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russian vocal hip-hop, spoken word, downtempo…

smw015: Prologue – Prologue

Sounds like vocal hip-hop, spoken word, downtempo…

Prologue is the project, created by two talented musicians from Moscow: Pavel Kiselev and Andrey Trofimov. It unites different genres of music, such as hip-hop, neo-classic, hidden folk elements in some kind of symbiosis of instrumental sound with rather rough deep beats, inlaid by beautiful female vocal. The results is unusual and magnetic.

Intro [3.4mb, 1:28]
Legend [10.7mb, 4:40]
Rain [8.7mb, 3:49]
Goodbye [10.2mb, 4:28]
Door To The Easy Hapiness [9.8mb, 4:16]
Lady [7.2mb, 3:07]
Just The Light [9.6mb, 4:12]
Where Are You (acoustics) [7.4mb, 3:13]
You Can [6.6mb, 2:52]
City [9.4mb, 4:06]
Samurai’s Love [7.5mb, 3:16]
Legend (acoustics) [10.9mb, 4:45]

Released by Share My Wings (320kbps mp3):

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