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Real Hip-Hop DJ PAIN :


Well what can we say it all started back in time with a quick listen via his best friends boom box of Dana Dane “Cinderfella”, followed by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince “Parents Just Don’t Understand”. Well of course the rest is history, not really, it wasn’t hard but lets just say Pain was a little into this thing called heavy, death, speed metal or something like that for some time after that, we never could figure out how or why though…. his affinity toward good music as we like to call it took several years of not so serious record collecting of odds and ends before Pain felt the need to purchase some technics so that he could play some of this very wide variety of musical gem’s. Never much into showmanship many an hour was spent just listening to the various records he collected, which unsurprisingly grew as each week and month passed. Several friends which were throwing shows in the Southern California area kept asking Pain to play shows, which he wisely refused courteously as possible of course (lets just say at the time freight trains rolling by sounded sometimes better j/k Pain)…. Then there was the fist event he agreed to play, a rave in fact, for it would seem so far from his hip hop staple of idealism, but many fans were gained and the shows kept coming to the point in recent years between booked for tour events or weekly residencies Pain was playing eleven to seventeen shows a month. It was hard to make time but along the way Pain spent as much time as he could recalling selected tracks, Mixing, slicing and delivering these personalized mix’s to the public (which waited sometimes impatiently we might add…) via Mix tapes, live shows and a weekly internet radio show that ran for over a year on with other members of Sun Dialect(we will get to that part later). He took time off from the radio show in 2005 to complete projects in the studio, yet while along the way Pain has added his support to many an MC on tours or selected dates through out the United States backing up on the wheels of steel such notable acts as Blame One, Busdriver and Future Shock just to mention a few. He also started a crew in 2003 with DJ Chaps One called “The Hermanos Del Pulpo” or “The Brothers of the Octopus” their highly anticipated Mix delivered in 2×4 fashion came out in 2004 and received many accolades since, mostly for its oratory style delivery and the live shows played supporting it… Simply the premise of DJs from space here to save planet earth from the corporate pop that permeates far to much of the audio air waves around us was a bit for some to digest but yet considered a revelation from most… many a project since and before guided DJ Pain to become who he is today delivering many a complex Mix since his early days and getting support from many an artist, friends & companies along the way, as in 2003 Pain was officially sponsored by Osiris Shoes (which are the best shoes on the planet, as he would say) and in 2003 he joined Sun Dialect Recordings ( a small but influential indie label based out of beautiful Southern California. Including artists such as DJ Artistic (you can check his production credit on “Ain’t Nothing To It But To Do It” for Abstract Rude in 2004) & DJ Pnutz… Well what could we say, we couldn’t just let a good thing get away now, would you? He was so proficient in the Mix and on the cut we had to ask him to join, soon after many a conversation was started and we knew his heart laid on the table of being truly in grossed with making new Mix tapes and so he did cutting, slicing, chopping beats & breaks while staying ever aware of the technical Mix which would bring listners in and to the table so as to deliver the goods almost like a baker. What does this all mean well if you read this far i guess we should some it up for you, we wont say he is best, good, or just your average plain opening DJ, he lets his skills talk for itself, unless you catch him in a mood to speak philosophically and well lets just say he may not shut up… Seriously though he has played through out the United States with some of the best talent in the underground/overground and he constantly keeps making the banging Mix’s and lays the break on whoever paid there hard earned money to come to a show the night before. We believe that you will become a fan as well, listen to his Mix’s and catch a show near you so you can judge for yourself…… DJ Pain is one of our favorite’s along with many others on our label, thank you for reading this wild tirade of injustices for DJ Pain and have a good day, – Sincerely the staff at Sun Dialect Recordings.

As a player in the San Diego County hip hop scene for over ten years, Pain has been preaching the gospel of good underground hip hop to the masses and the underground alike, with a passion fueled by love for the people and the music. Pain’s vision of hip hop shines through the corporate smoke and mirrors campaign of promoting only the “commercial” sound and stays true to his commitment to play for the people, while challenging the listener with a pure devotion that is represented through his unique take on the art. Opening for the likes of Jurassic 5 and the Visionaries, Pain has played alongside some of the best talent within the underground. Yet this DJ is one of the few who remains humble and approachable in these days where the “rock star” attitude accompanies many DJ’s who forget that they are playing someone else’s music…

Pain believes that the important thing is the music.

– California Center for the ArtsMix CD’s

Dear Orchid Vol. 2 DJ Pain

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Yes, thats right folks this is the brand new Dear Orchid Mix, the 2005 sequel in the highly anticipated series is here and many a listner has enjoyed this Mix since its release only a few months ago. I must say with each version i put together I try to not deviate to much from the original 2003 version, but never fail it always ends up in directions not previously planned before recording. If you heard the first Mix in this series you already know what you might expect, if not take a listen to the original mix below. With many musical genres strung together this is always one of my favorite projects to work on and i hope it shows, many more in this series will be recorded shortly so take a listen & enjoy…

The Octopus Bros. DJ Pain/ DJ Chaps

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In 2004 DJ Chaps One and I put together a mix of some uncanny goodies and treats presented in 2×4 fashion for your listening pleasure. As a crew collaboration “The Hermanos Del Pulpo” or Brothers of the Octopus we present a story form Mix based on the idea of non corporate agenda smothering. In other words, let the invasion begin with over an hour of some of hip hops best treats rolled, mixed, scratched and delivered straight out the crates for your ears in cinematic oratory…

Konflict DJ Pain

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I made this Mix in 2004 just some of the tracks made by my favorite underground hip hop artists, including Blame One, 2Mex, Busdriver, Neila and Omid just to name a few. Enjoy this straight ahead 72 minute Mix of unadulterated hip hop heat…

Dear Orchid Vol. 1 DJ Pain

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Well this was created during the original mash up craze that settled into my I don’t care what type of music it is, if it rocks it rocks phase and many an email I have received from the oddest places around the world, I couldn’t even pronounce the names half the time. I didn’t think while compiling this Mix that it would be so welcomed by fans of many different musical backgrounds, but it was and Ilove hearing heavy metal, moody down tempo to even drum & bass heads saying they still bump it loud and clear from there ipods, boom boxs even walk mans (yes thats what I said why someone would take the time to record it from mp3 and split the mix in half to tape I dont know, but hey more power to ya and thanks for listening) Well it was 2003 and these are just some crazy odds and ends mixed with some of my favorite breaks, enjoy.

I will try to post some older Mix’s on here as i get time and my new Mix (still yet untitled) should be out in the next month, so stay tuned beat fanatics we have only just begun.
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