DJ Möet aka Pascal A Dupuy – Sundrop Sessions 20 – Egress, Egro

Egress is when a celestial body comes out from an eclipse…
Egro is my concept of letting go of the ego and growing into more of a whole being…

We seem to be going through this sort of transition now in our world.
The forces of the financial sector have pushed bloated industry stalwarts to their limit,
and the same streams of energy that they once glutted upon,
they are now engulfed by, and in most cases a come-upins is in process.
And as my reflection without, the world of illusion that surrounds me,
I must also decide to identify that which is hindrance to my growth ,
and either allow my selfish ego to continue to take without limit,
or let that rotting corpse of yesterday’s worst choices go…

This week’s show is an expression of the dissolution of beliefs and emotions that no longer serve…
Breaks, electro, indie, punk, funk, twostep and dubstep influences throughout…



DJ Möet aka Pascal A Dupuy

Sundrop Sessions 20 – Egress, Egro


01 Transitions – Stone Lions – Botchit & Scarper
02 Love Will Tear Us Apart – Everyone’s A Crook vs. Ils – Botchit Breaks
03 Amira – Beatman & Ludmilla – i-lectrik records
04 Bullet Train – Plump DJs – Finger Lickin’ Records
05 Heroes – Jason Sparks – Botchit & Scarper
06 Stand Still – D-Lerium – Breaks Collective
07 Inka – Beatman & Ludmilla – Vinyl Addiction Breaks
08 Heaven – Whistla – Ox Rider Records
09 Brukeaton – Broki ft Lisa M – ABCD rec.
10 Head – Atomic Hooligan ft. Pavinda – Botchit & Scarper
11 333 – Drumattic Twins – Finger Lickin’ Records
12 Ah Baby – Dopamine & Klaus Heavyweight Hill – Titlefight Recordings
13 Hardtimes – Christian Michaels – Dirty White Records
14 Superconscious – Sipping Soma – Yes Mate Recordings
15 The Pressure – Breakfastaz – Passenger
16 Deeper – Vibal – Breakthrough Records

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Pascal A Dupuy
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