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Shir Khan ??I can see your Tiger Stripes mix?

Shir Khan ??I can  see your Tiger Stripes mix?

A mix of techno-baile, romantic future distortions, baltimore crunk, 
stairway to heaven-rock, modern disco and current rave anthems.
…featuring queens and kings like uffie, hollertronix, spankrock, 
edu k, studio r, chloe, john tejada, tomboy, digitalism, cut copy, in 
flagranti, sebastian, christopher just…

1)Maurice Starr ? electric Funky Drummer (Toxic) vs Sebastian – 
Dolami (Ed Banger) vs Shapemod feat. Snax ? Love?s too much (original 
+ so36-instr. Mix/Suicide)
2)Chloe ? Take care (Tim paris Rough Version / Crack&Speed) vs 
Plastic de Reve ? Rodeo Ride (acapella/gigolo) vs Style of Eye ? 
Gioco remixes ft. Paola Ratclif (Classic)
3)Daft punk ? technologic (digitalism rmx/virgin)
4)Mylo ? Muscle Car (Tiga rmx/Breastfed)
5)Annie ? Heartbeat (Alan Braxe rmx/679 recordings)
6)In Flagranti ? Reputation or Notoriety? Feat. Silvia Gordon (Codek 
Records) vs Quizz & Terry ? Terrybeuliousse (Crack&Speed)
7)Quizz & Terry ? Terrybeuliousse (Crack&Speed) vs Edu K feat. Deize 
Tigrona ? Sex-o-matic (acapella/Man Recordings)
8)Boozoo Bajou (Seiji Rmx/instr./k7) vs Captain Comatose ? Say CC say 
9)John Tejada & Justin Maxwell ? 100%post-consumer (Palette) vs Ying 
Yang Twins ? Shake (Xpress 2 Yingstrumental/TVT records)
10)Chicks o­n Speed ? Words (acapella) vs John Tejada & Justin Maxwell 
? 100%post-consumer (Palette)
11)Basement Jaxx ? Do your thing (Seiji Rmx/XL recordings)
12)Rodzin & Huntemann ? Message in a box (Gigolo)
13)Les Visiteurs/Boris Dlugosch ? Pharrells Acid Drop (White)
14)Tomboy ? Samba (Gomma) vs Spankrock feat. Amanda Black ? Grit City 
15)Cut Copy ? Going nowhere (Digitalism Rmx/Modular Recordings)
16)Christopher Just ? I?m a Disco Dancer (John Tejada rmx/Gigolo)
17)Tiga ? Move my Body (Pias) vs Felix (Arthur Russel & Nicky Siano) 
? Tiger Stripes (New York Noise/Soul Jazz)
18)Hollertronix ? Golddigger (Hollertronix3)
19)Uffie ? Ready to uff (Ed Banger)
20)Four Tet feat. Percee P ? A Joy (Part2/Domino recording)
21)Bondo do Role ? Melo Do Tabaco (Mad Decent)
22)Tetine ? Lick my favela (Beige Records) vs Tigarah ? Fake out 
23)Studio R feat. Mocky ? Clapz (Llorca Rmx/Sonarkollektiv)
24)Who made Who ? Out the door (Superdiscount Rmx/Gomma) vs 
Technotronic ? Pump up the Jam (acapella)
25)Trike ? Talk back (Serge Santiago Rmx/Gigolo)

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