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Our database is growing daily, including a growing number of major
players in the international club music scene. So welcome some of our
newest additions and enjoy their recorded performances:

JOEY YOUNGMAN (Fetish/US) DJ-Set (House) recorded @ Club
Elam/Bratislava 2006-11-03

JOHN ACQUAVIVA (Plus8/ES) Promotional DJ-Set (House, Techno)

MITSU THE BEATS, WASSUPSKI (Jazzy Sport/JP) DJ-Set (Hip Hop, Soul)
recorded @ Club U/Vienna 2006-11-11

DJ NAUGHTY (Gigolo Records/GER) DJ-Set (House, Techno, Other styles)
recorded @ Club Camera/Vienna 2006-11-10

AKUFEN (Perlon/CAN) DJ-Set (Techno) recorded @ Flex/Vienna 2006-10-17

MICHAEL MAYER (Kompakt/GER) DJ-Set (Techno) recorded @
Apolo/Nitsa/Barcelona 2006-09-23

TONI RIOS (Cocoon/GER) DJ-Set (Techno) recorded @ Ego Club/Ulm

BORIS DLUGOSCH (Peppermint Jam/GER) DJ-Set (Techno) recorded @
Decadance/Ulm 2006-10-31

DERRICK CARTER (Classic/US) DJ-Set (House) recorded @ City
Hall/Barcelona 2006-10-13

MARTIAL FLAW, DRUMCORPS, (Combat Rec, Cockrockdisco/UK/US) Radio Show
2006-10-30 (Breakcore)

DANIEL HAAKSMAN (Pulver Rec/GER) Promotional DJ-Set (Baile Funk)

MR. THING (BBE Records/UK) DJ-Set (Hip Hop) recorded @ Leopold
Salon/Vienna 2006-10-27

DEICHKIND (Island Records/GER) Live-Act (Techno) recorded @ Electronic
Beats Festival/Vienna 2006-10-25

RAINER TRÜBY (Compost/GER) DJ-Set (House) recorded @ Postragarage/Graz

TRICKSKI (Sonar KollektiV/GER) DJ-Set (House, Techno) recorded @
Postgarage/Graz 2006-10-21

and loads more top rated DJ-sets, Live-PA’s and Radio Shows, which you
can find here:

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