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MINIMAL: Johan Åstrand – Black & Pink Soup

Download (79:59)

Diskreet – Hehlektro [Vae’s Rednow Noiserev]
Matt Kenny – The Stay
Scott Pace – Icetown
16B – Doubt [Original Instrumental]
Bioground – Whispers
Smartypants – Uh, Hypnotize
Lowfour – Black Celebrity
Reynold – Pink and Queen
Geoff White – Microdubs
The Knife – Silent Shout [Shinedoe Remix]
Drunken Monkey – Gratification [Precinct’s Dharma Dub]
Smartypants – Soup [Localfields Says CHOWDAH Mix]
Matt Kenny – Erratic Bump
Pope of Gegga – Pushers Delight
Pan/Tone – Funky Martini

By Zyron

LOCATION: Karlsborg, Sweden

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