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DLH – Chilling @ KDE – June 2006

Rhythmic melodic downbeat, recorded at Klang der Essenzen
Total length 138 minutes


DLH – Melodramatic Multiverse – May 2006

pumping psychedelic melodic fullon,
average speed 145 bpm
(May 2006) 65 minutes


DLH – Holiday from Psy – May 2006

chilly downbeats, summer sunny holiday sound,
evergreens and other dimensions
(May 2006) 77 Minutes


DLH – Suite Chill Mix May 2006

Dreaming dubby breaks, about 45 minutes,
recorded at the s.u.i.t.e. Mannheim / Germany
(May 2006) 45 minutes


DLH – Chilling around the world

sweet chilly from all around the world
28 tracks submitted for the TTG CD 2006
(March 2006) 86 minutes


DLH – Dubbysuite Mix

sweet chilly psychedelic downbeat
dreaming dubby melodies
(Dez. 2005) nearly an hour


DLH – Madredidonna Mix

one hour more than prgressive
maybe you would call it pop
inspired by madonna’s »hung up«

DLH – Chilly-Spicy Mix

67 minutes, dreaming, chilly & spicy
slowmotion for candlelight dinners
(May 2005) recorded at suite/mannheim

DLH – Psychedelic Guitars Mix

melodic fullon, sick, weird and twisted
powerfull energie rock ‘n’ roll trance
(May 2005) sadly no tracklist, 58 minutes

DLH – Progressive Morning Mix

30 minutes groovy melodic morning stuff
uk-dance addicted evergreens & remakes
(March 2005) sadly no tracklist, 36 minutes

DLH – Melodic Sunrise Mix

psychedlic morning groove
summer sun and palmtrees
(March 2005) sadly no tracklist, 57 minutes

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