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PSYTRANCE at its best …

Markus Juuti

Our eyes met and energies bursted when two soulmates found themselves after a long, windy road. This took place in year 2002 and place was Man With No Name’s gig in VR-Makasiinit, Helsinki.

There began this unique journey of the two soulmates and this project reflects it, where we can join our experience and take it o­ne step further over the boundary to experience it together. As this common factor joins us in every aspect of our life it has given us all the necessary strength to face our challenges!

Playing music together is very satisfying in a way, how it gets easier to anticipate each other’s behaviour and feel the motions of mind. What makes it interesting, is to keep changing, not getting stuck o­n the same flow, letting new breezes blow! …through our sets and events.

We do lot’s of back to back gigs and these have been really wonderful experiences, Miazu’s beautiful and melodic selections blended with polly’s rough and energetig sounds, create a unique mix. Energies burst and tracks blend to o­ne huge dancetrance that can be sensed in the dancefloor. There has not been o­ne boring gig with us and it’s amazing to let it all go and get in to the flow, letting dance unite us!

…But of course Without lovely people o­n the dancefloor all this would not be so amazing!

With tsunami crew we promote a monthly psyclub, where we can accomplish many interesting ideas so that parties will be unforgettable and unique, these events give us loads of strenght and new perspective.

Psychedelic trance is o­ne big part of our lives and it gives us strength to live our daily lives.

Polly & Miazu

download mix > Polly vs. Miazu : Twisted souls 

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