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GROOVESHAG – Funky & Sleazy Beats from Berlin

Do you remember the 70s? The good ol’ days? Well, good news: they’re back! Just disguised with modern funky music, shaved women and Japanese Manga art. Expect obnoxious dirty vocals, funky beats and a relentlessly pumping groove in my new GROOVESHAG (SLEAZY DOES IT!) mix . This time with special guest RON JEREMY, the porn king who probably holds the record in promiscuity and SIMON PAUL, KRAFTY KUTS, ROB RENG, MAELSTROM and many more!  
Artist info:


1. Ron Jeremy – Prepare to take off
2. Utah Saints – Funky Music (Krafty Kuts Funked up)
3. Stereo  8 – Groove Diggin
4. Party Style – Hittin the Jack
5. Pimp Wax – Can’t Stop
6. Ron Jeremy – Gramming for College
7. Krafty Kuts – Come Alive
8. Boogie Corporation – Rock till Ya Drop (The Electric Press)
9. Brothers Bud vs. Z2 – Herbgrinder
11. Simon Paul – The 10/40 Window
12. Stranger – Head!
13. Mr Potatohead – Getupoffablackbetty
14. Mighty Fruitz – Sweetness
15. Sgt. Rock – No Skool (Scissorskicks)
16. Rob Reng – Shook o­ne
17. The Backstage Sluts – Wonda Boots
18. Maelstrom – Party Biscuits
19. Boogie Army – Are you Party?
20. White – Don’t Stop Sweating
21. Supervixens – Angel o­n the Phone

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