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rolldabeats … a decade in the mix 90-93



01 The Ragga Twins – Hooligan 69 – SUAD [1990]
“Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today to get through this thing called – Life” Coming from a Hip-House background The Ragga Twins almost stumbled across the breakbeat sound with the sample driven production, Widely recognised for being o­ne of the earliest artists to use breakbeats in their music, i think this was a great track to start the RDB history mix.

02 4 Hero – The Scorcher – Reinforced [1990]
After the massive ‘Kirks Nightmare’ 4 Hero followed o­n Reinforced with The scorcher. Yet more Breakbeat pressure & samples, you could already see the direction the music was moving into even at this early stage.

03 Lost – The Gonzo – perfecto [1990]
Another favorite from 1991, heavy breakbeats & bassline with the unforgettable trumpet riff & sirens.

04 Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon – Play it again Sam [1990]
Representing the Euro influences, MBM coming out of Holland produced an ahead of its time masterpiece. “Woo Alright” & “Babylon” samples throughout, with the driving synth bass riff.

05 Satin Storm – Satin Storm – Satin Storm [1991]
Quite an obscure 6 tracker here, this track is the best of the bunch – deep basslines & eire samples, The flute rift being used later in 1992/93 in XLR8’s “Dubplate”. This track always reminds me of some type of space mission – absolute classic !

06 Cosmo & Dibs – Oh so nice – Moving Shadow [1991]
When it comes to Moving Shadow there’s so many to choose from, but I’ve gone with this less-well known track, some great samples in this o­ne, “Reach Out” later used by DJ Zinc o­n his true playaz release.

07 Lenny De Ice – We ie – Reel to Reel [1991]
Possibly o­ne of the original DnB Tracks? There’s always been a mystery surrounding this track, When was it actually made? Who made it? but all just adds to how good it is!

08 Acen – Close your eyes (Vitamin ‘E’ mix) – Production House [1991]
Along with Moving Shadow & Suburban Base, Production House were o­ne of the original pioneering labels with big release schedules putting out quality tunes o­ne after the next. Later becoming famous for his 1992 “Trip II the moon” series, this was Acens first release o­n PH.

09 Rufftouch – This is the jungle – Vice Versa [1992]
This is a track that i o­nly picked up sometime last year, I’m not even sure i had heard it before but it has quickly became o­ne of my favourite tracks.

10 Urban Distress – No Skank – Ibiza [1992]
Ibiza were representing the early, early Jungle Techno sound in 1991, continuing into 1992 with big Reggae influences running through out tracks, This o­nes a perfect example, quality synth loops & Raggae speech.

11 Citadel of Kaos – E-Z man – Boombastic Plastic [1992]
With ‘A Sides’ being part of the production (just o­ne of many from ‘A Sides’ under different names back in the day) This tune was big o­n the London Pirates in 1992.

12 Krome & Time – Manic Stampede – Subbase [1992]
It was 1992 that Suburban Base really made their mark o­n the scene, Krome & Time coming with o­ne of subbase’s many classics.

13 Andy C – Outer Limits – Ram [1992]
Taken from the very 1st release o­n Ram Records, i think this 4 tracker showed the talents of Andy C from an early age & got the Ram label of to an excellent start.

14 Nasty Habits – Mayday, Mayday – Reinforced [1992]
By this stage, late 1992 Reinforced had already put itself firmly o­n the map. It was at this point that Doc Scott, Goldie, 4 Hero & crew were to flip the script for 93 with an amazing new darkside sound.

15 Metalheadz – Terminator – SHP [1992]
Possibly Goldie’s most famous release, and along side the Reinforced sound for 93, Goldie quite literally took the scene in a new direction with this o­ne track alone.

16 Omni Trio – Mystical Stepper (Feel Better) – Moving Shadow [1993]
Alongside ‘Foul Play’ & ‘Deep Blue’ Omni Trio were o­ne of the best artists to emerge into the scene from Moving Shadow. If i had more time in the mix i would definitely have included a Foul Play track. But this o­ne was massive!

17 Origin Unknown – The Touch – Ram [1993]
This is the flipside to “Valley of the Shadows” The Touch for me seems to be under rated (maybe over shadowed) but o­ne of my favorites from 1993.

18 LTJ Bukem – Enchanted – Good Looking [1993]
The mix wouldn’t be complete without a track from MR. Bukem, with every Good Looking release being top notch, it was a tough choice but Enchanted for me stands out as o­ne of the best.

19 DJ Crystl – Warpdrive – Dee Jay [1993]
What a year 1993 was for DJ Crystl, as it was for Dee Jay Recordings as well – every release being spot o­n. Warpdrive perhaps being Crystl’s most famous track, from the eerie intro, amazing amen programming & of course the deep breakdown, a great tune to to end the first part of the RDB mix with.

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