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MySpace Workaround Enables Full MP3 Downloads


MySpace houses profiles for more than three million bands, many of whom offer free music to fans.  But a large number of artists – including those on major labels – offer streams only, and not downloadable tracks.  Now, a clever workaround allows fans to download MP3 versions of those streams for free.  The hack, located at, allows users to search various artists, and download from a selection of available songs.

The destination is rather bare bones, and buggy as well.  Some artist results are nonexistent, despite the existence of music on the corresponding MySpace profile page.  Other times, a track download produces a truncated clip, and not the real track.  Moreover, the destination offers downloads of MPEG movie files, though users can convert tracks into standard MP3s using iTunes or a similar application.

Despite the downsides, the destination could stir a viral word-of-mouth.  Enough downloads work properly to make the experience worthwhile, and fans may be attracted to virus- and litigation-free download experiences.  The site is registered to Octavio Chango in Madrid, a location that could create complications for enforcement efforts.  The destination was first shared with Digital Music News on Thursday by a reader.

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