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Die Maschine 2 – Rap is back in Berlin > MC Serch / – SPOKEN VIEW REC.

Seems to besides of Rap in the Types of K.I.Z and  Taktlo$$ there is another strong Vibe in the B-City . Check this and discover some different berlin rap vibes…

MC Serch ( spoken view ) / Berlin

Years ago this Guy released the ANTIGROOVE Mixtape which was completly different to the usual German Rap Stuff …
MCSerch – Die Machine” This Track is one of the best german (advanced & experimental) rap tracks of all time !

Anyway this Guy is back with a new LP and a new Label



18 Tracks | CD | SV002

New Album

get it here

Exclusiver Track “Die Maschine 2”  von Sir Serch feat. Damion Davis. 

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The original Track “Die Machine” here >

MCSerch – Die Machine ( Antigroove Mixtape )

more here tracks here >

New Label


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