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Released today ! The long-awaited new album from Comfort Fit !!!


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File this o­ne under Hip Hop Instrumentals Deluxe!


01.     can i help u?                                1.42 min
02.     planetary picknick                       5.58 min
03.     sorry                                           3.21 min
04.     freeze the cut                               2.48 min
05.     take a look                                  3.52 min
06.     true form                                     3.12 min
07.     thursday is thursty                       1.32 min
08.     whenever you wanna call me       3.10 min
09.     as pure as possible                      2.10 min
10.     she knows me now (re-edit)        3.31 min
11.     remember something i forgot        2.43 min
12.     don’t show this message again      3.17 min
13.     kurz vor danach ganz ’05             4.06 min
14.     emotional draft                            6.18 min
15.     hairy crushed nuts                       4.27 min
16.     the hunt                                      3.46 min
17.     something to do                          4.22 min
18.     go o­n, take it further                   1.11 min
19.     swabian sound system                4.41 min
20.     miles of smiles                            4.50 min

total running time:                                     70.57


(c) tokyo dawn records 2005.

written and produced by boris mezga @ the cotton field studios (stuttgart).
plugins and mastering by fabien schivre (stuttgart).
cover design by (utrecht).

‘freeze the cut’ and ‘something to do’ feature blaktroniks (oakland).
‘she knows me now’ features mercury waters (washington).
‘whenever you wanna call me’ and ‘she knows me now’ feature prymer (weimar).

licensing & booking:
official release date


These cripsy beats are ripe with thumping funk and techno influences,
sample wizardry and daring shuffles. Composed with the help of unique
sound plugins which were especially programmed to measure Comfort Fit’s
needs and wishes, we think the chances aren’t bad that you’ll fall for
the unique sound signature, bounce and elegance of this tight Hip Hop

Like the best mixtapes this thing plays strongly as a whole –
no matter if it’s about classic Jazz impressions (‘Miles of Smiles’),
Theo Parrish references (‘Take a Look’), Hip Hop bouncers (‘True Form’,
‘Hairy Crushed Nuts’, ‘The Hunt’), scarily deep intergalactic grooves
(‘Planetary Picknick’) or love themes (‘She Knows Me Now’), all the album
tracks are locked together closely an must be seen as a whole.

Skipping through this album is not allowed. ‘Forget and Remember’ is more
than just beat fodder for your next mixtape, “it’s a very personal diary of
mine. I feel music is my natural form of expression, not words”, as Comfort
Fit says. “It is very important for me to escape from the noise pollution of
the cities and from the media hypes going o­n. I’d rather create my own”.

Comfort Fit has been collecting synthesizers and records since a -very-
young age, even though his first Hip Hop beats are o­nly ten years old now.
His influences are different than the usual Jazz/Funk/Soul/Disco references
most Hiphop producers name. Comfort Fit’s Hip Hop is not just rooted in his
love for Jazz and Funk but especially in the Techno of the early 90s.

He decided to stop his DJ career a few years ago in order to concentrate
on the music production, but his DJ perspective o­n music is still present
in his beats. After all he’s been standing behind the turntables half of
his life now, having gained his first club residency and radio experiences
with merely 13 (!) years of age.

Alot has changed in Comfort Fit’s life since his first album ‘Museum’ was
released o­n Megahertz Records 2001. But despite all the action he has
managed to release some critically acclaimed Singles and EPs via Tokyo Dawn
Records, as well as remixes for Universal Jazz and other labels. His music
is now even being used in the TV commercials of a german automobile
corporation and a hitech firm, and his live acts, featuring a rap and
turntablism show and an interactive ‘Taste Test’ with his audience could
already be seen o­n MTV and Trace TV.

It’s Tokyo Dawn, so you know.


RENOVATIONS 2xLP – A melting pot of modern Funk, Soul, Jazz and Disco.

Featuring artists such as Henrik Schwarz, Inverse Cinematics, Opolopo,
Blaktroniks, Comfort Fit, Mercury Waters, Dirty Star, 4th Disciple,
Hell Razah (Wu Tang), Soulphiction, Saine, Project Delos, The Tape vs RQM,
Causes & Forces, Maddslinky, Lukas Nystrand and many

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