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Under the Oak of Smoke: A Quick Journey to the Imaginative Mind. Club Transmediale Berlin 25.06.2006

Vom 25.Juni an produziert CTM/ Club Transmediale eine wöchentliche Sendung für radio 1:1, die jeweils am Sonntag von 20 bis 22 ausgestrahlt wird, vor Ed Benndorfs ?Tight FM?. Hier die erste Ausgabe von letztem Sonntag.

Die Playlist:

  1. Bo Hansson, A Journey in the Dark, The Lord of the Rings, o­ne Way, 1972
  2. Icebreaker, Untitled, Distant Early Warning, Aesthetics, 1999
  3. Urdog, Robur the Conquerer, Eyelid of the Moon, Secret Eye, 2004
  4. Volcano the Bear, The Tallest People in the World I; Being Li: Peanut Puppet Lii: Tic Toc, Five Hundred Boy Piano, United Diaries, 2002
  5. Volcano the Bear, Seeker, Five Hundred Boy Piano, United Diaries, 2002
  6. Volcano the Bear, Hairy Queen, Five Hundred Boy Piano, United Diaries, 2002
  7. Goodiepal, Snow Flakes, Goodiebags – Demonbags 7″ series #1fi, VV/M Test Records, 1998
  8. Jandek,Walking in the Meadow, White Box Requiem, Corwood Industries, 1996
  9. Swans, The Sound, Soundtrack for the Blind, Young God Records, 1996
  10. Bizz Circuits, The Singer, Intifada Offspring, Mille Plateaux, 2004
  11. Ultra-red, Nunca (spatial deconcentration), Structural Adjustments, Mille Plateaux, 2000
  12. Wolf Eyes, Rotten Tropics, Dead Hills, Troubleman Unlimited, 2002
  13. The Thrones, Oso Malo, Sperm Whale, Kill Rock Stars, 2000
  14. Electric Wizard, Supercoven, Supercoven, Bad Acid, 1998
  15. Isis, DJ Speedranch & Guilty Connector, Carry: Like I Will Love Her Forever?, Oceanic remixes reinterpretations, Hydra Head, 2005
  16. Thorrs Hammer, Norge, Dommedagsnatt, Southern Lord, 1995/2004
  17. Kill, Unknown (unreleased)

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