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SHAPESHIFTERS adopted by aliens, RUSHYA CD + DEMUNE album out now

  –  adopted by aliens


 1.Who’s Got Presence 
3.Hootie and the Brainfish
5.Rob o­ne Mixtape Megamix 
6.Words of  Wizdumb 
7.Mos Eisley   
8.Strange Birds   
10.Chain Name   11.Planet Rock 2012  
12.Triple Threat   
14.Wake Up Dead feat.Mikah 9  
15.Korn Bizkit

The classic album of the group as a whole, back when Rob o­ne was still in affect (R.I.P.).  Some of these songs ended up o­n vinyl singles that are hard to get these days.  Still, those were different versions than the o­nes o­n this album.

We are releasing this o­ne together with the swedish label 247Records . Production is handled  by Omid, Fat Jack, Paris Zax, Life Rexall etc.

You get vocals from everyone in the  supergroup such as Awol o­ne, Existereo, Circus, 2Mex and even Mikah 9 joins in o­n o­ne song.

Limited to 1000 pcs.  
Classical collectors´ items series 

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RUSHYA   ” a modern day

the first Rushya album is out. It took about two years but now it´s done. A collection 
 of old and new songs presents you the different sounds of Rushya. Mostly a wide range of electronical  productionbut even analogue trashabilly samplism by Xndl  (who was also responsible for
the production of the first Gunporn album)
and catchy vocals full of sarcasm and
intelligent playing o­n words 
by Ancient Mith  (Ponowai Flora) .

Formed in late 2003, rush YA is German
producer XNDL and American emcee Ancient Mith.

A MODERN DAY McCARTHY was created thru means of the internet, mail,and phones as they
never met face to face during the two year process. This debut is filled with fun and exciting
styles of music based in but not limited to hip hop or any genre, for that

Guest Appearances by Sentence ( ), Bleubird
( ), and Demune (

The 12 sided artwork (by Chojin) contains all lyrics
and a bunch of info 
about this project.
Audiofiles:skyscraper safety | Horse and buggy… | coffinshakers

DEMUNE – crossbreeding and grafting CD

Demune?s breathtaking new album, Crossbreeding and Grafting, which will be
released by Ponowai Flora in co-operation with SUBversiv*Rec. Most of the songs are
just 45 second snippets, but ?Triangle? and ?Find Yourself? are full-length.

Gemini Hybrid
Damaged Goods
A Ceiling?s Observations
Find Yourself
Fertile/Infertile Environments
Self-Defeating Threads
Must We Trust
My Color TV
Beautiful To Ugly
Do Not

more info@ /

but these o­nes plus more selected underground releases at

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