!_releases_! HIP-HOP-RAP


Astronautalisdoes the rapping. Sometimes when he has had a few drinks in him, he
will tell you he wants to start an electro group called ?moms o­n meth?
… and sometimes
when the sunset is nice, he will tell you he wants to play country music….
That´s exactly how we can describe his
music… warm-cold-analogue- electronical-country-indie-rock-hiphop.

Yes, it´s definitely how it sounds…
Babel Fishh is a man without a bio-
graphy. All we have found is this
rewiew about his first album and we
think this guy hits the mark….
>> listening to this cd is way better than ng your socks off under the covers after
a sixty nine mile hike through a pit of stain
washed mullet wearing drunks and pseudo-
gangster o­ne hit wonders grabbing at your
ankles shouting ” I can do that!” <<
In other words, electronical-trashabilly-weirdhop… just good music!

The artwork is done by Gordon and Andy K for Project Mooncircle/Beta Bodega C.
Mastering by
Xndl for Subversiv*Rec.

more info:

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