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Title: Fringe Benefitz Date Recorded: 27-04-2006
Style: 70% Dubstep, 30% Garage, Breakz, and Psydub
this is my promomix for freak camp, or rather, my first mix with which i am promoting freak camp. this is a bass excursion extraordinaire, so crank it up and watch yer bassbins!
total length: 72:20 min :: Download ::


Title: Splitting Atoms Date Recorded: 08-02-2006
Style: House – Electro, Progressive
yeah, baby. club music. this sound moves some serious crowds in berlin right now… technoid electro house with progressive melodies and beats – some call it neotrance, and i think that term’s pretty fitting.  enjoy!
total length: 78:00 min :: Download ::


Title: Storytime Breakz Date Recorded: 17-01-2006
Style: Breakz – NuSkool, Progressive, TechFunk, Dubby
starts off dubby, goes into techfunk and progressive breaks, then busts into more bassline nu-skool bangers and finishes off o­n a more funky tip.  this mix was meant to fit o­n a cd but i was just having way too much fun to stop there at the end.  now it’s more of a podcast.
total length: 96:31 min :: Download ::


Title: Metal Illness Date Recorded: 18-12-2005
Style: DrumnBass – TechStep, FutureStep, FutureFunk, NeuroFunk
alright, this is more to-the-point drumnbass like what some of you are used to from me.  we’re talkin dirty, dark, and in-your-face techstep, futurestep and neurophunk.  enjoy this bangin, twisted collection of dancefloor mayhem and technopunk anthems.
total length: 77:34 min :: Download ::


Title: Liquid Tumble Date Recorded: 05-12-2005
Style: DrumnBass – Liquid, DrumFunk, Liquid Funk, Lite Neurofunk
this mix is my softer side of dnb.  encompassed are the lighter styles of current drumnbass, ranging from lightly-flavored neurofunk and drumfunk over liquid all the way to atmospheric.  in this mix you can find lots of pretty melodies and vocals – i call it feelgood drumnbass.

here’s the tracklist:

total length: 74:40 min :: Download ::


Title: Technically Groovin Date Recorded: 29-11-2005
Style: ElectroTechnoProgressiveHouseTrance
this mix starts out with mellow, minimal housy techno, goes into electro, over progressive tech house into progressive trance.  we are moving mainly in 4/4 territory, although there are a few tidbits of prgressive breaks thrown in for good measure.
total length: 69:44 min :: Download ::

::tuned into sci-fi, cutting-edge electronic beats of all sorts, preferably those incorporating some kind of melodic component. current studio efforts focussed o­n concocting chilly breaks and dubstep riddims. dj sets include Dubstep, NuSkool Breakz, DrumNBass, Electro, and Progressive House/Trance. residency @ monthly dubstep / dark grime party in berlin with freak camp crew and more bass than yo momma!

::Born in Berlin, transplanted to the WestCoast, USA at an early age. Gaming and other nerd-ery led to making computer-based (demo) music in the early 90s using tracker software. Started DJing Goa, Trance and Techno in the mid-90s, playing/making parties and outdoor gatherings in the Pacific NW. Got into DrumnBass during the 97/98 TechStep invasion, fused interests with Bassline NuSkool Breaks by about 2001/02. Progressive and Electro House influences were discovered by 2004. The year 2005 introduced dubstep and dark grime and brought a momentous relocation to Berlin. next cycle >>>

Kraftwerk, Can, Jimi Hendrix, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Yello, Philip Glass, Bomb the Bass, Sound of the Underground, S’Express, Timelords, Stereo MCs, Hijack, Silver Bullet, Cash Crew, Geto Boyz, 2 Live Crew, Anthony Rother, Carl A. Finlow / il.ek.tro / Random Factor / Silicon Scally / Voice Stealer, Ozgur Can, James Holden, Nathan Fake, Alex Smoke, Paul Kalkbrenner, D.Ramirez, Andre Absolut, Oliver Klein, Hybrid, Aquasky, Meat Katie, Circuit Breaker, Deibeat, Nitro, Autobots, Control-Z, Koma & Bones, General MIDI, Eskmo, Hustle Athletics / Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Konflict, Ed Rush, Optical, Tech Itch, Decoder, Klute, Amit, Digital, Phace, Desimal, Chris SU & SKC / Tactile, Silent Witness, Break, Sunchase, Corrupt Souls, State of Mind, Martyn, Extrawelt / Midimiliz / Spirallianz, X-Dream, Wizzy Noise, Hallucinogen / Shpongle, UX, RAM, NRS, Vibrasphere, Ticon, Son Kite, Phony Orphants, Younger Brother, The Orb, Boards of Canada, OTT, Stress Assassin, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Mad Professor, Bill Laswell, Mungo’s HiFi, Horsepower Productions, Kode9 & SpaceApe, Digital Mystikz, Loefah, Slaughter Mob, Vex’d, Toasty (Boy), Search & Destroy, Distance, Skream, Luke Envoy, Elemental, D1, Scuba (not necessarily in that order, not necessarily in that color, and not including countless unmentioned others from music past, present and future)

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