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Real GOA-TRANCE is still ALIVE ! a 2006 Free Netlabel Album

Pyramidal Trancendence

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01 :: Sine DieThe Shaman Trip
02 :: AstrancerDzog Chen
03 :: MindsphereMolecular Restrictive
04 :: TravmaZaman
05 :: EtherealStream of Life (2006 Mix)
06 :: AuraWalk o­n Earth
07 :: Lost BuddhaLost in Paradise
08 :: Infinite DimensionsFar Beyond the Stars
09 :: AfginTribute to the Sun

Download here in MP3 or Full Wav for FREE !

The debut compilation from netlabel Metapsychic Records has just been released! Pyramidal Trancendence, available in high-quality MP3 and WAV formats, is an impressive piece of work, charting a course through the mystic realms of spiritual Goa trance. Nine artists provide modern interpretations of the classic style popularized by bands such as Etnica and Astral Projection ten years ago.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this release is the sheer quality of the music and presentation. With an excellent cover design by Astrancer and professional mastering by Kenneth of Colorbox, Pyramidal Trancendence comes closer to the quality standards of a physical release than any other freebie I have promoted through my site thus far. Filipe Santos (Lost Buddha), Cosmogenesis, Martin Marinov, and everyone at Metapsychic have done an excellent job reviving the hopes of classic Goa trance fans worldwide with this excellent compilation release!

Download it direct from, or leech the MP3 or WAV versions with BitTorrent straight from Ektoplazm! I am sure that everyone involved would appreciate comments and feedback, so leave over to Psynews to share a few words. Enjoy!

GOA is still alive!

Metapsychic records would like to thank the following people for their
help and support:

Yohan a.k.a “Noda/Sine Die”: (France)
Bruno “Astrancer”: (Brazil)
Ali “Mindsphere”: (Turkey)
Enver “Travma”: (Turkey)
“Ethereal”: (Sweden)
Erik & Christian “Aura”: (Sweden)
Filipe “Lost Buddha”: (Portugal/U.K.)
Dave “Infinite Dimensions”: (U.K.)
Elad “Afgin”: (Israel)

Metapsychic records presents its first release, “Pyramidal Trancendence”.
A wonderful psychic odyssey with multiple symbols, meanings and concepts.
This compilation is an artistic interpretation of each listener/dancer’s state
of mind, when the goa sound enters its intellect and touches in all its senses.

The first 5 pieces begin with a progressive spiritual & emotional ascension
until the top of the pyramid, where this character (the listener) tries to
reach the ether, which is, the seventh sky.

His cardiac pulsation, like the bpm’s of the tracks, becomes faster until he
gets trancended and feels, the stream of life. Then, in the last 4 tracks,
he starts to walk down the pyramid, step by step, until he reaches the earth
once again.

He realizes that, at that moment, in the end of this experience, that he has
lived a sublime and peaceful journey. The transition between darkness and
light, between sadness and euphoric/happy feeling. The sensitive touch during
the listening of this VA is intentional.

“Pyramidal Trancendence” was made to deliver this subsconscious message which
is hidden in every goa listener:
despite the dark times that the goa music lives, we’re all still keeping the
secret positive hope of a new goa resurrection.

Kos (unverified): Much sooner than I expected… thanks a lot! smile
Compilation is a killer o­ne… the best o­ne in 2006.
Nov 5, 2006, 08:22 PM (UTC 0)
 Adam (unverified): Thanks!
Nov 5, 2006, 06:17 PM (UTC 0)
 sputnik (unverified): shining gold wink
Nov 5, 2006, 08:04 AM (UTC 0)
 Psyonic (unverified): Fantastic… Really Cool big grin
Nov 4, 2006, 09:19 PM (UTC 0)
 MentallyDisturbed (unverified): YEAHbig grin
Nov 3, 2006, 12:53 PM (UTC 0)

Download here in MP3 or Full Wav for FREE !


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