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Sonic Walker Mix 17: echtZEIT – freak.waves

echtZEIT put his ambient diary aside and is back with a new mix o­n Sonic Walker titled freak.waves.

freak waves are large waves which are a threat to large ships
generally. In oceanography, they are more defined as waves that are
more than double the significant wave height, which is itself defined
as the mean of the largest third of waves in a wave record.
freak.waves includes a variety of minimalistic, experimental and housy
?waves?, so some tracks come as a tiny wave to relax your ears and some
are freaking around to turn you o­n.


  1. Clearcom – Darken (Valiza Tools, VT21)
  2. Marcos Romero – Yelxuh (Standard Klik Music, SKM019)
  3. Martin Donath – Terre Verte (Stadtgruen, stadt014)
  4. Sead Redzic – Tjena (Zimmer-Records, Zimmer029)
  5. Rob Keens – Cumulus (Stadtgruen, stadt011)
  6. Nick Zero – Venus (Zimmer-Records, Zimmer030)
  7. Sead Redzic – Svek (Zimmer-Records, Zimmer029)
  8. Alexandre Bilodeau – Énergy (Original) (Epsilonlab, EPS16)
  9. Tomas Haas – Physical Way#1 (Standard Klik Music, SKM018)
  10. Emmerichk – Jewish (Yuki Yaki, YkYk006)
  11. Msei – bluetenstaub2 (Zimmer-Records, Zimmer025)
  12. Rob Keens – Stratus (Stadtgruen, stadt011)
  13. Dataman – Mr. Illusion(-N, mn006)
  14. Keinzweiter – Altbob Capitol (Plex Records, plx011)
  15. Stratagem Ltd. 001 (Stratagem Limited, ltd001)
  16. Nick Zero – De La Cream (Zimmer-Records, Zimmer030)
  17. Kiorda Daekin – o­ne Man Session (One Bit Wonder, 1bit 016)

Download (97.14 MB mp3)

By sonicwalker

LOCATION: Almere, The Netherlands

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