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Here we come… a hip hop docu on East German Hip Hop back in the days

Hip Hop Documentary  “here we come”  DVD & O.S.T released

a hip hop documentary on east german hip hop back in days , means 80s

trailer :

I remember my own little hip hop history in that times of east germany, if i look at this new Hip Hop Documentary Movie

>>> here we come <<<

As i was living in a small town (GDR)  we also have some real hip hop activitys in the 80s there .There were breakdancers and even Hip Hop Musicians around in the GDR 80s and even more after the Movie “Beat Street” was in east German Cinemas.
Just after the first Screenings we had the first tags on Walls. That Movie inspired so many people in east germany that you can sure describe this, as an real Media Virus! spreading the hiphop vibe around! It was maybe the only one Subculture Music Movie in the Cinemas from the “Capitalistic Outside”. But because of its clear critism of the capitalistic system it was shown in the cinemas often on the TV also.

Just at the same Time between 1983 – 1987 a lot of People discovering Hip Hop in the East and start doing something. In my Town we had that Breakers Crew > RBS < and also some Producers. I can remember on Hip Hop Partys and Street  Jams. Our Breaking Crew send a Woman to the European Breakdance Championship´s in Hungary maybe it was 1986 > She make the second Place in the Contest.
After that she tried to leave illegaly with her Boyfriend to West Germany through Hungary and got catched by the Authorities. Both were in Jail part Time!
I love to remember thoose Times where Hip Hop was born . We had also our own MC and Djs in a small gTown with vinly from the West and Hip Hop on The DT 64 Radio.  

thanx for that DVD > mindreset

DVD Review :

Dessau/Leipzig/Dresden/Berlin in the 80s: Simo, Beatschmidt, Magic Mayer…
Breakdance was their home and Hip Hop their lives. They were shadowed, they were not supposed to dance – but they did.

They met on the streets, tailored their own jogging suits and painted their shirts with graffiti. They imitated the moves from movies, they trained in front of the mirror and on the streets. First isolated and prejudiced by the society beakdance evolved to an important youth culture in the former GDR. HERE WE COME tells this story and what became of it until today. One thing is clear: Hip Hop has tradition!


Dessau / Leipzig / Dresden / Berlin / Wolgast / Görlitz…in den 80ern:
Simo, Beatschmidt, Magic Mayer… Breakdance ist ihre Heimat, Hip Hop ihr Leben. Trotz Staatspolizei, Diktatur und Sozialismus machen sie ihren eigenen Weg.
Sie treffen sich auf Straßenkreuzungen, schneidern sich Ihre Trainingsanzüge selber und tragen ihr Graffitti mit dem Pinsel auf. Die Bewegungen haben sie sich aus Film und Fernsehen abgeschaut, geübt wird vor dem Spiegel oder auf der Straße. Die Crews treten in Wettkämpfen gegeneinander an. Erst von allen verurteilt und ausgegrenzt, entwickelt sich Breakdance zu einer wichtigen Jugendkultur in der ehemaligen DDR. HERE WE COME erzählt diese Geschichte und was bis heute davon überlebt hat.

listen to 80s Rap from east germany > message <

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