspective remix]
9. dopamine – systen error
10. circuit breaker – soul searcher
11. fat cats – no hands [diverted mix]
12. peter paul – reverendo
13. metric & bob standard – split milk [vandal remix]
14. trick or treat – the horns
15. benga – 3606 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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