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London´s Pirate Radio Stations Documentary + listed

First Sight – Radio Renegades

This is a television documentary about pirate radio that was shown o­n BBC2 in 1996. Still o­ne of the best documentaries to date this o­ne includes Kool FM and Dream FM.

This video is available in three parts:

Right click here to download Part 1

Right click here to download Part 2

Right click here to download Part 3

–> 2006 > Uk Garage Dubstep Uk hiphop pirate radio stations from london in the LIST !

87.6 Flava FM North London Knights of the Round Table, Nasty Crew, Swat Crew, Randy C

87.9 Shine FM North London DJs/MCs

88.4 Ice FM [rds] North London Danger 18k, Sharkie P

88.6 Divine FM North London DJs/MCs

89.4 London Underground North London DJs/MCs

89.6 Flare FM DJs/MCs

90.0 Raw Mission FM [rds] Londonwide The Professionals, MC Flirta D

90.2 Pure Magic [rds] North London DJs/MCs

90.4 Vogue FM [rds] DJs/MCs

90.6 Y2K FM North London Feminine Pressurer, Special Agentz Crew, Partners in Vibe, Heartless Crew

90.8 Charge Essex DJs/MCs

90.8 Amy FM North London DJs/MCs

91.8 Passion FM [rds] North London MCs MC Ultra, MC Wicked, MC Kofi B, Feelgood & Ram, Ricky Magic Martin

92.2 Breeze Londonwide DJs/MCs

92.3 Deja Vu North London Randy C, Dek Collectors, nasty crew, new brand flex

92.5 Elite FM [rds] Corporation Crew, aylesbury allstars

92.7 Freeze Fm Londonwide East Connection Roll deep crew Blackops Heavinless squad

93.8 Innocence FM Essex/Kent/Hertfordshire Tony + Flighty, Lady Touch, Diamnd Kut, DJ Trickster

94.3 Soundz FM Londonwide DJs/MCs

94.7 Shokin FM North West DJs/MCs

96.1 Supreme FM South London DJs/MCs

97.1 Unknown FM North West DJ Curious and DJ Marky Mark

97.6 Flashback FM South London DJs/MCs

98.1 Mystic FM East London More Fire Crew, Ruff Squad, Khemical X, Total Package, Militant Man Dem

99.3 Taste FM [rds] South London DJs/MCs

100.3 Rinse FM [rds]

Rinse Fm Stream !

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Pay As U Go Crew, Roll Deep Crew, East Connection, Boyz N Da Hood, OT Crew, More Fire Crew, Beatbox Crew, DJ Narrows, DJ Logan

101.3 Erotic FM [rds] DJs/MCs

101.5 Flight FM DJs/MCs

101.8 Freek FM [rds] North London Heartless Crew

102.0 Smoove FM [rds] North London Beatbox Crew, Smoove Connections

102.4 Temptation FM North London DJs/MCs

102.7 2Gee FM Londonwide Twin o­ne, London Alliance, Larger than Life, NG, Relapse, GRuff, Dixon, Trimmer, Flexa, Daps, Mr T, Cirus & Player, Omni

103.0 Delight FM South London So Solid Crew, Milkymanz, Gem Selection, Get Rich Crew, living legends, Untouchables, DJ Mexx

103.6 Flex FM [rds] South West Crisis Crew, Genius Crew, Deekline, Hyperactive, Sharkie P, Jon Manning

104.7 Time FM [rds] DJ’S Mystic MAtt,Groove Master,Karl J AND MC’S 2-Hype,Secret Agent,Ryme Stine,Boachie

106.4 Force FM Essex/Kent Malicous Crew, Satisfaction Crew, MC Vapour

106.9 Jive FM West London DJs/MCs

107.4 Lush FM DJs/MCs

107.4 Impact FM Hertfordshire DJs/MCs

107.6 Phat FM DJs/MCs


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