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DJ CanNikZ – EquinoxMix 2008 – Instrumental Post-Hop


DJ CanNikZ – Equinox Mix 2008

Arcsin – Positron Affirmation (eqx-001 Welcome to the Neo Golden Age)
Danny Decock – G.k.S. (eqx-001 Welcome to the Neo Golden Age)
Deckard – Die Zone (eqx-005, Noir Desire EP)
Smokey131 – Got To Keep On Searchin’ (eqx-013, One Year & A Day – The 5inch Files)
Deckard – Noir Desire (Part 1) (eqx-005, Noir Desire EP)
DJ Scientist – Atarius (The Other Version) (eqx-007, Journey Goodbye EP)
Aqua Luminus III. – OP Wüste (eqx-001 Welcome to the Neo Golden Age)
2econd Class Citizen – Omnipresent (eqx-009, Wyred Folk EP)
Emynd – Another Postmodern Sunset (eqx-012, One Year & A Day EP)
DJ Scientist – Raincoatman (DJ Sept Remix) (eqx-008, The Neo Golden Age Remixes)
2econd Class Citizen – Angelic soul (eqx-009, Wyred Folk EP)
2econd Class Citizen – Real Therapy (Sketch Records)
2econd Class Citizen – Wishing Well (Original Version) (Sketch Records)
2econd Class Citizen – The Way I Feel (eqx-009, Wyred Folk EP)

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Find more about the new german killer label Equinox Records or click the story title…. njoy deep vibes..

  Finally, Ceschi’s new 7inch is out now and feedback on this release has been overwhelming so far. Check the soundfiles below and be sure to buy a copy before they are sold out. The release is limited to 500 copies, and I guess it won’t take long until they’re gone. The single additionally comes with a free download code, with which you can download a dope bonus remix of “Bad Jokes” by Misanthrop and also the instrumental version of “Count On It”. The single is also available on iTunes, emusic, etc.
   COMPETITION: Everybody who replies on this newsletter by tomorrow, Tuesday, September 30th can win one of two free copies of the single! Additionally, we give out 10 free download codes for this release among the competitors. Just let us know which song on the 7inch you like more: “Count On It” or “Bad Jokes”? The winners will be contacted by email on Wednesday.

   Secondly, we proudly present a brandnew release on our sublabel Audiac Records: A picture disc 7” by Asup. Being his debut vinyl release, this limited edition picture disc comes with amazing artwork and offers two truly unique and sophisticated compositions full of banging drums, 8bit noises, warm synths, a bunch of dusty samples and the kind of vibe you’ll like. Definitely take a listen to the soundfiles below!
   Then, there are various digital re-releases of classic (and sold out) Equinox material such as Arcsin’s “Uprock Citizen EP”, DJ Scientist’s”Journey Goodbye EP” and Deckard’s “Noir Desire EP”. The latter one comes with a dope, never before released track called “Let There Be Light“, which was taken off the release due to limited time available on the vinyl 10inch EP. All releases are distributed worldwide to all major and underground download stores through our digital distributor and should be available now or in a few days.
   For those that have missed past Equinox releases, you can now download a smooth mix by DJ CanNikZ rigth here. The mix was originally releases earlier this year for a podcast radio show on radio SAEK and can know be downloaded for free from our server. Enjoy some great music by Deckard, 2econd Class Citizen, Arcsin, Aqua Luminus III., DJ Scientist and many others! Special thanks to CanNikZ for providing us this mix.

   Lastly, there are a few nice new quotes for the release of our album that dropped earlier this year. Our favourite goes like this: “Did they just…? I think they did… I mean… really? Yes, ok, yes, they did. Equinox Records has a sticker on One Year & A Day: A Sound Exposure Vol. 2, their new compilation, that reads “the self-appointed album of the year.” And…it’s actually true.”

  That’s it for now. Stay tuned for the launch of the new website, the debut solo release by Geste from France and brand new releases on our new sublabel Equinox.Digital by Deckard and Vangel…. and oh yes, make sure to check the latest copy of DEAD Magazine, which comes with a limited 7inch by Subtle and also offers a dope free download compilation featuring artists like Ceschi, Factor, Bleubird, Dday One, Karhu, and many others along with the pdf version. Check for further info.

Ceschi “Count On It / Bad Jokes”
(01) Count On It mp3
(02) Bad Jokes mp3
+ Bonus Tracks with Download Code:
(03) Bad Jokes (Misanthrop Remix) mp3
(04) Count On It (Instrumental) mp3
The first introduction to Ceschi (pro-nounced Chess-Key) and DJ Scientist’s upcoming full length album!


Asup “Chiffre / Untitled”
A |
(01) Chiffre mp3
B |
(02) Untitled mp3
Two truly unique and sophisticated compositions full of banging drums, 8bit noises, warm synths, a bunch of dusty samples and the kind of vibe you’ll like. Limited edition of 500!


Shop Links
If you’re from Germany, Austria or Switzerland you can get your copy at,, Dense Records, Optimal Records, or
USA: Access Hip Hop, LA To The Bay
Japan: Wenod
digital download in all common stores like iTunes, Beatsource, eMusic, finetunes, junodownload, etc.

Kudos Records from the UK is distributing the album internationally. Stores worldwide should be able to order through them!

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